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 This is new, a sports post.  So my favorite player in Yu Darvish got traded to a team I can't stand lol.  I'd gotten attached to the Rangers in the last five years, so I'm really unhappy about this.  But I think what I might be even MORE unhappy about is that the Rangers clearly gave up on this season.  They ain't making it to the postseason trading one of their best pitchers.  That's really lame considering they are not technically out of it.  They have the same record as the O's and they actually acquired two players and did not lose Britton.  ON the other hand, you can't imagine the rage I have when they trot out Jimenez every four starts like I'm just seeing red especially today lol.  Either way, it makes me pretty much not care about baseball until the postseason when I will grudgingly watch Darvish and hope he does good, but otherwise root for the Dodgers to fail lol..  THEN I'll hope he signs with a better team in the offseason.  That's all he is right now is a rental.  One of the most annoying things about baseball tbqh.

Ok, that was short so now I can talk about Hyunseung and the amazing mellowness of the JJ Project and 용국&시현 albums that came out today.  I've literally been repeating them all day bc they're so nice.  You know I hate ballads, but these aren't ballads, just really chill downtempo jams without a bunch of dramatic oversinging.  I love both of them right now.

Ah then so Hyunseung wrote out a long apology on his Instagram, taking responsibility for leaving Beast and how that all went down.  Tbh, I've suspected for awhile that this was mostly all on his end.  That's why I haven't exactly been able to dislike Beast (except the rapper, I have a kneejerk dislike for him that I can't entirely explain).  I've also gotten the impression that HS is extremely stubborn, like don't let his quietness fool you lol.  But that's the thing, sometimes you have to fail to realize where you're making mistakes.  That's just life.  Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees, or your pride gets in the way.  He wanted more and he was short-sighted in how to best go about getting that.  

But see the thing is, not many people come to these realizations and ever apologize to the people they hurt along the way.  Not only that, but HS literally did not have to do that.  I'm sure he's fully aware of how many fans hate him now (unjustified tbh) and I'm sure he knows that his stans have moved past that.  So there's no late or ulterior motives, he did NOT have to give anyone this and he could have easily apologized to Beast privately.  So I really don't understand how anyone can throw this back in his face.  It took guts and maybe stop for a second and imagine you did something similar.  Would you have the guts to publicly apologize?  I don't think many people would.  Especially if you didn't need to.  I'm sure he knows that it's not going to win him any fans bc after 1.5 years, those fans have already made up their minds.  But he did it anyway.  That's important.

I stan the right guy. :)
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 Ok, I've never really hated EXO per se, but I think they're very overrated and their fans are usually stereotypical SM stans.  But their new album is actually really good.  Or at least, it's really right up my alley.  Because as I'm going through their back catalog right now, there's nothing else that beats this new one.  I only liked about half of the Lotto repackage and about half of Love Me Right.  Their ballads are incredibly boring and I don't understand the minimal rap.  SM seems very resistant to that, except for with NCT 127, which is probably the group I honestly prefer over both Exo and SHINee.  I definitely don't love any of them though lol.

Anyway, back catalog checking complete and honestly, the new album is all I really like.  70% of the rest is boring and I couldn't get into their first one at all, even more boring than everything else lol.

Tbh, of the big companies, I'd say that Cube's artists have the greatest variety of sound.  I wonder if it's because they give their artists more creative leeway.  I mean, Hui's already doing songs and Pentagon just debuted.  B2ST members were doing a lot too before they left.  Just..none of their artists sound similar to me.  I guess I'm a Cube stan lol.  SO ironic, considering they also make me really mad.

I listened to the KARD album finally.  The group everyone and their sister has been splooging about and I was very underwhelmed.  Maybe I could have enjoyed it more if I hadn't expected something really groundbreaking, but that's what splooge does.

I've been listening to a lot of Japanese stuff again lately though.  Try Try Niiche, Homecomings and Denpa Girl were probably my favorite discoveries.  The latter is a hiphop duo that reminds me so hard of Edawn.  Which...speaking of him...

An actual weirdo lol.
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 Holy crap there are even more rumored comebacks in July than I thought.  I also thought the UP10TION album was coming out in July, but apparently it was today lol.  But I see VAV, Halo, Hyunseung, Boyfriend, JJCC (wtf have they even been), MVP, Hotshot, VICTON, 7 o'clock and allegedly Infinite.  Not to mention the Japanese albums from Junho and Taemin.  Also KARD, whom I will probably finally check out if they FINALLY release an album.  See what all the fuss is about.  Obviously I'm most excited about Hyunseung, but also super nervous since there's still no news.  Cube makes me so mad.

By contrast, August looks a lot less interesting, but that's just probably bc nothing's announced yet.  Though who's even left to make a comeback at that point except GOT7 lol.  Oh Hyuna, I bet.  Maybe BTOB, VIXX and BAP again.  NU'EST was probably supposed to comeback then, but who knows with that BS going on with one of their members.  Ahh I found out today though what situation where Omona will actually blame the girl in a scandal.  Apparently if it involves TOP, then it's absolutely the girl's fault that he smoked marijuana or whatever.  Rme srsly.  I try not to be an actual hater of artists, I hate on fans, but honestly, everyone in that group annoys me so much that it's really hard to resist.  The other group and its members I can't stand is DBSK, but not quite to the same extent.

Actually, I think half my problem with TOP in particular is I've known sooooo many people who swoon over him and I'm like, what eww, why.

Lol but speaking of old Kpop, I saw someone getting salty on Twitter saying that "new" fans were trying to rewrite Kpop history by calling DBSK and Big Bang flops or whatever.  And it's like, ok, first, you must be old, bc "flop" is thrown around like "flawless".  And second, I HATE this idea in any music fandom that we have to appreciate the previous generation of artists or whatever. Um, no.  I only got into Kpop around 2012ish because the sound had changed.  Previously, when a lot of my friends were into it, starting from Idk 2007 on, I thought it was awful and cheesy and full of fucking ballads.  They even had ballad groups ffs.  I much prefer the new style.  I love the new style in fact, whereas I hated the old one and I refuse to appreciate it bc it sucked.

There was the same attitude in VK fandom about bands like X Japan.  They also suck and will never not suck and I will never appreciate them for anything except copying American hair metal.  So bye.

Try my luck

Jun. 9th, 2017 02:07 pm
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Tbh, I'm really surprised at how many Yesung plays I have. I'm a well-known ballad hater and that's literally all he does for his solo. Furthermore, I don't like Super Junior. It's definitely one of my tastes that I can't explain lol.

So Pentagon - Ceremony on June 12th at noon KST and NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb on June 14th at 6pm KST. I only recently discovered that Infinite's comeback never happened bc Sungkyu got injured. Idk how I missed that. There seems to be all this baited breath about them staying together, but it sounds like they're talking to Woollim about renewing their contract. Hah, I've been paying too much attention to Kpop lately though bc I was all confused when everything came out for Junho's new album to be released at the end of July. I was like, what, all at once? What is this? But oh yeah, it's Japanese and they don't do all that nonsense lmao.

Supposedly Jinwoon is supposed to release something this month too and I saw another article about HS and that one made it sound like there is a mini or full album in the works but the July track is a prerelease? Idk, I hope they're right, but I won't bank on it. Lately I haven't been paying much attention to any releases outside of Kpop. It's gotten that bad.

I'm reaching high boredom levels with both Suspicious Partner and RMOM. The romance in both is contrived and neither one is moving fast enough. Why can't you be like Lookout and leave me in suspense at the end of every episode? Not to mention all the action and plotting. I'll probably start another backdrama soon. Considering Voice or Missing Nine, bc I'm really in love with JCW's friend's face.

I said this already, but I'm officially paying a lot more attention to Pentagon from now on lol.

As great as this fancam is though, it doesn't fully show the true highlight of Edawn's part ahahah.