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 Ifans have always disgusted me, even though I'm technically one lol.  I think I reached the highest levels of disgust when that Tanuki blog started posting on Tumblr and basically revealed all the accepted-as-fact VK rumors to be false crap made up by ifans.  At least, I thought it was high levels of disgust.  Then I found Kpop fandom lmao.  Onehallyu is being hella weird in that I can't sign up, but I've been lurking like hell and most people on that forum seem completely reasonable compared to everywhere else I've been.  AKP has some rationality, but it's tempered by a lot of nutjobs.  Omona is completely full of SJW nutjobs  and I like that OH actually talked about how much they didn't like Omona lol.

But I have two things, well, probably loads more than two and these are kind of related anyway.  But ok, the propensity for ifans to believe that like 70% of Asian music stars are gay.   I realize some of it is just irrational shippers, but actually I think this is a more wider held idea than we'd like to think.  I can't remember if I addressed it here, but there's a gross tendency for Western fans to desexualize Asian men and infantilize Asian girls.  That's why you see all this nonsense about girls having sexy concepts "forced" on theme bc God forbid girls actually enjoy sexy stuff too, or acting like they don't have the brains or maturity to know what they want in a guy, see: any girl caught dating a much older guy.  She's being taken advantage of!  What a creep he is!  Etc.  Or like, maybe the girl really likes him bc she can make her own decisions as an 18+ adult????  Whoa what a concept.

I can't even touch the iceberg of desexualizing Asian men, bc that's been going on so long it's not even funny.  And worse, no one ever wants to talk about it except Asian men themselves.  I just think it's particularly gross to see it coming from people who are supposedly fans of Asian entertainment.  The worst part is the "evidence" these dumb fans use to make guys gay.  It's usually based on Western cultural stereotypes with complete ignorance to what the other cultures are like.  It's been said over and over by those of us who know, but the gay stereotype in East Asian cultures is a bear kinda guy.  Like Ken Hirai (who is wiiiiidely rumored to be gay among Jfans).  Or if you watch Boss there was a gay male character in there and he's like this burly dude with a beard.  It's not the Flower Boy look.  And you can't convince me that Jo Kwon is not gay and look how buff he is.  So when Ifans use a guy's love of fashion or supposedly "feminine" appearance or awkward behavior as evidence that he's gay, it's really just showing how dumb as fuck they are.

There's another side of it too, when Ifans use gay as a way to dismiss a guy's sexuality.  Like, Trouble Maker for example.  If I had a dollar for every dismissive Omona comment about HS being gay, I'd buy another copy of Pentagon's Ceremony lol.  They got a little silent after the MAMA 2012 performance, which was funny.  Though I remember finding a thread where people were literally arguing that he didn't have a boner, but something about the pants.  To which I said somewhere, if you think that, you've literally never seen a dick in real life.

Then, the most recent example is what is that stupid site?  Seoul Beats or something where they write all this faux!Deep opinion crap?  Yeah, someone was asking why Suga's answer in an interview wasn't made a big deal of other than by ifans.  And excellently enough, the top reply was: because Ifans are blindly believing a wrong translation.  A translation from Japanese to Korean to English, which implied that Suga said he didn't care about gender in a romantic partner.  However, as multiple people in the comments pointed out, the translation was highly wrong and what he said was basically that he always looks at personality first and not just for romantic partners.

But Ifans have ran with this crap.  I've seen so many idiots saying that he's gay or bi based on this erroneous translation.  I found one Tumblr where a fan has Suga as her fave based on her mistaken assumption that he's bi.  Ifans are always arrogantly believing that they have the truth of everything, or things that they don't like or find problematic are also considered to be such in Korea or Japan or whatever and it's just not the case.  I don't understand how you can be into another culture's entertainment scene and not bother to correct your ignorance on the culture itself.
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 Never really thought I'd end up a de facto Cube stan, but I like all their main artists and two out of three of my top artists period are Pentagon and Hyunseung.  I have to admit too, their photobooks are truly quality.  All the Pentagon albums plus the Hyunseung album, the book itself was great, but also the pictures are really nicely done.  They also don't look overly photoshopped or whatever.  Which, hahah, is kinda born out by when Hyuna was talking about how the Triple H photobooks weren't photoshopped excepted for Edawn's happy trail lol.  But ahem, yeah.  That exchange was so funny though.  Edawn always gives no fucks.  On one hand he was like, why are we talking about this, but then on the other, he's explaining how he shaved it but they still had to edit it lmao.

Happy trails are  hot, no need to be embarrassed boy.

Still a bit mad at Hyunseung's fan thing getting canceled, but apparently he made a now-deleted comment on his Insta that the cancellation didn't have anything to do with personal issues or something between him and Cube, and not to worry, so I guess that's some consolation.  It's still Cube's fault though, afaic.  Since setting up the thing was their job, fucking it up is still their fault.  Most places I've read though seem to think that it's an album he'll be releasing in July.  I really hope so bc this is probably his last chance to do something before having to go into the military.

Haven't posted about my drama watching lately.  Mostly bc I've kinda laid off a bit.  I'm honestly only legitimately enjoying Lookout.  I dropped Master of the Mask and Suspicious Partner has gotten rather tedious too, though there was a bit of a twist in this last batch of episodes so maybe it will perk up next week.  I'm crushing so hard on Choi Taejoon over JCW lol and that's unexpected af bc I love JCW.

Saw some more dumb drama about fans, most likely ifans bc it's always ifans, being mad about JB making comments that he doesn't like guys in "that way" lol and I'm just like, if y'all shippers weren't so disgusting, he wouldn't feel like he has to clarify things like that.  GOT7 has repeatedly said they don't care for that nonsense.  I'm sure MOST male idols think it's nasty, just GOT7 obviously has the balls to say it publicly.  That's why I love them. :)
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 I've been wanting to try Seventeen and SF9 for awhile, but then I got far too addicted to Pentagon.  I did finally try them out.  Apparently Seventeen is super popular?  How come I never see anyone talk about them?  They're good, but I like SF9 more actually.  Speaking of things I mean to try, I've had Ravi's solos for probably a month and keep forgetting to listen to them lol.  I'm sorta tempted to give DAY6 a chance too bc of how hilarious their second vocal/guitar is on Twitter.  Like, he seems legitimately weird.  But I just have a really hard time with these idol rock bands?  Idk why, since some of them make nice music, but I feel like if I'm gonna listen to rock I want to listen to "real" rock bands.  I know this viewpoint totally offends the fuck out of people but Idrc lol

Anyway, amg, peeping at Hyunseung haters after the news of his fanmeeting and solo came out.  Like???  To me, if people are legitimately haters of his, they're the real whiny bitches.  Idc if you're a fan or how you feel about them, but these idols are people too and you are NOT entitled to any kind of specific behavior from them.  They're not perfect and they're gonna fuck up and who knows why Hyunseung was acting that way and maybe he really didn't want to be in B2ST anymore, Idgaf. It's his prerogative frankly.  What I really love though is when they try to go in on the person's talent.  Like, fine hate on his attitude or whatever, but don't pretend the dude doesn't know how to sing or is a mediocre dancer.  

That's my favorite thing about Hyunseung specifically is when these salty bitches try to say that Hyuna was Troublemaker.  Like, really tho?  Because I saw their LIVE lives and she sucked, to say the very least.  HS can sing and further, he can sing live.  It's a good thing they didn't get another weak af male vocalist to partner her or that would have been truly awful.  It's not even that I dislike Hyuna, bc I do like her, but her talent is mediocre.  Even in Triple H, when they were live, the strength of her vocals compared to Edawn and Hui was so far below theirs it was laughable.  Let's admit that her main draw is her looks bc her dancing isn't much to write home about either.

I remember this one video where HS and her switched parts after a music show and HS very competently did her part. Ok, who am I kidding, it was hoawesome.  She barely got through two lines of his and then started laughing, probs bc it was sucking.

Hahah this is turning into a "things I hate about Kpop fans" blog.  But I have no problem with that bc there are a LOT. 8D
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 Kpop fans remain the actual worst. Both I and K, tbh.  I don't follow Suju at all, but the ridiculous attempt to get one of the members kicked out for getting married is so absurd.  It's similar to what Kfans did to Hyunseung to get him out of B2ST.  Then, over to the Ifan side. Which tbh, i think this group is worse than Kfans for the most part.  They're going after Jackson for wearing dreads in a commercial.  Don't even get me started on how stupid this is.  You don't think there's hundreds of Asians walking around wearing this type of hairstyle?  HOW does it affect you?  It doesn't.  Like I've said before, re:these stupid scandals. You call me when any of them commit an actual crime.  Everything else is just entitled behavior from fans.  Just stop policing behavior, forreal.  Idc whether it's someone's age gap relationship, or what someone writes in a piece of fiction (i.e. songs) or anything else.  Just STOP.  Mind your own business.  It's really not fucking hard.

In less stupid things, I have definitely turned into a Pentagon stan.  I was all over that new release.  Watched the MV multiple times, listened to the album multiple times, etc.  Waiting for the stages now, though I did watch the showcase and ahhhhh the choreo is so awesome.  I love how they combined all these retro dance moves with new/original stuff.  Edawn is such a good dancer too.  He moves very effortlessly.  His rap part was nice and annoying, just how I like ahahah.  

And yet, somehow I had to go and check out their Japanese release, well sorta.  I almost always avoid Kpop releases in Japanese bc they usually suck so much.  There were only two new songs and Hikari was boring, but I am OBSESSED with Get Down.  Mostly bc Edawn has several parts and he sounds just like he does in Korean.  I mean, honestly, his speaking voice is kinda deep so it's really a skill in and of itself that he can keep that fake voice on a consistent basis.  It actually cracks me up.

The sudden Pentagon standom is more or less due to the Triple H thing.  It made me realize how talented Hui and Edawn are and then I just fell all the way for the rest of the group.  
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 Still watching Sparrow and my gosh is that Bicheng chick annoying.  She is such a flower vase.  Does absolutely nothing but pine over Chen Shen.  Even the actress chick is more tolerable than her.  Lol, Li Yi Feng is so hot in this though.  Like, this is a character I would write.  His face when he's listening to the actress girl's fake tears was straight hilarious.  He was all, wtf is this shit.  In other drama crap, I'm so tired of the romance in RMOM.  It's incredibly contrived and soppy.  You really expect me to believe they fell in love at first sight over some fireflies? Pleaaaase.  So annoying.  I'm lowkey mad that I'm still watching it tbh.

Lookout however, remains flawfree.  DF actually got the new eps out early today so I watched both right away.  I was so stressed when I thought Kyungsu was gonna get caught lol.  Damn that priest dude has a deep voice.  I haven't caught onto what his role is yet, but he's obviously helping Dohan in some capacity.

Meanwhile, in ridiculous Kpop that an UP10TION member had to take a break due to stress stemming from...get this, bullying over fake sex assault claims.  So not only is there a bunch of nonsense sex assault claims over there, but now freaking netizens can just accuse a guy of it and it sticks.  Like, what even.  I'm srsly sick of that even being a thing and everyone jumping to take the girl's side all the time, when more often than not it turns out to be fake, but CERTAIN sites don't even report the fakery.  No one stops to think for a second how the guy might be affected by having his name dragged through the mud. People are trash.

Then that whole TOP thing escalated quickly.  Apparently he overdosed.  I'm curious as to why they're all lying about it though.  The description of him being in a deep sleep is a total benzo overdose symptom so Idk why they're trying to spin it as something else.  It's unfortunate, but benzos are addictive and he should consider getting professional help.

Was watching all the Triple H bts stuff last night and whoaaaa Edawn is ripped lol.  He seems like such a weirdo too, but then he's all ripped.  Idk how to feel about that tbh.  Hui is totally not my type, but I still think he's cute.  Hyuna looks so good with the natural shade of red hair.

In completely unrelated commentary, it unreasonably bugs me when people refuse to use stage names.  Like, do you feel somehow cooler that you know their real names or are referring to them by their real names?  Idk, the whole fans always trying to be close to celebs in some way is weird to me.