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May. 8th, 2017 10:26 am
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 What are you currently watching/listening/reading?

- Checking out some girl groups this morning for whatever reason.  Listened to the rest of CLC and tried Lovelyz, but found them kinda shrill and not that interesting.  Now listening to Jpop group Happiness and I really like them so far. They definitely have a more modern sound compared to Jpop girl groups I've heard in the past.  As for watching, my current show aside from Tunnel is Sparrow.  Only three episodes in, but I'm liking it.  Li Yi Feng is so attractive lol.  Book-wise, I started Justice Hall, yet another Mary Russell book.

What did you recently finish?

- Ah yeah I actually finished a book, The Moor over the weekend.  Was honestly pretty plodding most of the time.  Haven't finished any shows or watched any movies, but here's all the music I attacked last week:

Triple H - 199X
LOCAL CONNECT - 7Rails, 過去ツナグ未来, Starlight
Polkadot Stingray - 大正義
PassCode - Bite the Bullet, Miss Unlimited
Maison book girl - Summer Continue, River Cloudy Irony
BIGMAMA - Fabula Fibula
Keytalk - Paradise
Vistlip - Bittersweet
The Thirteen - White Dust, Gamushara, Liar Liar
JILUKA - Brave Agonistic Letters Under Segregation, DESTRIEB, Divine Error, Faizh, Lluvia, Sicks, Screamer
Z-Chen - 18

JILUKA was awesome, one of the best new VK bands I've heard.  Also highly enjoyed Z-Chen's new album, been a minute since I listened to him.

What do you plan to start next?

- Well let's see, I've started Sparrow, so I doubt I'll restart Mystic Nine soon, though you never know lol.  However, Ruler of the Mask and Suspicious Partner are airing this week so I'll more than likely start those as soon as they're subbed.  Music-wise, I have no specific plans.
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 What are you currently watching/reading/listening?
- Currently listening to a new Jrock band I found over the weekend called LOCAL CONNECT. Combining that with obsessive listens of Triple H's new mini, which is fantastic and catchy.  I've once again picked up the Moor and will hopefully finish it sometime this week.  Forget the author, but it's basically Sherlock Holmes fanfic lol.  Show-wise, I wasn't gonna pick up anything new before the May stuff I'm waiting for, but I got talked into trying Tunnel and it's definitely intriguing so far.
What did you recently finish?
- Recently finished One More Time, which was really good I thought, if a bit short. Listened to a bunch of new music over the weekend, including new ones by Anly, Base Ball Bear, Yeti, The Pillows, ザアザア , Urata Naoya, Sayaka Sasaki, Lamp In Terren, Lenny Code Fiction, Junno and a bunch more.  Lamp In Terren's disco probably stood out the most.
What do you plan to start next?
- Not sure honestly. Other than the Jdramas that don't have subs, I'm going to try to keep it to Wu Xin and Tunnel until the next round of airing dramas start.  I'll probably start a new book too after I finish the Moor, but Idk what this without looking at my Kindle library lol.  Music-wise, I want to listen to Local Connect's other mini and then I have albums by Plasticzooms, Bigmama, Keytalk, Kebee and Vistlip lined up.
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What are you currently watching/reading/listening?

- I've been inordinately obsessed with listening to Lu Han and Infinite still this week, but I've also checked out a few new things, including Snuper's new mini, the new Goldfrapp album, some Jrock band called ミソッカス, Puer Kim's disco, a new single by Sanchez and the new 80KIDZ single or EP or whatever they call those things.  Show-wise, I'm working on Wu Xin and One More Time, both of which are really good, so I can't complain there.

What did you recently finish?

- Recently finished Goblin, finally, and watched two movies in the the Witness and Time Raiders.  The latter was total trash, but the Witness was at least not bad. Music-wise, I checked out Yesung's new mini, a Jrock band called ウソツキ — and new stuff by Wei Chen and Chen Chusheng.

What do you plan to start next?

- I'm lowkey planning to restart the Mystic Nine tbh, though I'm annoyed it's not on Viki or DramaFever yet.  Have kindaaaa wanted to check out Fighter of the Destiny, but Idk if it's being consistently subbed, plus my track record with watching airing wuxia is not good.  Would love to start that Yamapi and Kame drama, but it ALSO doesn't seem to be being subbed anyway. =/  Will probably look up the rest of ミソッカス music-wise
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 What are you currently watching/reading/listening?

- This exact moment I'm checking out some new Cpop releases by Vision Wei and Chen Chusheng.  Haven't been reading or watching anything new since last week.  The Chen Chusheng thing is a collab between some group or person called SPY.C, but I'm just tagging it under his name Idc.  I haven't heard anything from him period in forever so I'm not sure whether this sound is a departure or not lol.  The Vision Wei EP was characteristically solid.  That's the most frustrating thing about Cpop though, no one seems to release anything on a regular basis.  Some random new singer will release something really great and then disappear completely.

What did you recently finish?

- I listened to a few new things last week.  Junho's best/Korean album, a bunch of FT Island and Solidemo. The rest of the time it was all BTS and Suga's mixtape ahahah.  And a bit of Lu Han at the very end of the week.

What do you plan to watch/read/listen next?

- I thought I was jonesing to watching a new drama, but I actually think I want to watch some movies.  Mainly Time Raiders and The Witness with Lu Han and Fabricated City with Ji Chang Wook, oh and the Ghouls or Lost Legend or whatever it's called with Chen Kun.  Keeping an eye out for P to JK though bc I want to see that pretty badly.  Tbh I've been wanting to start some Jdramas, but the ones I want to watch aren't being subbed yet.  As for listening...ahahah I have a shitton of new releases to get to, AS USUAL and I don't really know which ones I'm leaning towards atm.  Though I am a little obsessed with Usotsuki since listening to a few tracks from their new album on PSCK so I might go for that.


Apr. 10th, 2017 10:53 am
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People on LJ are having a freakout again and moving to this completely dead fucking site where a person can basically blog in complete public anonymity lol. At least, that's what it seems like.  I dug this link out of my bookmarks, so I thought I'd update it with a Monday Media Meme, because why not.

What are you currently consuming?

- For some reason I haven't listen to much music the last few days except some shuffling Kpop and BTS in my car. Not reading anything either.  I am actively watching two dramas though: Goblin and Wu Xin Monster Killer.  Only three episodes to go in Goblin and it finally got really good, though I'm not entirely sure where they'll go in the next three since the Goblin died.  Wu Xin is a Chinese web drama I think.  They basically explain nothing of why Wu Xin is the way he is, which they actually don't even explain that.  Some ghosty woman points out that he has no breath or heartbeat.  So he's a vampire monk?  Idek, but it's amusing and entertaining.

What did you recently finish?

- I pretended I finished Chief Kim last month, but in reality I was procrastinating on that last episode because I didn't want it to end.  It's probably my favorite Kdrama to date, beating my previous faves of Neighborhood Hero and Healer.  I admit Junho was a big part of that.  His acting was so good and he's just incredibly attractive ahahah.  In music, the last thing of note I was listening to was one of MYNAME's Japanese albums.

What will you consume next?

- Well, assuming I finish Goblin in the next day or so, I'll probably go back to Legend of the Blue Sea and I might try to start Sparrow since it's being subbed on Viki.  Then I'll probably pick out one of my other on-hold dramas, like Scarlet Heart Ryeo.  In music, the only thing on tap is Teen Top's new album.  I just saw something on Soompi though that seemed to suggest that L.Joe was only on the title song.  That's a crushing disappointment, if true.