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 Holy crap there are even more rumored comebacks in July than I thought.  I also thought the UP10TION album was coming out in July, but apparently it was today lol.  But I see VAV, Halo, Hyunseung, Boyfriend, JJCC (wtf have they even been), MVP, Hotshot, VICTON, 7 o'clock and allegedly Infinite.  Not to mention the Japanese albums from Junho and Taemin.  Also KARD, whom I will probably finally check out if they FINALLY release an album.  See what all the fuss is about.  Obviously I'm most excited about Hyunseung, but also super nervous since there's still no news.  Cube makes me so mad.

By contrast, August looks a lot less interesting, but that's just probably bc nothing's announced yet.  Though who's even left to make a comeback at that point except GOT7 lol.  Oh Hyuna, I bet.  Maybe BTOB, VIXX and BAP again.  NU'EST was probably supposed to comeback then, but who knows with that BS going on with one of their members.  Ahh I found out today though what situation where Omona will actually blame the girl in a scandal.  Apparently if it involves TOP, then it's absolutely the girl's fault that he smoked marijuana or whatever.  Rme srsly.  I try not to be an actual hater of artists, I hate on fans, but honestly, everyone in that group annoys me so much that it's really hard to resist.  The other group and its members I can't stand is DBSK, but not quite to the same extent.

Actually, I think half my problem with TOP in particular is I've known sooooo many people who swoon over him and I'm like, what eww, why.

Lol but speaking of old Kpop, I saw someone getting salty on Twitter saying that "new" fans were trying to rewrite Kpop history by calling DBSK and Big Bang flops or whatever.  And it's like, ok, first, you must be old, bc "flop" is thrown around like "flawless".  And second, I HATE this idea in any music fandom that we have to appreciate the previous generation of artists or whatever. Um, no.  I only got into Kpop around 2012ish because the sound had changed.  Previously, when a lot of my friends were into it, starting from Idk 2007 on, I thought it was awful and cheesy and full of fucking ballads.  They even had ballad groups ffs.  I much prefer the new style.  I love the new style in fact, whereas I hated the old one and I refuse to appreciate it bc it sucked.

There was the same attitude in VK fandom about bands like X Japan.  They also suck and will never not suck and I will never appreciate them for anything except copying American hair metal.  So bye.
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 At least I found out that new episodes of Tunnel will be airing next weekend.  I wasn't sure since I kept finding different things like them taking their own break and then how they would supposedly take a break for election stuff.  So now I'm free to watch the next two episodes available lol.  Plus there's two other dramas I'm planning to start next week.  Hopefully, assuming they end up on either DF or Viki, I haven't heard.  I keep forgetting which two those are lol.  It might be Lookout and Ji Chang Wook's new one.  Trying to avoid getting carried away where I end up putting a bunch of stuff on hold.  I already have that problem and my track record with restarting them isn't super good.

I did start Sparrow though.  I can't believe how looooong it is, but it seems interesting.  I like LI Yi Feng and I loooove that era of pretty much anything, but especially Shanghai lol.  I thought it was about gangsters, but it's actually about revolutionary stuff.  I'll probably start the Japanese ones I've been dying to watch after I finish Tunnel and Wu Xin.  I should probably try out Fighter of the Destiny though too.  Ugh so many dramas, so little time.

Found this awesome new VK band the other day called JILUKA.  I think, after a period of stagnation, that maybe VK is starting to find its sound again?  I also ended up trying out CLC, Cube's girl group.  I figured, kinda like I did with JYPE, welp, I like every other artist on their label, might as well try the girl group too.  Their newest mini was a jam, but I'm less than impressed with most of their previous efforts tbh.  Starting to realize that some of these labels, the bigger ones anyway, legit have a certain sound that carries across all their artists.  I'll probably never be overly into girl groups, but as long as it's a sound I like, I don't mind the change every now and then lol.  

It's funny, because I like divas, but I've just never gotten the appeal of girl groups.
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 Girugamesh's fanbase has always been hilarious to me.  They started out generic af, but most of this early stuff is actually what's celebrated by the fandom.  They finally took a turn for the unique with the self-titled and continuing with MUSIC and even NOW and GO were just Idk, Uverworld-y I guess.  But damn, don't mention UVERworld to these people, they're apparently a pop-rock abomination.  But I guess this is what I find hilarious.  Giru's fanbase is a microcosm of VK fanbases as a whole.  For some reason, they think VK bands are this epitome of hardcoreness and they just freak out at the idea of pop.  Of course, this is talking about the ones who aren't completely superficial and like both VK and Kpop.

A great example is Juri from DELUHI's new album thingy.  It's so totally pop and his "fans" so totally hate it.  I didn't hate it, but I'm not sure he has the voice for pop, Idk.

I just don't see the point of being close-minded on music or only listening to one genre. How boring, truly.  

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 First off, let me say that I consider myself a VK fan, if only because I have lots of music and I obviously listen to it fairly often still.  But actual VK fandom has always been somewhere between tragic and hilarious.  It's funny, for starters, that they won't believe you if you say you don't care about looks.  They won't.  In fact, they'll be so insecure and defensive about it that they'll state it's not possible and you must be an elitist asshole to even suggest that it IS possible. Or they'll be like, get over yourself, of course you care.

I just have to laugh because ok.  I frankly think those of you who DO care about looks are, well, weirdos, to be quite frank.  I don't care if it's the fucking cool Japanese way or whatever either.  I find VK costumes anywhere from hilarious to ridiculous, sometimes ridiculously hilarious.  What they are not includes sexy, cool, awesome, badass, hot or any variation therein.  They are ugly and stupid.  Period.  I actually like VK the music, not all of it (obviously), but plenty of it, enough of it to say what's wrong with you.  But I do, I can't help it.  I thought I'd get over it, but I never did.  And I continue to hold the other unpopular opinion that VK is a genre.


 I know.  But it is.  I know you guys think that VK is so full of branching out and into different genres and shit, but you know what?  I have a very simple question.  If you heard a VK band and couldn't see them, would you know they were VK?  I would be willing to be that about 99% of the time you would.  I know I would.  I've never really heard a VK band that doesn't sound fucking VK.  What is that sound?  Listen to it, that's the sound.  Primarily it's the vocalists, but the music too.  It is its own genre.  You can make up all the fucking cool labels (kotekote kei, osare kei, pastel kei, fucking cool eyeshadow kei, etc. etc.) you want, but it's still VK and it still basically sounds the same.  I mean, there's always genre bleeding, happens in any genre, but for the most part, VK is VK.

I once saw someone write up this whole ridiculous post on why VK wasn't a genre, but for the most part it was all blahblah, there's elements of this type of metal and that type of metal and drone and fucking cool ice drone and all this stuff and it's like, ok now you're just getting into the ridiculousness that is metal sub-genres and frankly it's just about as bad.

Point is, I've never seen anything compelling to make VK a non-genre.  I've seen a lot of people talk until they're blue in the face, but it fails to convince.

Genre: a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.

No one has ever been able to worm VK out of that definition.  VK is a category of music that is characterized by similarities in form, style and subject matter.  Boom.

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 I don't really pay attention to where Jrock/VK fans hang out anymore.  Seems like there's quite a few on Tumblr now, though that medium is really hard when you're trying to find specific tags for example and some of these guys have the same names and plus, anime names are inevitably included.  But I do really find the Tanuki blog fascinating and kind of awesome.  Back when I was heavily into this stuff, people and their ships man.  Which is bad and annoying enough, but the thing is, they seemed to really believe that about 90% of Jrockers were gay and screwing their bandmates.  It's fairly hilarious to me now to see that exactly the opposite is true.  Not that I really ever doubted this, but try to explaining it to these nutters.

The best part is the ones that people were convinced were like "part-gay" are the straightest of them all.  What I tried to explain to people back then, that nobody got, is that their own biases and stereotypes were playing into their assumptions.  Basically, most Western cultures have this idea that effeminate, from OUR prospective, equals gay.  From 7-8 years ago, I don't really see this going away.  And that was the reason these fangirls were using to insist that various Jrockers, lbr VK guys, were gay.

One of the best entries on that Tumblr so far was the anon that was all, so people don't think Hyde is even a little bit gay?  The Tanuki translator said nope, it's not even a rumor, and it's also well-known that he sleeps around with other chicks a LOT.  I freaking said this for YEARS lol.  I even had some stuff from this Japanese friend I had at the time that was basically saying that he wasn't living with his wife and everyone knew that he was a total womanizer.  That lack of judgment on my part led to me eventually moving my blog because the fandom was MAD and I got tired of defending that shit.  LIke, omg, I'm so sorry Hyde is not your gay twink having affairs with Gackt and/or Tetsu.  Seriously, it was ridiculous.

The second best part of that blog is the disturbing fact that Tetsu has a well-known lollicon.  Hilarious, if kinda eewww, because I also knew several stans who were completely CONVINCED that he was gayer than anything.  Again, never thought he was gay, but always thought there was something a little off about him.  The lollicon explains that in spades.

Basically, I love this blog because it's showing these people that not only are their fantasies just that, but they are not even REMOTELY true.  I wish I could take it back in time lol.