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 Finished Lookout the other night and I have to say, the ending was extremely MEH compared to the rest of the show.  I felt like it was hovering at a 9 and then I dropped it to a 7.  There were two main problems for me with the ending.  Spoilers all over this bitch so be warned.

1.The fact that every single character almost behaved completely irrationally and out of character in order for that evil kid's plot to work.  Just, especially Lee.  Like I don't believe for a second that she would have gone off by herself intending to kill Sooji.  She never displayed any tendency towards that kind of irrational, overly emotional behavior.

2.The end basically left everything hanging.  It's only obvious that Dohan died, but then again, what was that scene with him not wanting to call Kim hyung?  Meanwhile, Sooji, Bomi and Kyungsoo are still doing their vigilante shtick so why didn't any of them go to jail?  What happened to Seungro and his monster kid?  None of that was addressed.  Maybe there's a season 2, Idk, but the ending was barely an ending at all.

Side note, that priest was HOT and I'm mad.

Anyway, so that one's over, just need to make myself finish Suspicious Partner so I can focus on Sparrow.  My sugoi drama phase is kinda fading for now, but I'll probably want to watch the new Lee Jong Suk one at the very least.  But it also doesn't air until September lol.

In Kpop things, I hear that Hui and Edawn are producing a song or songs for that Wanna One group.  I really didn't intend to care about them as I didn't follow that show, but them are my dudes.
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 Finally watched the last episode of Tunnel and ok, so it was a pretty fun ride, but honestly, it really was't THAT amazing.  Not like certain tools on MDL think anyway lol.  First of all, the ending.  They never show whether he catches the killer in the past and it's is everything going to turn out the same?  I mean, presumably it would turn out better because the girl wouldn't end up being adopted and all that and she grows up knowing Sunjae, but on the other hand, how likely is she to get interested in....ok, nevermind I solved my own conundrum.  It's easy enough to assume that the killer gets caught back then and then nothing else really matters.  The future events won't happen and only Kwang Ho will remember that they happened at all.

I GUESS that's fine lol, but Idk, I can't help thinking it would have been better if he'd stayed in the future, present, whatever.  Time travel is so confusing lmao.  But see that's the thing, it honestly didn't factor a whole lot into the plot and that's why it's just a pretty good crime drama with a fantasy twist that allowed for those a-ha moments throughout.  Idk, I rated it good, but there were a lot of things that annoyed me about it ultimately.  I really liked the lead actors though, they were both really good and "bromantic" without being ridiculous.

Anyway, on to Lookout.  Or at least, I will be on to Lookout just as soon as DF puts out the new eps.  They really dropped the ball on bothering to sub Tunnel there at the end.  I watched like the last four episodes on Viki.

I've said before that I honestly don't give a crap about Kpop or Jrock or any other Asian groups getting awards here because I don't care about the American music industry and therefore I don't care about its awards either.  But I was completely unsurprised to see BTS get dragged by American music fans for winning whatever it is they won.  That same thing happened when Psy was at some award show.  People were all, who are these fucking Asians?  Isn't that the most interesting part of it though?  The vitriol is really aimed at Asians specifically.  Because I remember European artists, even ones who could barely speak English being at these shows (back when I gave a crap) and no one gave them shit.  Even Latin artists, same thing.  But Asians, OMG THIS CAN'T HAPPEN.

I see you America.
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 Just watched the first episode so I wanted to write up a few thoughts.

Good things:

- No long drawn out prologue and setup, which is good since the first ep was only 33 minutes

- The villain seems appropriately evil and his Evil Plot is pretty straightforward

- The super culty scene at the start was fun, but it's hard to see what part it will play in the future

Bad things:

- L wasn't in the first episode lol (neither was Kim So Hyun for that matter)

- Honestly, the magical poison recovery and the kid's anger at wearing the mask and the girl in the garden were so contrived

- Everything seemed a bit rushed

I'm wondering if they're all going to be 33 minutes?  The MDL page says 60 and a lot of what happened seemed pretty squashed into only 33 minutes so...

ETA - sounds like they broke the first ep into two parts, maybe so DF could get it out quicker.  Well I guess i'm ok with that for now, I can hopefully watch the second half later tonight lol.  And in fact, checking the DF show page, it looks like that's what they're planning to do.  So instead of 20 one hour eps, there will be 40 half hour eps.
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Finished One More Time over the weekend and overall I'd say I liked it.  The basic plot is that a struggling, in-debt musician breaks up with his long-time girlfriend and his band, and takes a deal from a big entertainment company only to wake up and find himself repeating the same day.  The show jumps around a lot between time periods  and it's kinda confusing if you're not paying attention. There's a truth behind what happens in the first episode, but it's not revealed until like the 6th episode.  Obviously it's a fantasy, or at least, real life with fantasy woven in.  I feel like Asian dramas do this really well bc it's not overly questioned by any of the characters, just accepted as is.

The story kinda goes in three phases.  At first L's character, Tan, tries to make the most of his repeating day by making a bunch of money and hitting on girls.  But then he finds out what happens to his gf at the end of each day and he's focused on saving her.  It turns out later that his gf has a contract with the shinigami who has concocted this whole thing in the first place.  The wrap-up at the end isn't entirely explained, but if you put the pieces together you can pretty easily see how Tan gets out of the loop and the shinigami finishes the contract.

The good thing about this drama is that it was short.  I can easily see it being dragged out with filler and losing its power.  So as much as I wanted it to be longer, I'm glad it wasn't lol.  The soundtrack was also on point and I believe it was L doing his own songs (it sounded like him) and tbh he sounded really good.  I pretty highkey want some kinda solo from him now lol.  His acting was also good in pretty much every aspect.  I don't think he overacted the emotional parts either, which is a sugoi pet peeve of mine in Kdramas especially.  And he was quite funny in the comedic parts.  SOme of his expressions were great lol.

I rated it 'Good' on MDL, just for content I suppose.  But there's really nothing I'd change about it.  I'm definitely looking forward to seeing L in the Master of the Mask coming up in May.
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You: mooses
Me, an intellectual: meese

That has nothing to do with anything really lol, except I started watching L's drama, One More Time on Netflix.  I guess it's a Netflix original like waaaat. I didn't know they were into making Kdrams.  I even signed up for a free trial bc I hate Netflix and super do not intend to pay for it ever again lol.  The drama though, at least the first two episodes I've watched, is gooooood.  L has improved a TON since Shut UP Flower Boy Band.  He actually seems to have a range of normal emotions lol.  Also, he's so fucking attractive, good grief.  I basically JUST noticed that he doesn't have pierced ears.  I mean, I have no problem with earrings on guys at all, in fact it can be super hot depending on what they wear, but it's SO COMMON that it's just not edgy anymore so I somehow now think it's hotter when they don't have pierced ears at all.  Like, they're consciously refusing to be trendy and refusal to be in the herd is ALWAYS super attractive to me lmao.

So anyway, the plot is basically that L has a band (does he lowkey want to be a musician or what?) and he's been toiling in mediocrity for years and debts are piling up and he's super frustrated.  Some idol company scouts him, but they only want him, not the rest of his band (bc they all be ugly amirite).  He finally loses it, breaks up his band, breaks up with his keyboardist girlfriend and then falls in a lake.  He wakes up the next day and it's....the same day.  What follows is basically Groundhog's Day hijinks lmao.  The second episode had me rolling actually, because he starts to take advantage of the whole new day thing.  Like he goes to gamble and folds every time and the guys are like, if you don't want to play, just leave.  And he's all, don't worry, I'll win tomorrow.

Then, later, he's trying to hook up with some chick from the idol company and at first he shows up in a hot ride, but she's all, I only like intellectual men.  So the next (same) day he's reading Spanish and listening to Mozart and at one point tells her, I'll be even more intellectual tomorrow.  I LOST IT LMAO.

His expressions are hilarious and like, he never seems to smile when he's with Infinite, so it's like woah, he CAN smile.  Plus, there's lots of kissing, which is apparently what his "fans" were mad about on Insta.  I don't gettttt that omg.  Have NEVER gotten that.  Like, you will never, so why live in some dumb delusion?  I actually highly enjoy watching my male faves get it on with chicks, as long as they're hot lol.