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Oh my lord

Jul. 16th, 2017 04:47 pm
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 I'm dying.  AKP actually wrote a freaking OP-ED at whether BTS should go to the Super Bowl halftime show.  Like, first of all, this would never in a million years even HAPPEN so why you would waste actual energy writing it is seriously way beyond me.  This is so absurd I can't even quantify it.  It's kinda like someone writing an op-ed about what would happen if dragons existed.

OH NO WAIT. THAT'S CALLED A FANTASY STORY.  That's exactly what imagining BTS at a Super Bowl halftime show is.  I really hope the person that wrote that is not an American, because if they @ their complete lack of common sense and departure from reality.

The only artists that appear at Super Bowl halftime shows are BIG artists with a wide appeal.  BTS appeared on one fucking award show to collect a social media award.  That is not a big artist with broad appeal in AMERICA by any stretch of the imagination.  Like oh my g-d, yay Kpop and everything, but don't be fucking delusional.

And I'm saying this as a Kpop and BTS fan who hates American music.  But I'm also a realist and there's no point in writing a fantasy what-if scenario about something that will literally never happen.
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 Finally watched the last episode of Tunnel and ok, so it was a pretty fun ride, but honestly, it really was't THAT amazing.  Not like certain tools on MDL think anyway lol.  First of all, the ending.  They never show whether he catches the killer in the past and it's is everything going to turn out the same?  I mean, presumably it would turn out better because the girl wouldn't end up being adopted and all that and she grows up knowing Sunjae, but on the other hand, how likely is she to get interested in....ok, nevermind I solved my own conundrum.  It's easy enough to assume that the killer gets caught back then and then nothing else really matters.  The future events won't happen and only Kwang Ho will remember that they happened at all.

I GUESS that's fine lol, but Idk, I can't help thinking it would have been better if he'd stayed in the future, present, whatever.  Time travel is so confusing lmao.  But see that's the thing, it honestly didn't factor a whole lot into the plot and that's why it's just a pretty good crime drama with a fantasy twist that allowed for those a-ha moments throughout.  Idk, I rated it good, but there were a lot of things that annoyed me about it ultimately.  I really liked the lead actors though, they were both really good and "bromantic" without being ridiculous.

Anyway, on to Lookout.  Or at least, I will be on to Lookout just as soon as DF puts out the new eps.  They really dropped the ball on bothering to sub Tunnel there at the end.  I watched like the last four episodes on Viki.

I've said before that I honestly don't give a crap about Kpop or Jrock or any other Asian groups getting awards here because I don't care about the American music industry and therefore I don't care about its awards either.  But I was completely unsurprised to see BTS get dragged by American music fans for winning whatever it is they won.  That same thing happened when Psy was at some award show.  People were all, who are these fucking Asians?  Isn't that the most interesting part of it though?  The vitriol is really aimed at Asians specifically.  Because I remember European artists, even ones who could barely speak English being at these shows (back when I gave a crap) and no one gave them shit.  Even Latin artists, same thing.  But Asians, OMG THIS CAN'T HAPPEN.

I see you America.

ah um ah

May. 20th, 2017 01:14 pm
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I honestly don't watch many MVs and I also rarely closely follow comebacks, unless it's a group I'm REALLY into, see: GOT7 lol. I'm more likely to watch the lives. The other thing, is when it comes to BTS, I only really know Rapmon, Suga and V by face lol. This is all preface to the other night when I randomly decided to just let Youtube play all their MVs in a row. I think I still missed a few, but I saw most of them. Tbh, none of them are that gripping, but since I like the songs, at the very least that was worth it.

First thing, the Boy in Luv MV hahah. I wanted to see if Omona had a cow about that, but apparently in 2014, people were less stupid about MV content. There were only a few twats complaining about "violence" or whatever. Today, come on, it would be 300 comments of BTS is canceled or something. Well, maybe not 300, bc I suspect that's why Omona's traffic has gone down. People got sick of SJW bullshit at every turn. 50 comments, ahahah.

Lol then I was watching War of Hormone I think it was, and I was like, dang, who's the cute kid in the red and black sweater. Then a thought occurred to me and I was like, oh man, plz don't be Jungkook, plz don't be...oh crap it's Jungkook. Yeah he was like 16 or 17 there. :x Fuck Kpop lol. Actually, that was the most amusing part of one of those old threads, was all the noona guilt. Like, you have to get over that or your music choices become really limited if you can't like any artists more than five years younger or something. But honestly, I know a lot of people like that.

In general, I don't really find Jungkook attractive though.  My biases in BTS are Suga, V and J-Hope in that order.  Just, in that MV lol.  Kpop just likes to remind you every now and then what a sinner you are.

Anyway, in drama news...I really love Suspicious Partner with Ji Chang Wook, but I'm not sure how I feel about Master of the Mask.  The acting is all good and everything, but I have NFI where the story is going.  It almost seems like it's being made up on the fly.  There's just a lot of running around, screaming and groveling lmao.  And poor L is constantly being tortured.  So yeah, I'm underwhelmed so far.  Tunnel is allegedly ending this weekend, but if DF and Viki are all stupid slow about subbing them I'mma be salty.
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I think my favorite thing about this site is the random icon option when you post, otherwise it's frankly quite shitty in every way.  People loved to complain about every new thing Livejournal did all the time, but this site is essentially what an old, unupdated LIvejournal looks like.  It seemed like there used to be more icon slots too, but now you have to pay and it's like hahah yeah right.  Oh the other thing I love is this skull mood theme and the one where it has a coffee.

So I'm almost done with Goblin, one more episode to go.  I honestly can't believe people were complaining about the girl's acting, like seriously?  She was absolutely great.  You really felt the weight of her emotions in every scene.  And since i'm one of those jerks who largely ignores the female characters, that coming from me is very rare.  The last few episodes I was seriously getting confused on who remembered what lol.  But probably my favorite part, other than that hilariously gay scene where the Reaper tries to hide the Goblin from Duk Hwa, is where he tells Sunny his name is Wang Yeo.  It was subtle, but it felt like the hardest thing he'd ever had to say.  There's some fine acting in this show, honestly.  All the mains are truly fantastic and I can rarely seriously say that about any show.  There's always someone overacting like fuck.

Still pressing on with Wu Xin.  That commander cracks me up bc he makes the most ridiculous faces.  Speaking of overacting...lool.  Main guy though has some abs damn.  I feel like I've seen the Yue Ya girl in something before.  Waiting for Mike D'Angelo to show up, I haven't seen him in a minute.

Saw an article about fans hating Junno from KAT-TUN for I guess leaving and going solo and ugh that whole thing frustrates me so much.  On one hand, I can understand bc it's like, wow, you knew KT was hanging by a thread and then you just bailed anyway.  PLUS, not even to change your path, but to release solo music.  And honestly, his solo music so far has been really sub-par.  I thought when he had solos with KT that his voice was pretty strong, but his solos have shown so far that it's not.  I like Junno a lot and lowkey want him to succeed, but I'm not pretending these singles have been good and honestly, leaving and then making a U-turn on music was kinda shitty.

Was perusing AKP yesterday and saw some article about D-list celebs namedropping BTS or whatever and their fans eating it up.  Tbh, in all my years of following Asian music, I have NEVER understood why other fans are so jonesing for them to get recognition here.  Like, just stop.  It won't happen.  They'll get recognition as a curiosity, nothing more.   Americans have no tolerance for foreign acts and they especially seem to have something against Asians.  Plus the celebrity culture is totally different here.  If the choice is being recognize as a curiosity or not recognized at all, I'd choose the latter.