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 Lol, the most retarded download site on the internet has to be Hulkpop.  It reminds me of the super secret rarez clubs for VK back in the day.  They make you jump through all these fucking hoops to get stuff that is, in most cases, already all over the net.  They have their site all dysfunctional, so you can't right-click, or copy-paste and they try to stop your anti-adblock service by presumably paying for an ANTI-anti-adblock service.  Which makes no sense to me bc I just use Tampermonkey for free to get around it lmao.  Now they have some kind of login/pay service for what they think is rarez, but it's usually findable elsewhere if you take some time to search, and if it's K-indie or rap, is more than likely on SPotify anyway.  Then, today, I was snatching the South Club EP and they blocked one of the songs from download like what?  It's not like I can't go somewhere else and get the whole thing.  Idk who runs that place, but they're a bunch of dumb pricks.

In other Kpop news lol.  Wow Lu Han has a new single.  Ok that's not Kpop, but whatever.  I watched Taemin and Junho's new songs last night, also not Kpop, but rather Jpop.  Ahahah, the vids for both were extra af.  I like Taemin's song I think, but I'm not sure about Junho's lol.  LIstening to Nam Taehyun's thing.  HIs voice is so good, seriously, he has a lot of talent.  Too bad he's such a silly emo hipster lmao.  Tbh though, most of the songs on this thing sound about the same, they're really not new or different.  The highlight is 90% his singing.  He tries just about every style and shows off his range besides.

Haven't heard much else about Hyunseung's comeback, though apparently he had an Insta live that I missed bc I don't pay much attention to that lol, but he has black hair whoa.  Feel like he's been blond forever.  Even though I think he works it, black hair is always more attractive to me.  From what I've read though, it's sounding increasingly like it's an album.

What else?  GOT7 is doing the solo thang apparently.  So that probably means they won't comeback as a group until fall.  I'm more interested in Jackson solo since it's gonna be in Chinese than I am about JJ Project or whatever.  I wonder what the rest of the group will be doing lol.  Just randomly saw that Boys Republic is releasing a Japanese album at the end of August.  Le sigh, I guess they just kinda gave up on Korea?  I mean, their Japanese songs have actually been good, but still.
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 The discussion of that tribute album somehow somewhere brought up the subject of Morrie and Ryuichi's so-called "new" voices.  Of course, in this fandom, new means crappy, horrible, hang it up.  I didn't feel like addressing it where I was because sometimes arguing on the internet is truly exhausting and mostly not worth my time.  And frankly, if someone's idea of saying a person's new music/voice is bad includes insulting his wife, I really am not here for that and won't waste my time arguing with that kind of idiocy.

I wonder what happened to all my Nil albums, oddddd.

Anyway, I'm going to address it very briefly because I'm really kinda tired of hearing about it.  I'll start with Morrie.  I do admit that I'm not overly fond of his "new" way of singing, however, I do believe that he's doing it on purpose.  Why because in one of the recent DVD things I have of him, he sang an old DEAD END song and it sounded exactly like the old DEAD END song, not using any of the techniques or stylistic things he does now.  If he can do one, I assume he can do them all.  I have no idea why he sings like he does now, but whatever.  I'm not aboard the "new = crappy" train, never have been.  I could do without the vibrato though.  It's really unnecessary and not particularly good.

Ok, then there's Ryuichi.  This is the one I can't stand for.  If you think this guy is a bad singer, then I'm just sorry, you can basically shut up about all other vocal opinions you may have because they are irrelevant.  He sings opera, he sings record-breaking amounts of songs in one go, he has an amazing voice and technique.  And guess what?  I am not particularly fond of his voice, but I do know how to separate my dislike from actual ability.  Something that no one else in this fandom has ever been able to do.  The rumor is that he did not have coaching early on, but when he did, he was told that the way he was singing was ruining his voice, so he changed it.  Too bad if you guys don't like it, frankly.  Proper singing and proper technique is all that matters in the very end.

You're probably the same people who think Kyo is amazing.