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 The ignorance of a lot of Kpop fans stuns me sometimes lol.  I mean, I see it everywhere, but I've been on YT a lot lately so I have to point out some funny shit I've seen there.  One of my favorite, was this one chick saying that Korean women don't date younger men and if the younger guy calls her noona (literally means sister omg!) than it means he sees her as his sister.  Ahahah FOH.  So when those girls call their bfs oppa that means they see them as their brothers?  That they're fucking?  Looool I'm ded.  Literally watch any Kdrama with a noona romance and you'll see they call her noona.  But that's what's also so dumb, is that the honorific system in Korean and Chinese and to an extent Japanese, is not meant to be taken literally.  That's why oppa/noona means older brother/older sister, but it ALSO is used by younger girls/guys to older guys/girls they're dating.

Then, I was watching one of the Trouble Maker Attention perfs, the one where HS grabs Hyuna's hips from behind a few times and someone commented that Korea was obsessed with anal.  Apparently they don't know about PIV doggy style lol.  Seriously whyyyyy.  I hope these people are like 13 not knowing these things what even.  

Somewhere else, not YT, there was a picture of HS that they thought was showing a boner and I'm like...facepalm, no.  Just...ok, guys above a certain's gonna show if they keep wearing tight pants, it doesn't need to be hard.  Or, conversely, like in the case of a certain VK vocalist, if they're wearing something really loose it will flop around lmao.  Aahahah help seriously how old are these people.  And, um, HS shows a lot, mostly thanks to the tight pants he's always wearing.  Not that I mind exactly, it's hot.  If you got it, flaunt it, le shrug.

In less pervy things...maybe, I listened to Taemin's new Jpop EP last night.  Honestly, it was kinda boring.  Three soppy ballads, a pretty interesting mid-tempo in DOOR and then the way too short Do It Baby.  That one was hot, but again way too short.  See that's half of why I don't like J-releases from Kpop artists.  Sometimes it's their Japanese and it's super distracting, but a lot of times it's just the style they choose for their music. They're trying to get a Jpop sound, but it's like, the most boring uninspired Jpop sound.  A few groups do pull it off though, no doubt.  They're just in the minority.
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 The crazy effort that Kpop puts into its CDs is...interesting, but as someone who mostly listens to CDs in the car, it's pretty annoying that I can't just bring the CD case in there with me.  Plus honestly, it's only cool for the few minutes you spend opening it and then I'm like, ahhh what a lot of space this will take up.  I'm just too much of an INTJ I guess lol.  I don't understand the purpose of fluff.  

Otoh, I did listen to my new Junho CDs in my bookshelf stereo, which I rarely use, but it has great sound, especially bass ahaha.  But my internet was down and I didn't want to mess with cached scrobbles so.  I honestly love every song on DSMN, what a great album.  Way better than his previous Japanese releases and One was fun too.  It had like four "new" songs too.  ALthough his mostly falsetto rendition of Believe was a little sketch lol.  I went through both booklets and he was fully involved with ALL the songs, even doing some raps at times.  I feel like he's going to end up being my favorite soloist.  There aren't enough baritones in Kpop and half the time they're not even used properly (see: V in BTS).  I used to rag on 2PM's vocals, but later on they really figured out how to use everyone's ability.

Currently my favorite soloist is Taemin, but he also only has two albums so Junho could overtake him easily.  If anyone knows anything about Taemin coming back this year, please pop in and let me know lol.

It's funny, the Agust D mixtape was kind of a grower, in spite of how much I like Suga, it just kinda took some time for me to appreciate every song.  I mean, I initially really liked the title track and Give It To Me, but lately I've been really enjoying 마지막 (The Last), it's super intense.  And why does the intro to Agust D sound like "let me make you come" lmao.

This place should give you at least 30 icons for non-paid accounts.  I could probably be happy with that lol.