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 I really like them lol.  Their new mini is so good and their previous mini was also good.  Plus they're all attractive and their voices mesh surprisingly well compared to a lot of groups.  The main rapper has a nice low voice too.  I wouldn't say their music is amazingly original, but Hello Hello is a good start.  Idk, I'm pretty obsessed all of a sudden lol.

But mostly I'm here to bitch about dramas like usual.  So Master of the Mask is still really annoying.  The emotions in this show are SO freaking overwrought that they really have no effect anymore.  I just think this is the most heavy-handed saegeuk I've ever watched.  And L's character is so completely useless that it also bugs me.  AND I can't stand the super ~this is fate~ scenes between the CP and Sohyun's character.  At this point, the only reason I'm still watching is that I do kinda want to see how Dae Mok gets taken down.  But so many things annoy me about it right now.

Now for Lookout.  A discussion ~somewhere~ tells me that a lot of people watching this don't get at all where it's going and that has me lol'ing.  Tbf, there are a lot of confusing elements about it, but I feel like I've sussed most of them out.  The cliffhanger at the end of ep.4 was straight rude though.

Suspicious Partner is still really good, though I was rme big time at the rain scene in one of the latest episodes.  It's just like, is that realistic?  No, no it's not, stop.  I'm amused that certain people are having such strong negative reactions to it though.  Like, it's a bit weird compared to similar dramas I suppose.  Who expects a romcom to be paired with  a particularly nasty serial murderer, but still.  His latest hit though, like what was that Bible verse all about?  I definitely want to know what's up with this dude.  JCW is still great and so his is friend, though I've been thinking lately that he has a sort of creepy vibe and I heard he plays a bad guy in one of his previous roles so I might have to check that out.

Lol apparently that drama is the Missing 9 and people really hated it?  Idk, I've found some great stuff based on the rest of the fandom's hate so maybe I'll try it. |D
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 So it turns out that both of the new dramas are going to be airing two 30 minute eps per day.  I can't decide if I like this or not.  Logically, it shouldn't make any difference, but the new 40 episode total makes it seem daunting lol.  Again, it's not logical at all, bc as long as I watch two hours of each show every week, it's the same difference, it will still finish at the same time.  But somehow the perception of it bugs me lol.  

Anyway, so I watched the two new Mask eps today and I'm still not entirely sure what I think of it.  The Crown Prince (CP) is annoying and Idk what the point of that girl from One More Time is.  On the other hand, L is great and I love Sohyun.  It's so hard to believe that she's only 17, she seems more mature than actresses much older.  So yeah, I'm not in love with the show yet...but obviously I'm going to keep watching for L and Sohyun at the very least.

Also watched the first ep, or two eps whatever, of Suspicious Partner, called Love in Trouble on DramaFever.  Ji Chang Wook is flawfree, as usual.  He didn't start out being a jerk so I was disappointed at first, but then he got jerkier later and it turns out that everyone in his field hates him so I guess that's something lol.  He looked even jerkier in the next two eps though.  The girl I kinda immediately didn't like, but I hated her less as it went along.  I just really hate the trope of girls accusing guys of sexual harassment and then nobody believes the guy, like guys are just naturally perverts or something.  They did that in Chief Kim too.  REALLY rubs me the wrong way.  And I was especially mad bc it's JCW and c'mon, look at his face.

Regardless, I have a feeling I'm going to like this one more than the Mask one.  Or either that, I will at first, and then they'll flip halfway through lol.  I'm trying to be good and have finishing on my mind here.  Found out the other one I'm interested in, Lookout, will be airing the 22nd instead of the 15th, but that's bc it's on the same network as Tunnel and Tunnel got delayed.  I'm on ep.13 of Wu Xin, so maybe I can finish that and restart Mystic Nine soon.
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Finished One More Time over the weekend and overall I'd say I liked it.  The basic plot is that a struggling, in-debt musician breaks up with his long-time girlfriend and his band, and takes a deal from a big entertainment company only to wake up and find himself repeating the same day.  The show jumps around a lot between time periods  and it's kinda confusing if you're not paying attention. There's a truth behind what happens in the first episode, but it's not revealed until like the 6th episode.  Obviously it's a fantasy, or at least, real life with fantasy woven in.  I feel like Asian dramas do this really well bc it's not overly questioned by any of the characters, just accepted as is.

The story kinda goes in three phases.  At first L's character, Tan, tries to make the most of his repeating day by making a bunch of money and hitting on girls.  But then he finds out what happens to his gf at the end of each day and he's focused on saving her.  It turns out later that his gf has a contract with the shinigami who has concocted this whole thing in the first place.  The wrap-up at the end isn't entirely explained, but if you put the pieces together you can pretty easily see how Tan gets out of the loop and the shinigami finishes the contract.

The good thing about this drama is that it was short.  I can easily see it being dragged out with filler and losing its power.  So as much as I wanted it to be longer, I'm glad it wasn't lol.  The soundtrack was also on point and I believe it was L doing his own songs (it sounded like him) and tbh he sounded really good.  I pretty highkey want some kinda solo from him now lol.  His acting was also good in pretty much every aspect.  I don't think he overacted the emotional parts either, which is a sugoi pet peeve of mine in Kdramas especially.  And he was quite funny in the comedic parts.  SOme of his expressions were great lol.

I rated it 'Good' on MDL, just for content I suppose.  But there's really nothing I'd change about it.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing L in the Master of the Mask coming up in May.
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You: mooses
Me, an intellectual: meese

That has nothing to do with anything really lol, except I started watching L's drama, One More Time on Netflix.  I guess it's a Netflix original like waaaat. I didn't know they were into making Kdrams.  I even signed up for a free trial bc I hate Netflix and super do not intend to pay for it ever again lol.  The drama though, at least the first two episodes I've watched, is gooooood.  L has improved a TON since Shut UP Flower Boy Band.  He actually seems to have a range of normal emotions lol.  Also, he's so fucking attractive, good grief.  I basically JUST noticed that he doesn't have pierced ears.  I mean, I have no problem with earrings on guys at all, in fact it can be super hot depending on what they wear, but it's SO COMMON that it's just not edgy anymore so I somehow now think it's hotter when they don't have pierced ears at all.  Like, they're consciously refusing to be trendy and refusal to be in the herd is ALWAYS super attractive to me lmao.

So anyway, the plot is basically that L has a band (does he lowkey want to be a musician or what?) and he's been toiling in mediocrity for years and debts are piling up and he's super frustrated.  Some idol company scouts him, but they only want him, not the rest of his band (bc they all be ugly amirite).  He finally loses it, breaks up his band, breaks up with his keyboardist girlfriend and then falls in a lake.  He wakes up the next day and it's....the same day.  What follows is basically Groundhog's Day hijinks lmao.  The second episode had me rolling actually, because he starts to take advantage of the whole new day thing.  Like he goes to gamble and folds every time and the guys are like, if you don't want to play, just leave.  And he's all, don't worry, I'll win tomorrow.

Then, later, he's trying to hook up with some chick from the idol company and at first he shows up in a hot ride, but she's all, I only like intellectual men.  So the next (same) day he's reading Spanish and listening to Mozart and at one point tells her, I'll be even more intellectual tomorrow.  I LOST IT LMAO.

His expressions are hilarious and like, he never seems to smile when he's with Infinite, so it's like woah, he CAN smile.  Plus, there's lots of kissing, which is apparently what his "fans" were mad about on Insta.  I don't gettttt that omg.  Have NEVER gotten that.  Like, you will never, so why live in some dumb delusion?  I actually highly enjoy watching my male faves get it on with chicks, as long as they're hot lol.
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 Actually I didn't think I had anything to say here today, but I've started to notice a strange trend in Jmusic and maybe it's bc I haven't been paying attention and it's actually been going on for awhile.  Very possible.  But there's these girl idol groups doing various flavors of indie-sounding rock or electro-rock stuff.  Specifically Maison book girl and Gang Parade.  Like, if I hadn't seen them and Tumblr'd them, I'd have no idea they were idol groups.  But the music is kinda good??  I'm not sure what to think lol.  

And then, it seems like a lot of Japanese boygroups are popping up again all of a sudden.  I'm doing my Idk, bi-weekly scan of PSCK, listening to anything that looks interesting, and I came across SOLIDEMO.  At first I was like, nah, this is boring, but then it wasn't.  I can only assume it's an answer to the Kpop thing since it seems Japan and China both have kinda flushed their "Hallyu Wave" lol.  The differences are stark though.  There's no attempt at much of a hip-hop or dance sound and the emphasis is more on harmony than individual oversinging lol.  It makes the ballads tolerable tbh and even listenable, much wow.  

I guess Myungsoo is in some kinda upcoming movie or drama or something and I saw this pic on Tumblr:

My first thought was, is that a young Stephen Chow?  Then I was like, is there a chicken in that bag?  Ahah, poor L.