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 Ok, so I really do believe that Hyunseung's comeback is out there somewhere.  Idk why they're taking so long or why they're not updating anyone, but there's bits and bobs of hints in places, including HS's own Insta.  So I do think it's coming.  I'm just super hoping it's a real full album.  I don't like reading about all these 89-liners getting their draft notices lately.

So I watched a few Exo Ko Ko Bop stages and honestly the choreo is not gripping at all.  But one of the shows had translated lyrics and omo I had no idea they were all fully of sexin like that lol.  I mean, the song definitely has that feel, but there's plenty of Kpop songs that have that feel and then the lyrics are super ambiguous or tame.  It's weird that no one talked about it vs Vixx's Black Out, but I kinda bet that the translation has something to do with it.  Like, it maybe sounds way more explicit to someone who knows Korean vs how it got translated.  Kinda like when people kept translating Agust D as literally going to Hong Kong when that line was slang for being turned on.  The subs by Big Hit were actually accurate vs all the fan translators.

Speaking of BTS though.  I'm always conflicted on them you know bc of how annoying their fans are and plus all these recent fans who obviously just saw them when they appeared on the stupid American awards show.  For the most part I just like Suga bc of what a little shit he is lol.  Well and I love his rapping too.  The one thing I do like I guess is that they seem to make a lot of old KPop fans salty due to their unstoppable popularity.  Old Kpop fans are always annoying me bc they act like their era was better and that the new era needs to have respect for the old.  Yeah, no.  I'm very aware of the old era of Kpop, but I didn't like it.  Even some of the groups I like now that were on the fringe then like 2PM, SHINee, B2ST, etc. I still don't like their oldest albums.  Plus the rapping in all three of those groups is largely awful.  

Tbh aside from all the electro, bassy, dance-oriented stuff now, it's the emphasis on rapping that made me a fan of this newer era.  Apparently that bugs some people.  I've seen threads where people were whining about how there's too much rapping in new groups.

In unrelated crack, today I was thinking WHAT IF, as in plot twist!  What if Hyuna decided not to comeback solo and instead wanted to do more Triple H?  I remember she did that with Trouble Maker one year.  I would actually really love that though.  I've played the heck out of that mini.  And besides, in terms of their sound, Edawn and Hui are my favorites in Pentagon and in Triple H, you get to hear way more of them.  I just thought they meshed really well.  Hui with his strong, soaring voice and Edawn and Hyuna with their really unconventional chipmunk voices lol.  So yus, gimme mo of dat.
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 I've pretty much only listened to Kpop for the last month or more and I might be having a moment of hmmm weariness?  Because I actually just completely stopped paying attention to any other releases and I usually follow Japanese and Chinese releases.  I always severely question when my music listening drops off bc I listen to so much and it's definitely dropped off the last few weeks.  I went through way too many Pentagon listens and then back over to Hyunseung.  Time to pull out Spotify and see what's happening lol.  I already listened to a few new things on there last weekend, a new Tamaki Roy album and Faky.  Also AAA's new single and SKY-HI.  Currently checking out the new I Don't Like Mondays mini.  Reminder that a mini in Japan is usually at least 7 songs lol.

I do think some of my Kpop boredom rn is rage!quit over Hyunseung.  I really don't understand what happened there.  Cube is now giving CLC a comeback and most people expect a Hyuna and BTOB one soon besides.  Hui having private schedules was all over Twitter yesterday, but I bet he's going on KOMS?  It'd be cool if he was featuring on someone's album, like Idk, CLC or Hyunsueng. :|  Probably more likely it's that Produce group or something Idek.

It's just so maddening that they literally said nothing about the comeback after the fanmeetings were canceled and even what HS said on his Insta, he had to delete.