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 Ifans have always disgusted me, even though I'm technically one lol.  I think I reached the highest levels of disgust when that Tanuki blog started posting on Tumblr and basically revealed all the accepted-as-fact VK rumors to be false crap made up by ifans.  At least, I thought it was high levels of disgust.  Then I found Kpop fandom lmao.  Onehallyu is being hella weird in that I can't sign up, but I've been lurking like hell and most people on that forum seem completely reasonable compared to everywhere else I've been.  AKP has some rationality, but it's tempered by a lot of nutjobs.  Omona is completely full of SJW nutjobs  and I like that OH actually talked about how much they didn't like Omona lol.

But I have two things, well, probably loads more than two and these are kind of related anyway.  But ok, the propensity for ifans to believe that like 70% of Asian music stars are gay.   I realize some of it is just irrational shippers, but actually I think this is a more wider held idea than we'd like to think.  I can't remember if I addressed it here, but there's a gross tendency for Western fans to desexualize Asian men and infantilize Asian girls.  That's why you see all this nonsense about girls having sexy concepts "forced" on theme bc God forbid girls actually enjoy sexy stuff too, or acting like they don't have the brains or maturity to know what they want in a guy, see: any girl caught dating a much older guy.  She's being taken advantage of!  What a creep he is!  Etc.  Or like, maybe the girl really likes him bc she can make her own decisions as an 18+ adult????  Whoa what a concept.

I can't even touch the iceberg of desexualizing Asian men, bc that's been going on so long it's not even funny.  And worse, no one ever wants to talk about it except Asian men themselves.  I just think it's particularly gross to see it coming from people who are supposedly fans of Asian entertainment.  The worst part is the "evidence" these dumb fans use to make guys gay.  It's usually based on Western cultural stereotypes with complete ignorance to what the other cultures are like.  It's been said over and over by those of us who know, but the gay stereotype in East Asian cultures is a bear kinda guy.  Like Ken Hirai (who is wiiiiidely rumored to be gay among Jfans).  Or if you watch Boss there was a gay male character in there and he's like this burly dude with a beard.  It's not the Flower Boy look.  And you can't convince me that Jo Kwon is not gay and look how buff he is.  So when Ifans use a guy's love of fashion or supposedly "feminine" appearance or awkward behavior as evidence that he's gay, it's really just showing how dumb as fuck they are.

There's another side of it too, when Ifans use gay as a way to dismiss a guy's sexuality.  Like, Trouble Maker for example.  If I had a dollar for every dismissive Omona comment about HS being gay, I'd buy another copy of Pentagon's Ceremony lol.  They got a little silent after the MAMA 2012 performance, which was funny.  Though I remember finding a thread where people were literally arguing that he didn't have a boner, but something about the pants.  To which I said somewhere, if you think that, you've literally never seen a dick in real life.

Then, the most recent example is what is that stupid site?  Seoul Beats or something where they write all this faux!Deep opinion crap?  Yeah, someone was asking why Suga's answer in an interview wasn't made a big deal of other than by ifans.  And excellently enough, the top reply was: because Ifans are blindly believing a wrong translation.  A translation from Japanese to Korean to English, which implied that Suga said he didn't care about gender in a romantic partner.  However, as multiple people in the comments pointed out, the translation was highly wrong and what he said was basically that he always looks at personality first and not just for romantic partners.

But Ifans have ran with this crap.  I've seen so many idiots saying that he's gay or bi based on this erroneous translation.  I found one Tumblr where a fan has Suga as her fave based on her mistaken assumption that he's bi.  Ifans are always arrogantly believing that they have the truth of everything, or things that they don't like or find problematic are also considered to be such in Korea or Japan or whatever and it's just not the case.  I don't understand how you can be into another culture's entertainment scene and not bother to correct your ignorance on the culture itself.
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 Fooinally finished Beast Showtime.  Definitely made me laugh more than any other Kpop reality show and I kinda like Yoseob and Gikwang now, though with slight reservations bc Idk who had to do with what when it comes to HS getting kicked out.  Various observations herein.  But first, LMAO @ the subber of the last two shows.  Literally had an explosion of butthurt when they were in the karaoke thing and Yoseob was mocking a Seo Taiji song.  Like, dude, sub the damn video, don't put in your whiny opinions.  I think Seo Taiji is the Korean Yoshiki and completely overrated with his bad Korn-copy music of the early 00s so I was actually cracking up at Yoseob's headbanger act.  

The other thing, that end bit where they were making fun of HS made me all D;  Like, wow this is the first time we've seen him be smart.  Idk Idk, I don't want to get all up in analysis like a bunch of dumb fans like to do for all these people.  But there was a marked difference in his behavior in 2015 after his solo.  Like he completely stopped caring about the other members or what they said to him.

Anyway, no news on the HS comeback front.  Le sigh.  I just hope after Pentagon stops promoting that Cube will say something.  People are gonna be real mad if they announce plans for Hyuna and CLC but not HS.

You what's funny, before I got into Kpop and just observed it from the sidelines, I used to think there was like a scandal a day, but now I realize it's honestly mostly nothing except Ifans making a fuss about nothing.  I understand now too why Kfans hate Ifans.  Just over the last weekend there was Omona posting about so-called whitewashing of idols.  See these people's agenda could not be more clear.  They want Asians to fit under their neat little POC umbrella, but it becomes kinda hard and ridiculous when they find out that there are plenty of East Asians that are lighter in skin tone than the average northern European, which I mean, don't get me started on SJW stupidity, but let's be real here.  The thing is, the source post had all the reasonable comments with people saying how many of these idols they've met in person and that yes, a lot of them are very pale and in fact, were probably chosen even because of their pale skin tone.

And honestly, who cares what fansites do to their pictures?  Eventually you'll see them in some kind of casual video context and easily see what their skintone is.  It's obvious to me, for example, that Edawn is very pale and so is Suga from BTS.  People in the comments confirmed seeing both in person and that both were easily the palest in their groups.

What's actually funny to me though, in these people's constant anti-European rhetoric is that if you observe fandom, you'll see that the member who goes blond in a comeback often gets the most attention.  I remember when I first got into GOT7 and Mark was blond for awhile, everyone was swooning over him.  MOst recently though, Youngjae went blond and people were all over him with "slay" and "flawless" comments.  I saw it again recently with another group that I can't remember right now.

Then from there, we have Kai doing the dreads with Exo, which unrelated, but lol he is not hot.  I see so many comments about how he's literally the hottest male idol in Kpop right now and I'm like huh?  I don't see it at all.  His looks are completely average to me.  But most noticeable is the lack of dragging he got for the dreads vs Jackson.  Which sort of adds to my theory that I think people couldn't wait to drag Jackson for something ever since his shipping comments. But since most of civilized KPop fandom frowns on shipping, they had to leave that alone until something else came up.
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 I'm slow, as I said before.  I get easily distracted and addicted to different things.  But I finally watched that Triple H MV that was supposedly so ~controversial~ and had Omona's panties in a tighter wad than usual.  And I have to say, wow have people become whiny babies and pussies these days.  That was the tamest shit I've ever seen.  The second Troublemaker MV was more explicit than that.  I really need to gif Edawn trying to strangle himself and make that my default Omona icon, or maybe default period.  I mean, really.  Are you telling me that you lot have never seen a movie depicting suicide and likely in a far more explicit context?  Because I've seen dramas that do, and movies.  That's all an MV is, is a short movie.  That's all songs are, little stories.  Wow, I would hate to be so uptight as these people.

Along with watching the MV, I watched a bunch of Triple H lives and a deal on Weekly Idol that was pretty hilarious.  I'm disappoint though that Hyuna had to do the Troublemaker bits by herself, I was really hoping at least E'dawn also knew them ahahah.  But I loved that she totally argued with those guys about the choreo.  I was agreeing with her at one point because I watched the heck out of the Troublemaker promotions and I know that choreo by heart.  I was like, she's right, SHE'S RIGHT.  The guys were so bored while she was arguing.  Though, later E'dawn was watching carefully and decided she messed up by her look, saying that would be his look when he messed up.  Then she was finally wrong lmao.

I guess this will be all about Kpop lol.  I'm suddenly super into Pentagon and pretty hype for their comeback.  I've largely been meh on them since they debuted, not that I didn't like them, but freaking ten members boy.  Who has time for that.  I still don't, but Triple H kinda made me pay more attention bc Hui is such a good singer and E'dawn is such an annoying rapper.  Wait, what?  No, srsly, his voice annoys me so much, but I also kinda love it so I don't really know what's going on there.  Those two and Yan An are the only members I really know in Pentagon.  I mean, I know some names, but couldn't connect them with faces.

Saw a bit yesterday saying that Hyunseung was getting his comeback in July, but it's a fucking SINGLE.  Like, what?  UGH.  The way the first article made it sound, it almost sounded like a full album.  But then the next article was like, ONE SONG.   That's so upsetting. HS is so fucking talented and he isn't getting much of a chance.

In other news, I'm the biggest Big Bang anti you will ever meet, though I try not to be super loud about it.  I'm kinda cackling in my corner at TOPPOT's scandal of late lol.  I feel the same way about that as I do Koki getting caught with it.  I have similar dislike of the two actually.  But mainly, you dudes know damn well that shit's hxc illegal in your country so you're a total dumbass for risking it.  Write all the letters you want, still doesn't make it smart.
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 I really did not mean to start another drama, and yet, at the same time, I felt like I needed something else since 3 out of my 5 dramas are airing and Wu Xin is not really bingeable and neither exactly is Sparrow, though I'll definitely be finishing that because it's honestly really great and Li Yi Feng is smooth.  SO, that said, I just had to start I Hear Your Voice with Lee Jong Suk.  Uggghhhhhh and it's so freaking cracktastic.  It's Healer-levels of cracktastic.  The entire concept is cute.  I love how LJS idolizes the girl and then sort of has his fantasies dashed, but then still kinda sticks with her.  There's also a lot of character growth from episode to episode and no one is exactly a saint or exactly a horrific villain, I say this as I suspect there's more to the evil truck driver's story too. (though whatever it is, it doesn't excuse him being an evil sonnofabitch)

Amg my heart though whenever the gal keeps going for Lawyer Cha and ignoring or treating Suha like a kid.  But then again, he's not doing very much to make moves on her either.  He keeps denying even that he likes her.  Cha annoys me and I fully ship her and Suha.  IN spite of her arrogance and various other faults, I actually like her/the actress.  It's pretty rare that I like the female leads, as in, actually like them and not just tolerate them.  Apparently I'm the complete opposite of everyone else in fandom as I only require the male lead to be cool and not a loser.  I will drop dramas for loser male leads, but Idrc about the female ones, unless they're good then that makes the drama better.

I suppose at least it's a fairly convincing love triangle or whatever.  Half the time in dramas, it's so freaking obvious where it's going.  At least in this one, it makes complete sense that she'd lean towards Cha and not "see" Suha at all due to him being in high school lol.  Still though, the way Omona gets their panties in a bunch over age gaps lmao.  It's srsly ridiculous.  There is NOTHING wrong with age gaps.  NOthing.  Unless we're talking about children, and 17-19 are not children, sorry.

Also, Lee Jong Suk, his smile, I've thought ever since W, has a kinda menacing tinge to it.  I see he's playing a villain in an upcoming movie and I'm kinda excite.
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 Still harping on American-obsessed Kpop fans...I find it really ridiculous when they go all out in criticizing visuals, whether it's the PV or teasers or even album covers for being "low quality".  It's the same thing as the America-centric movie fans criticizing the CGI in Asian movies.  There's always this unspoken implication that again, "those poor Asians" can't manage high quality American-style shit.  They clearly don't see this hypocrisy in themselves either since most of them tend to already be flaming hypocrite SJW types.  I don't honestly give a crap about "high quality" visuals though.  I want good content.  And America stopped putting out that awhile ago.

Found on PSCK yesterday, some Japanese group called the Beat Garden.  I'm having trouble classifying them lol.  By looks, I imagined they were a rock group and the song I heard, Don't THink Feel seemed to bear that out, but further research shows they're three vocalists and a DJ, but their music still has a rocky bent.  This is bugging me bc I stuck them in my male Jrock folder when I dl'd the three singles available on PSCK.  But now I think I'm going to have to move them to Jpop lol.  Either way I really like them and the vocalists are attractive af, especially Masato.  I'm already plotting to get their indies album and mini from CDJ. I feel like Japan has been stepping up their pop game of late.

Also listened to CNBLUE's new Korean mini on Spotify and looool how are they even a rock group?  Not saying I didn't like the music, but c'mon, it sounds like any other Kpop group that doesn't focus exclusively on dance and hip-hop.  Certainly didn't sound like rock lol.  I listened to their Japanese single too and same thing, sounds like pop to me, le shrug.  Gotta admit though, their vocalist has a very strong voice and I like it.

Watched the vaunted Tunnel ~cliffhanger~ last night.  Lol it wasn't really.  I already knew he was gonna go back to the past when he fought the killer in the tunnel.  In fact, it was pretty contrived when I think about it.  Well, with four eps left it'll be interesting to see what he does back there and if he can go back to the future.  Hahah.

Master of the Mask is allegedly going to be available this afternoon on DramaFever.  I'll probably watch it.  Also allegedly, JCW's character in Suspicious Partner is jerky, I'm so here for that.  I love jerky male characters and he seems like he'd do a good job lol.

I hate how I can't see all my tags here in the post screen.