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 New day, new dumb Kpop controversy lmao.  Omona's late half the time anyway, but by the time the whole thing about Vixx's Ken writing swears on some TV show made it there I'd already seen and not cared.  The netizen comments were incredibly stupid and the comments there weren't much better.  I had like, zero reaction when I first saw it.  Who cares.  The only enlightening bit of information was that he had apparently wrote it to Ravi bc the latter had punched him or something earlier lol.  Then there was this comment about having a hard time trying to get ppl into Vixx bc they fight a lot or some shit.  LIke lol what?  Do people actually sign up for Kpop group fandom based on how close members "allegedly" are?  Learn from Fahrenheit yo.  Good chance it's all totally fake anyway.  I'm far more likely to buy the authenticity, if that even matters, of groups who do a lot of random fighting.  See: GOT7, Teen Top, Boys Republic.  It's just more realistic if you've ever hung out with a lot of guys.  That's pretty much what they do.

I find the fandom need to believe in the members' closeness really ridiculous and kinda pathetic if i'm completely honest.  In most cases, it's probably all to serve their delusional shipping fantasies anyway.  I don't watch much Idk, behind the scenes stuff or whatever you call it for most groups.  Exceptions being GOT7, Teen Top and Boys Republic.  I MIGHT have to watch some VIXX stuff though if that's what they're like lol.  My priorities are pretty much:

4.BTS junk

Sometimes I half-think I got into Kpop just to make fun of the ridiculous fans.

In other news, I'm so obsessed with B.I.G - Hello Hello.  Their voices mesh so well, the beat is hot and I kinda love the choreo, it was equal parts hot and cute.  Was looking through Youtube last night, hoping for more Black Out lives lol, but nothing.  Decided to watch some BAP - Wake Up lives instead.  Ugh, Jongup srsly.  That kid is not fair.

sink it

May. 21st, 2017 12:25 pm
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 Ajlasdjflkjldjflkjsd I'm so irritated at how slow Tunnel is being subbed here right at the end.  94% at Viki and not on DF at all yet.  I want to finish it so I can be ready to watch Lookout when it starts tomorrow.  I mean, it's a good show, has been a good show, but people freaking out about how good it is are kinda wrong lol.  Especially here towards the end.  But in general, it's just moved really slow and counts on characters not knowing what's going on or talking to each other even though it seems kinda obvious.  Best show so far for me this year is still by far Chief Kim.

In catching up with Kpop things...I watched a bunch of VIXX mvs last night and I kinda like theirs the best of what I've seen so far tbh.  I also watched their live of Black Out and it was the full song, Ravi did that third rap and the choreo was just straight rude lol.

Then as I was going through my dash on Tumblr, it seems like GOT7 members have basically told shippers to knock it tf off and I'm so amused.  Bam, Yugyeom and Jackson at least.  I knew they were my faves for a reason.  It's so gross and delusional honestly.  IMagine being a celeb or whatever and losers writing nasty shit about you and possibly your best/good friend.  It's such a stupid way to express fandom and my opinion on that will never change.  It's really just another form of stalker-type obsession.

I remember ppl in the VK fandom used to be so fucking defensive about it too. They'd be screeching BUT IT'S PART OF FANDOM DESU DESU.  nO IT'S not you tool.  Any time people are super defensive about something, you know they know it's trash already and are insecure.
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 Honestly, I think I'm on the verge of getting seriously addicted to VIXX lol.  I've always really liked their music, it has a different vibe to it vs most other Kpop groups.  But dang this last mini was fire.  I listened to it like three or four times in a row, which is pretty rare for me with ANYTHING, even Kpop.  The first three songs were so good and Black Out was sexy af.  Their vocals improved a lot and I like Ravi's raps for sure.  No one is really attractive to me in that group, except maybe Hong Bin, but that won't really stop me from getting addicted to their music lol.

I was listening to my KPop shuffle last night though and BAP's Dystopia came on and it sounds like such a rapcore song and I'd love to give it to someone who didn't know BAP or Kpop and see what they thought lol.  I know for a fact it would have intrigued tf out of me back when I hated Kpop.  But then again, they didn't make those kind of quality songs back then so, impossible theory is impossible. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)