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Ah man I listened to the new TEEN TOP album yesterday, finally. I was kinda putting it off because I had initially thought that L.Joe had been able to record with them, but when I found out that wasn't true, Idk it just made it hard lol. Honestly, it was really good for the most part, but the lack of L.Joe's raps left a gaping hole. There was too much Niel and CAP is not as good tbh. But the music and everything was good, it was a mature comeback.

The Junho albums I ordered off YesAsia came yesterday, but of course, not the poster. I haaaate how those always get separated and there's no tracking number either so I just have to kinda wait around for it to show up. I really like that he did a lot of his own composing and lyric-writing. Also, him and cats:

You always see all these Kpoppers with little dogs, but he's in love with cats, I love it, so cute.

My biggest quandary with my descent into Kpop is all the other music I have lol.  Like, I have a HUGE amount of music and artists that I follow that I've amassed over ten years, longer than ten years.  Most of it's on my harddrive, but I have a decent amount on CD and quite a lot on Spotify.  I'm still trying to keep track of new releases, but it's gotten so I have to write them down so I don't forget that they're out there.  Because, tbqh, about 75% of the time I really only want to listen to Kpop and I'm looking forward to the next Kpop comeback ahah, like now I think it's Yesung, Infinite, Vixx and whatever it is Hyuna's doing.  Still so mad that Cube didn't continue Troublemaker with Hyunseung.  And I'm even more mad that there's zero news or hinting about him having a solo at least.  I really hate that company lol, but at the same time I don't want them to fail because I really like BTOB.

Might as well write it down somewhere since I'm about to finish Goblin.  My upcoming drama strategy lol.  Watching Wu Xin currently and I don't plan to put that down, but I was only 5 eps from finishing Scarlet Heart Ryeo, so I'll probably restart that and finish it, then get back to Legend of the Blue Sea and THEN probably restart Ice Fantasy or Mystic Nine.  I'd kinda like to only have three going at one time.  ANymore than that and it really gets out of control.  I do want to start Sparrow though since it's being subbed on Viki.  But I assume it's being released slowly so it'll be a bit like watching a now-airing thing.


Apr. 10th, 2017 10:53 am
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People on LJ are having a freakout again and moving to this completely dead fucking site where a person can basically blog in complete public anonymity lol. At least, that's what it seems like.  I dug this link out of my bookmarks, so I thought I'd update it with a Monday Media Meme, because why not.

What are you currently consuming?

- For some reason I haven't listen to much music the last few days except some shuffling Kpop and BTS in my car. Not reading anything either.  I am actively watching two dramas though: Goblin and Wu Xin Monster Killer.  Only three episodes to go in Goblin and it finally got really good, though I'm not entirely sure where they'll go in the next three since the Goblin died.  Wu Xin is a Chinese web drama I think.  They basically explain nothing of why Wu Xin is the way he is, which they actually don't even explain that.  Some ghosty woman points out that he has no breath or heartbeat.  So he's a vampire monk?  Idek, but it's amusing and entertaining.

What did you recently finish?

- I pretended I finished Chief Kim last month, but in reality I was procrastinating on that last episode because I didn't want it to end.  It's probably my favorite Kdrama to date, beating my previous faves of Neighborhood Hero and Healer.  I admit Junho was a big part of that.  His acting was so good and he's just incredibly attractive ahahah.  In music, the last thing of note I was listening to was one of MYNAME's Japanese albums.

What will you consume next?

- Well, assuming I finish Goblin in the next day or so, I'll probably go back to Legend of the Blue Sea and I might try to start Sparrow since it's being subbed on Viki.  Then I'll probably pick out one of my other on-hold dramas, like Scarlet Heart Ryeo.  In music, the only thing on tap is Teen Top's new album.  I just saw something on Soompi though that seemed to suggest that L.Joe was only on the title song.  That's a crushing disappointment, if true.