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 Ifans have always disgusted me, even though I'm technically one lol.  I think I reached the highest levels of disgust when that Tanuki blog started posting on Tumblr and basically revealed all the accepted-as-fact VK rumors to be false crap made up by ifans.  At least, I thought it was high levels of disgust.  Then I found Kpop fandom lmao.  Onehallyu is being hella weird in that I can't sign up, but I've been lurking like hell and most people on that forum seem completely reasonable compared to everywhere else I've been.  AKP has some rationality, but it's tempered by a lot of nutjobs.  Omona is completely full of SJW nutjobs  and I like that OH actually talked about how much they didn't like Omona lol.

But I have two things, well, probably loads more than two and these are kind of related anyway.  But ok, the propensity for ifans to believe that like 70% of Asian music stars are gay.   I realize some of it is just irrational shippers, but actually I think this is a more wider held idea than we'd like to think.  I can't remember if I addressed it here, but there's a gross tendency for Western fans to desexualize Asian men and infantilize Asian girls.  That's why you see all this nonsense about girls having sexy concepts "forced" on theme bc God forbid girls actually enjoy sexy stuff too, or acting like they don't have the brains or maturity to know what they want in a guy, see: any girl caught dating a much older guy.  She's being taken advantage of!  What a creep he is!  Etc.  Or like, maybe the girl really likes him bc she can make her own decisions as an 18+ adult????  Whoa what a concept.

I can't even touch the iceberg of desexualizing Asian men, bc that's been going on so long it's not even funny.  And worse, no one ever wants to talk about it except Asian men themselves.  I just think it's particularly gross to see it coming from people who are supposedly fans of Asian entertainment.  The worst part is the "evidence" these dumb fans use to make guys gay.  It's usually based on Western cultural stereotypes with complete ignorance to what the other cultures are like.  It's been said over and over by those of us who know, but the gay stereotype in East Asian cultures is a bear kinda guy.  Like Ken Hirai (who is wiiiiidely rumored to be gay among Jfans).  Or if you watch Boss there was a gay male character in there and he's like this burly dude with a beard.  It's not the Flower Boy look.  And you can't convince me that Jo Kwon is not gay and look how buff he is.  So when Ifans use a guy's love of fashion or supposedly "feminine" appearance or awkward behavior as evidence that he's gay, it's really just showing how dumb as fuck they are.

There's another side of it too, when Ifans use gay as a way to dismiss a guy's sexuality.  Like, Trouble Maker for example.  If I had a dollar for every dismissive Omona comment about HS being gay, I'd buy another copy of Pentagon's Ceremony lol.  They got a little silent after the MAMA 2012 performance, which was funny.  Though I remember finding a thread where people were literally arguing that he didn't have a boner, but something about the pants.  To which I said somewhere, if you think that, you've literally never seen a dick in real life.

Then, the most recent example is what is that stupid site?  Seoul Beats or something where they write all this faux!Deep opinion crap?  Yeah, someone was asking why Suga's answer in an interview wasn't made a big deal of other than by ifans.  And excellently enough, the top reply was: because Ifans are blindly believing a wrong translation.  A translation from Japanese to Korean to English, which implied that Suga said he didn't care about gender in a romantic partner.  However, as multiple people in the comments pointed out, the translation was highly wrong and what he said was basically that he always looks at personality first and not just for romantic partners.

But Ifans have ran with this crap.  I've seen so many idiots saying that he's gay or bi based on this erroneous translation.  I found one Tumblr where a fan has Suga as her fave based on her mistaken assumption that he's bi.  Ifans are always arrogantly believing that they have the truth of everything, or things that they don't like or find problematic are also considered to be such in Korea or Japan or whatever and it's just not the case.  I don't understand how you can be into another culture's entertainment scene and not bother to correct your ignorance on the culture itself.
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 The crazy effort that Kpop puts into its CDs is...interesting, but as someone who mostly listens to CDs in the car, it's pretty annoying that I can't just bring the CD case in there with me.  Plus honestly, it's only cool for the few minutes you spend opening it and then I'm like, ahhh what a lot of space this will take up.  I'm just too much of an INTJ I guess lol.  I don't understand the purpose of fluff.  

Otoh, I did listen to my new Junho CDs in my bookshelf stereo, which I rarely use, but it has great sound, especially bass ahaha.  But my internet was down and I didn't want to mess with cached scrobbles so.  I honestly love every song on DSMN, what a great album.  Way better than his previous Japanese releases and One was fun too.  It had like four "new" songs too.  ALthough his mostly falsetto rendition of Believe was a little sketch lol.  I went through both booklets and he was fully involved with ALL the songs, even doing some raps at times.  I feel like he's going to end up being my favorite soloist.  There aren't enough baritones in Kpop and half the time they're not even used properly (see: V in BTS).  I used to rag on 2PM's vocals, but later on they really figured out how to use everyone's ability.

Currently my favorite soloist is Taemin, but he also only has two albums so Junho could overtake him easily.  If anyone knows anything about Taemin coming back this year, please pop in and let me know lol.

It's funny, the Agust D mixtape was kind of a grower, in spite of how much I like Suga, it just kinda took some time for me to appreciate every song.  I mean, I initially really liked the title track and Give It To Me, but lately I've been really enjoying 마지막 (The Last), it's super intense.  And why does the intro to Agust D sound like "let me make you come" lmao.

This place should give you at least 30 icons for non-paid accounts.  I could probably be happy with that lol.
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 That gun icon is appropriate.  I'm so fucking annoyed at my netbook because the Dropbox program or something keeps stalling on it and it doesn't sync my files so then I shut it down and get on my desktop computer and a bunch of shit hasn't updated and I'm just like asldkjflskjflksdj jinjja ugh.

I'm also really irritated at myself for not starting a particular project.  I have all these ideas and notes and whatnot, but for some reason I canNOT make myself start it and I want to throw something at myself.  Somehow lol. of the (many) reasons I like Suga is that he always seems to have this look like he's putting up with some shit and is not entirely happy about it.  Cracks me up.