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May. 20th, 2017 01:14 pm
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I honestly don't watch many MVs and I also rarely closely follow comebacks, unless it's a group I'm REALLY into, see: GOT7 lol. I'm more likely to watch the lives. The other thing, is when it comes to BTS, I only really know Rapmon, Suga and V by face lol. This is all preface to the other night when I randomly decided to just let Youtube play all their MVs in a row. I think I still missed a few, but I saw most of them. Tbh, none of them are that gripping, but since I like the songs, at the very least that was worth it.

First thing, the Boy in Luv MV hahah. I wanted to see if Omona had a cow about that, but apparently in 2014, people were less stupid about MV content. There were only a few twats complaining about "violence" or whatever. Today, come on, it would be 300 comments of BTS is canceled or something. Well, maybe not 300, bc I suspect that's why Omona's traffic has gone down. People got sick of SJW bullshit at every turn. 50 comments, ahahah.

Lol then I was watching War of Hormone I think it was, and I was like, dang, who's the cute kid in the red and black sweater. Then a thought occurred to me and I was like, oh man, plz don't be Jungkook, plz don't be...oh crap it's Jungkook. Yeah he was like 16 or 17 there. :x Fuck Kpop lol. Actually, that was the most amusing part of one of those old threads, was all the noona guilt. Like, you have to get over that or your music choices become really limited if you can't like any artists more than five years younger or something. But honestly, I know a lot of people like that.

In general, I don't really find Jungkook attractive though.  My biases in BTS are Suga, V and J-Hope in that order.  Just, in that MV lol.  Kpop just likes to remind you every now and then what a sinner you are.

Anyway, in drama news...I really love Suspicious Partner with Ji Chang Wook, but I'm not sure how I feel about Master of the Mask.  The acting is all good and everything, but I have NFI where the story is going.  It almost seems like it's being made up on the fly.  There's just a lot of running around, screaming and groveling lmao.  And poor L is constantly being tortured.  So yeah, I'm underwhelmed so far.  Tunnel is allegedly ending this weekend, but if DF and Viki are all stupid slow about subbing them I'mma be salty.

Japan wei

Apr. 14th, 2017 07:33 pm
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 In my PSCK roamings today I ended up listening to FTISLAND's new Japanese album, or at least the first few songs, which were really good.  Wtf they have a huge disco between Japanese and Korean releases.  Idk I've always been biased against some of these "pretty boy" Korean rock bands bc they seem manufactured, like Kpop rock bands or something, but I guess they're not all that bad after all lol, albeit not doing anything super unique compared to the indie bands. ANYWAY, point being, I'm not overly impressed with them or anything, but they seemed enjoyable enough.  So I went to Spotify.  Ok so their Korean albums are available, but their Japanese ones are restricted.  I've encountered this before with other groups and it's like what the hell Japan?  Why are you ACTIVELY trying to limit who listens to your music?  How does this make sense at all?

I guess I sort of understand now fans who complained about Japan's lack of accessibility.  They definitely don't make it easy.  It's not even about knowing the language anymore either, it's about not LIVING there.  You're restricted from buying mp3s on iTunes or even Amazon and now listening to certain stuff on Spotify.  Oh and plus they block stuff on Youtube besides!  It's honestly really fucking stupid and I wish someone would explain to me what exactly they're trying to achieve.  Because I don't understand how more listeners and fans and customers is a bad thing??

Sadly I found a few other new bands on my PSCK adventure.  It's just neverending lol.  I should probably try CNBLUE next since I've already capitulated on FTISLAND.  I was previously into N.FLYING, but I thought I heard they were disbanding and their Japanese releases weren't that great anyway.

ETA - and other than the new Japanese one, FTISLAND's Japanese discography is completely underwhelming lol. In fact, I would even call it generic.  The Korean albums were better, if not exactly groundbreaking.
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 That gun icon is appropriate.  I'm so fucking annoyed at my netbook because the Dropbox program or something keeps stalling on it and it doesn't sync my files so then I shut it down and get on my desktop computer and a bunch of shit hasn't updated and I'm just like asldkjflskjflksdj jinjja ugh.

I'm also really irritated at myself for not starting a particular project.  I have all these ideas and notes and whatnot, but for some reason I canNOT make myself start it and I want to throw something at myself.  Somehow lol. of the (many) reasons I like Suga is that he always seems to have this look like he's putting up with some shit and is not entirely happy about it.  Cracks me up.