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Jul. 2nd, 2018 01:02 pm
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 Doesn't look like this thing has a sticky options, so back to the old future-dated thing lmao.  This site is dead, but JUST IN CASE.  Here's the tl;dr version of my blog:

- not friends-only

- not personal

- mostly obsessed with Kpop

- loads of unpopular opinions

- problematic af

- tendency to really hate fandom

- sometimes posts about other random junk (I like a lot of stuff)

Kpop Biases

- GOT7

- Pentagon

- Hyunseung

- Junho


- Other faves include Taemin, BAP, VIXX, 2PM, INFINITE, BTOB, Boys Republic

- Doesn't exactly hate BTS

You don't have to ask my permission to follow or however this thing works.  If you also post about Kpop obsessively, let me know and I'll probably want to follow you around like a creep too.


Oct. 19th, 2017 02:23 pm
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 I actually watched almost the entirety of the most recent M Countdown.  I can't remember what I didn't watch...oh yeah, Nu'est and Dia.  But anyway my gosh that BTOB song is boring af.  Otoh, they did do Blowin' UP and that was fun, much more preferable.  Taemin also had two stages with Move and Thirsty.  Move was fine, his arms are just hnnnng right now, but Thirsty was hotter choreo-wise.  Let's see, first GOT7 stage for the new song that I've bothered with lol.  I'm still not really gripped by the song at all and that dance is waaaay too busy.  Tbh I don't think I've ever really liked any of their choreo much.

Youngjae though, dang.  Tbh they're all looking good this comeback except Yugyeom's hair is tragic and Jinyoung basically always looks the same, but Bam, JB, Mark looks ethereal lmao he's lost too much weight.

Moving onto Highlight.  They did a couple of songs.  Yoseob sounds really bad.  Gikwang keeps getting hotter and whatshisface the rapper wears too much makeup or he's had work done bc I hardly recognize him.

Then the nugus....there was SF9, Rainz, JBJ and UP10TION.  Only JBJ stuck out though, like really stuck out.  I haven't had a chance to listen to their debut album yet, but the Fantasy stage was haaaaawt and the second song was good too.  Everything about the Fantasy stage was great lol.  The song, the suits, the moves, hnng.

What would I watch again?  Probably Taemin and JBJ lol, but I most likely won't bother unless I hear Koharu's appearing with Tae.  The next time I care about music shows will be when Exid releases or CBX ofc.  BBH updated his Insta after a long time the other day and it didn't include his hair, plus those three have kinda been MIA.  I'm hoping ok.

move it

Oct. 16th, 2017 11:54 am
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 I decided to go back to B2ST, or Highlight.  I guess after that thing HS posted earlier in the year, I kinda got over all the drama and plus Gikwang's solo was so good.  Anyway, the new one they released today isn't all that gripping except for Love Like This, but I'm enjoying their first one, Calling You a lot more.  At least half good songs, though that rapper still insists on using bad Engrish.

The BTOB album was really disappointing lol and here I was really liking the preview, but the majority of it was boring af.  And omg I hate their English raps so much, they're always horribly cheesy and I dislike the guy's tone and delivery ugh.  They do have talented vocalists, but unfortunately none of them are very distinctive.

HOWEVER, Taemin's album was incredible.  Like, I loved just about every song.  When I kept thinking about, oh, I'll play my faves real quick, I ended up just listening to the whole thing lol.  The other funny thing is that it was mostly downtempo/ballads and as a certified ballad hater, that should have been my kryptonite, but it was NOT.

For some reason the duo MV with Koharu is nowhere to be found so I watched the regular performance vid.  It was alright lol.  I appreciate him dancing with female dancers, but I really wanted to see him and KOharu.  It was on Naver at one point, but now it's not there nor on SM's YT channel so Idk.
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Lmao so Baek pops up in front of this girl and lifts her up on Master Key and dang that staaaaare he gave her, super fucking hot. But I go into a comment thread and see all these bitches freaking out and being mad about it like loool you gits, you have no chance with him and he's probably already been with loads of girls already so seriously get oooooover it. I am just...I will never understand this type of reaction, like EVER. Even when I was fucking child, I had more sense than that.

Idt I put anything about it here, but I saw similar stuff with Lu Han's new gf. People saying she wasn't pretty and various other dumb shit. Like, how can you be jealous about something you literally have no chance to have?

But this is more of treating idols like things or characters as opposed to humans. They deserve to enjoy love and sex like everyone else. Quit getting your ass burnt about it damn.

And Baek lol, I know his type so well. Guaranteed he's a womanizer behind the scenes. He flirts so much, it's ridiculous. I was just recently watching one of the radio shows with Yoo Inna, who is freaking gorgeous anyway, but he was so obviously flirting with her the entire time, to the point where he was even annoyed with Chen for kind of mocking him at one point. To be fair, I think she was doing the same, just less obviously than him lmao.

Pretty sure Lay and Chanyeol fit the same mode, I just think Baek is a lot more overt about it based on what I've seen. It's not surprising at all that he was caught first.

That reminds me, my favorite thing about that "scandal" was when SM had to confirm it bc Dispatch had more than just the kissing in the car. I have forever wanted to know WHAT ELSE lol. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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 pEOPLe were speculating about the chillyness between Mark and Jackson and at least one person wanted to immediately discount the shipping, but nah fam.  Guarantee that's a big part of it.  When I first started following GOT7, I almost noped out of the fandom completely when I saw the complete nuttery of "Markson" shippers.  They were literally on every single GOT7 video babbling about it and apparently they also took it to Jackson's Instagram.  When he finally told them off, they started hating on him.  I still believe the hair snafu was just a way for a certain other segment of fans to get mad at him for opposing shipping.  So yeah, I guarantee that's part of it and even a BIG part of it.

Like, I know most of you all are too brain damaged to get it, but try for a second to put yourself in their shoes and imagine if people were not only publicly shipping you with your friend or coworker, but actually yelling about it directly TO YOU or your other friends.  Furthermore, like this one good comment I saw on Tumblr of all places, SK is not exactly approving of gay relationships period, as in it's frowned upon, so it's not about you, it's about THEM.  To them it's not kosher.  Plus the fact that companies even arrange it and pander to silly shippers, like what kind of fool do you have to be to actually FALL for that.

i MEAN, yes, I find the whole thing fucking stupid, but ultimately what I really have a problem with is fans doing it publicly and even to their faces and not caring how it affects the people they supposedly support and care about.  Like, I'm not saying I've never written any fanfiction about real people, or don't enjoy a good brotp, but it's either been for my own private use or on major lockdown so nothing objectionable is in any way public.  Because that's what's respectful.  I'm just not down with objectification no matter who's doing it.  These are real people, not things or characters.

aND while I'm talking crappy Kpop fandom, the other thing that bugs me a ton is the tendency to infantilize both girls and guys.  I don't mean calling them dopey affectionate names, but implying that they're angels and innocent and the nicest person ever and need to be protected and all this junk and it's don't know them.  They are not children and I guarantee that round about none of them are angels.  I assume, as per usual, that this is an ifan problem and is further rooted in the desexualizing of Asian men in particular, but it can apply to young women as well.

I'm just like wow how hard is it to just treat idols like people and appreciate their hard work without being disgusting about it?  I don't get it.