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 Only I don't like hot cocoa just like I don't like BTS vocal line's insistence on freaking using falsetto.  I admit I'm going into this with high levels of annoyance but I'll try to be objective.  I kinda like DNA, parts of it, but it seems to go nowhere.  Best of Me continues with the falsetto to the point where i'm like....are they incapable of using anything else?  I mean, it didn't used to bug me as much bc there was more rapping, but lately it seems they've given more lines to the vocalists and it's just....not working for me.

The frickin falsetto is honestly hurting my ears.  Wings was hella disappointing, but this is just...

I feel like...Bye BTS I hardly knew ye lol.  Ok, not hardly as I've been listening to them for a little while now, but they're going in a different direction and I don't like it.  I mean, for starters, are they really going to lean lines towards their vocalists when they're so freakin' weak?  That actually makes me kinda mad.  I'll just wait patiently for more mixtapes from Suga. 

Even Mic Drop is boring compared to their usual.  Ugh.

Final word: repetitive, autotuned, shrill 1/5 would not repeat
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 Since getting into Kpop, I've ended up backtracking on a few groups that I thought I didn't like, but there's one I'll never negotiate on.  Well, two I suppose, but the other one hardly counts since they're defunct af.  Anyway, so lemme splain.

1.2PM - I first heard them when they first came on the scene and they sounded just like the same style I already didn't like.  To this day I do not like their first couple of albums, so honestly, they just started making better music.  There wasn't anyone I didn't like except maybe Jay Park and he's not there anymore so there lol. I really love Junho's solo and I like both him and Taec as actors.  I also like Jun.K's solo, so I basically fell into them from liking those three's solo activities honestly.

2.SHINee - Honestly, the same situation as 2PM.  Their early music is not my taste, but it seemingly changed when Kpop as a whole started to change into the sound that I now like.  Tbh, I'm still not super into them though.  I like Taemin solo better and he's the only one I really have interest in, though Minho is

3.EXO - again, did not like XOXO and I definitely have issues with SM and how the Chinese members were treated, except for Yixing for whatever reason.  In GENERAL, I have issues with SM, but like Cube, they train good vocalists these days.  Anyway, I love the War and I like about half of their other two repackaged albums.  For some reason, their ballads bore tf out of me so I deleted all those from my playlists lol.  I also like Baekhyun as an actor and his voice tbh.

Ok, so DBSK is the group that doesn't matter.  Big Bang is the other one.  Sort of by proxy I also hate YG lol.  But mainly, I knew some completely annoying Big Bang stans back when the Kpopopularity started seguing into the Jrock fandoms I was in at the time.  I heard some of their music and definitely do not like.  Furthermore, I find all the members HIGHLY annoying.  You don't know how thankful I am that Hyunseung never ended up in that group.  But yeah, they're extremely try-hard and ridiculous and honestly, really fugly besides.  C'mon, Kpop is at least half about being shallow, so I'm allowed.  I also admit that their super popularity bugs me, but it's just part of the rest, bc obviously I'm not put off by BTS and Exo for the same reason.

There's also two Kpop member standoms that REALLY annoying me.  One is Kai from Exo and the other is TOP.  Like, I do not fucking get why so many ppl lose their shit over these two and so THAT annoyance definitely colors things too.  I'm not saying that ANY of these are GOOD reasons necessarily, only that they're MY reasons why I will never renegotiate on Big Bang.

Unlike the rest of Kpop fandom, I don't judge groups or members on some kind of hivemind standard. It's my personal standard lol and I make no secret of that.  That's why, for example, the only problem I have with B2ST is that I don't know how involved they were in Hyunseung's departure.  Even though I know the rest of fandom hates them for various other reasons.  
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 Holy crap there are even more rumored comebacks in July than I thought.  I also thought the UP10TION album was coming out in July, but apparently it was today lol.  But I see VAV, Halo, Hyunseung, Boyfriend, JJCC (wtf have they even been), MVP, Hotshot, VICTON, 7 o'clock and allegedly Infinite.  Not to mention the Japanese albums from Junho and Taemin.  Also KARD, whom I will probably finally check out if they FINALLY release an album.  See what all the fuss is about.  Obviously I'm most excited about Hyunseung, but also super nervous since there's still no news.  Cube makes me so mad.

By contrast, August looks a lot less interesting, but that's just probably bc nothing's announced yet.  Though who's even left to make a comeback at that point except GOT7 lol.  Oh Hyuna, I bet.  Maybe BTOB, VIXX and BAP again.  NU'EST was probably supposed to comeback then, but who knows with that BS going on with one of their members.  Ahh I found out today though what situation where Omona will actually blame the girl in a scandal.  Apparently if it involves TOP, then it's absolutely the girl's fault that he smoked marijuana or whatever.  Rme srsly.  I try not to be an actual hater of artists, I hate on fans, but honestly, everyone in that group annoys me so much that it's really hard to resist.  The other group and its members I can't stand is DBSK, but not quite to the same extent.

Actually, I think half my problem with TOP in particular is I've known sooooo many people who swoon over him and I'm like, what eww, why.

Lol but speaking of old Kpop, I saw someone getting salty on Twitter saying that "new" fans were trying to rewrite Kpop history by calling DBSK and Big Bang flops or whatever.  And it's like, ok, first, you must be old, bc "flop" is thrown around like "flawless".  And second, I HATE this idea in any music fandom that we have to appreciate the previous generation of artists or whatever. Um, no.  I only got into Kpop around 2012ish because the sound had changed.  Previously, when a lot of my friends were into it, starting from Idk 2007 on, I thought it was awful and cheesy and full of fucking ballads.  They even had ballad groups ffs.  I much prefer the new style.  I love the new style in fact, whereas I hated the old one and I refuse to appreciate it bc it sucked.

There was the same attitude in VK fandom about bands like X Japan.  They also suck and will never not suck and I will never appreciate them for anything except copying American hair metal.  So bye.
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 Ahahah, I just listened to the new songs on Monsta X's repackage and I now know why I've never gotten super into them.  They're pretty much trying to be BTS.  It's hard to get super into a group that doesn't sound like they're doing their own thing.  I'm not even a crazy BTS stan, not even close, but halfway through Shine Forever, I thought I was listening to BTS.  Really haven't been listening to much else except Pentagon and Triple H, though I did decide to try Seventeen and SF9 bc why not?  I don't really care how huge a group is that I only listen to the music for.  Also the Jinwoon single, who is officially the first Kpop person I ever gave a crap about, even though he doesn't make pop music lol.

Seems like a crapload of comebacks in the next month or so.  I have peeped:

- Hyunseung
- Hotshot
- GOT7 (rumor stages but it seems likely)
- Halo
- Up10tion

Also thought I saw somewhere that BTS was gearing up for a comeback.  Ok, I like BTS's music and I kinda stan Suga, but they're honestly not one of my bias groups.  Mainly because I've always found it REALLY hard to like groups heavily in the spotlight, because it creates crazy-ass fans and their fandom is one of THE most annoying forreal.  Plus, obviously to bias a Kpop group, you kinda have to be into more than their music and honestly, they come off kinda fake to me.  Overly bubbly and cute, which doesn't go with their music at all and for some reason that really bugs me.

That's why I like GOT7 and Pentagon as my main biases.  GOT7 guys have actually said they won't do any cute concepts and they obviously all hate shipping, which warms my cold heart like nothing else lmao.  Their music is weird, but I like weird so that doesn't bother me either.  Pentagon also has a rather unique sound with all the brassy accents and such.  Further, they are all insanely talented. Hui catapults them into being the best vocal line in Kpop imo, and their rappers are solid too, at the very least unique considering Edawn's chipmunk act lol.  And again, they seem pretty normal offstage.  Ok, I am an admitted Edawn stan, but if there was ever a bias wrecker it's Hui, bc I can't ignore his talent lol.  He's always spontaneously singing offstage and he always sounds strong and flawless.  I've seen other singers do that and at the very least, they often sound weak and quiet like they're unsure of themselves.

Anyway I guess I like Seventeen now dammit lol.
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 I'm slow, as I said before.  I get easily distracted and addicted to different things.  But I finally watched that Triple H MV that was supposedly so ~controversial~ and had Omona's panties in a tighter wad than usual.  And I have to say, wow have people become whiny babies and pussies these days.  That was the tamest shit I've ever seen.  The second Troublemaker MV was more explicit than that.  I really need to gif Edawn trying to strangle himself and make that my default Omona icon, or maybe default period.  I mean, really.  Are you telling me that you lot have never seen a movie depicting suicide and likely in a far more explicit context?  Because I've seen dramas that do, and movies.  That's all an MV is, is a short movie.  That's all songs are, little stories.  Wow, I would hate to be so uptight as these people.

Along with watching the MV, I watched a bunch of Triple H lives and a deal on Weekly Idol that was pretty hilarious.  I'm disappoint though that Hyuna had to do the Troublemaker bits by herself, I was really hoping at least E'dawn also knew them ahahah.  But I loved that she totally argued with those guys about the choreo.  I was agreeing with her at one point because I watched the heck out of the Troublemaker promotions and I know that choreo by heart.  I was like, she's right, SHE'S RIGHT.  The guys were so bored while she was arguing.  Though, later E'dawn was watching carefully and decided she messed up by her look, saying that would be his look when he messed up.  Then she was finally wrong lmao.

I guess this will be all about Kpop lol.  I'm suddenly super into Pentagon and pretty hype for their comeback.  I've largely been meh on them since they debuted, not that I didn't like them, but freaking ten members boy.  Who has time for that.  I still don't, but Triple H kinda made me pay more attention bc Hui is such a good singer and E'dawn is such an annoying rapper.  Wait, what?  No, srsly, his voice annoys me so much, but I also kinda love it so I don't really know what's going on there.  Those two and Yan An are the only members I really know in Pentagon.  I mean, I know some names, but couldn't connect them with faces.

Saw a bit yesterday saying that Hyunseung was getting his comeback in July, but it's a fucking SINGLE.  Like, what?  UGH.  The way the first article made it sound, it almost sounded like a full album.  But then the next article was like, ONE SONG.   That's so upsetting. HS is so fucking talented and he isn't getting much of a chance.

In other news, I'm the biggest Big Bang anti you will ever meet, though I try not to be super loud about it.  I'm kinda cackling in my corner at TOPPOT's scandal of late lol.  I feel the same way about that as I do Koki getting caught with it.  I have similar dislike of the two actually.  But mainly, you dudes know damn well that shit's hxc illegal in your country so you're a total dumbass for risking it.  Write all the letters you want, still doesn't make it smart.