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 There's some Japanese albums out, or that will be coming out, that I'm interested in hearing.  So I pulled up my bookmarks to find my Jmusic dl sites and subsequently found out that they're gone.  I guess I picked the right time to lose interest bc if Japan is going to srsly make it that difficult to listen to their music, then I give up.  IMagine realizing that on the same day that Namie Amuro, JPop queen, announces she's gonna retire next year.

But check out all the ways Japan forcefully LIMITS a foreigner's ability to listen to their music:

- Can't buy anything digitally at iTunes or Amazon without jumping through hoops

- IMporting shit is more or less expensive af depending on the yen conversion

- Limited selection on Spotify and just like the digital dl places, there's a separate Spotify Japan that you can't access

- Now they're apparently cracking down on downloads

Yeah so, honestly, I more or less give up.  There's a few albums I have interest in hearing, which I'll probably either buy or hit up PSCK, which makes me wonder about that service and how legal it is and if it isn't, when will IT be cracked down on.  Those albums are really just Junno, Spyair and UVERworld lol.  I've been going on a deleting spree too for my harddrive music bc I started to realize that I'm probably not going to listen to at least half of it ever again.

Idk if this is the fault of Kpop or if I just got tired over being an OCD hoarder of music that i listen to once and be like YAS and then never touch it again lol.

IN Kpop news though, GOT7 is coming back next month and I'm at once excited and apprehensive.  I still feel like the Jackson thing hasn't revealed its ending yet.  I hope not, but...

I was trying to figure out how EXO shot into my number one group spot, but I think I got it (shawty I got it).  Basically, I went into GOT7 and Pentagon with a clear bias and to this day, I still don't have anyone in either group that is even close to the members I bias.  GOT7 seem fairly close, but Pentagon aren't all that funny together probably bc they're not.  But EXO, I lowkey didn't like, or thought I didn't, so it was all music for awhile.  The only members I knew were Baekhyun, Lay and Kai.  I liked the former two bc of seeing them in shows.  But the more I got sucked in, it was never immediately clear who I stanned the most, and even now though it's Baek, Xiumin and Chen are bias wreckers extraordinaire and ofc I still like Lay and now Chanyeol and Sehun.  I don't exactly hate Kai, but I still sometimes forget Suho and DO exist lol.

I do this though, and especially with a group like EXO that I lowkey hated for some time.  I tried to avoid and insist that they weren't crawling up my bias list (creepin in your heart babe), but it didn't work and now look where I am lmao.
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What's actually really funny about me liking Kpop these days is that when I was in Arama, a long time ago, I was one of the more vocal people calling for no more Kpop in Japan posts. Of course, the mindless stans always accused us of hating Kpop and that's why we didn't want it in there. At the time, I DID hate Kpop, but that's not why I didn't want it in Arama. And guess what? Today, I would be the same way. I would also want it banned from the comm. And pretty much all the groups I like have released something in Japan and I've even liked some of it. But my opinion would remain the same.

See how fucking easy it is to NOT be a hypocrite? Amazing huh. Maybe people don't know what being a hypocrite is. It's not backtracking on a previous opinion or changing your mind. What it is is when you fail to apply the same standards for one thing to another thing. It's like the Kpop fans who went ham on Jackson for having dreads and then staying mysteriously silent when Kai did the same thing. It would be me, now a fan of Kpop, staying silent when other people call for the end of Kpop posts in a Japan-centric comm. It's like when you bring up a religious text to condemn something you don't like, but then ignore that it also condemns things you DO like. I hate hypocrites probably more than anything else on this planet. And I often wonder if these people are just incredibly stupid and unaware of their hypocrisy or what. Bc Idk how you can be aware of something that is such a mental failure and keep doing it.

Anyway, I'm going through PSCK albums and singles today lol. Some three months ago or so I pretty much decided to quit pretending that I care about any other music right now other than Kpop. Like, I'll take listening breaks, but continuing to collect albums and not listen to them seemed like an incredible waste of time and harddrive space so I stopped. I'll probably regret it if my Kpop standom shrinks someday, but I kinda think it won't and well I'll deal with that then lol. For future reference, the singles I liked:

- Blu-BiLLioN — The Awakening of Revolution
- BAND-MAID — Daydreaming
- KinKi Kids — The Red Light
- DaizyStripper — AGAIN
- SHISHAMO — Bye Bye
- Nissy — 17th Kiss

So the Onew thing got more interesting. Now it's the boyfriend who reported Onew and the girl was allegedly dancing ON his table. I rather wonder if the boyfriend or anyone else would have bothered if it wasn't Onew, but some rando. I kinda doubt it. IN fact, the silence from places going ham on it is deafening. The boyfriend doing the reporting rather makes it obvious that it was about money, imo.
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 Since I haven't posted in four days, I'm just here to say that I have no opinion on the Onew scandal lol.  Other than I'd really love someday to be able to go into a scandal and not see either of the following two reactions:

1.Men are trash, he's trash and needs to choke/die/leave

2.He would never!  He's sweet, innocent, flawfree etc. Aka ODMI (oppa didn't mean it)

Just....why are people so predictable?  I feel like the Funouhan guy.  Why are humans so stupid and predictable?  The amazing thing about real life vs these two dumb reactions, is that things are very rarely black and white.  Speeding to the extreme side of an opinion is just plain retarded.  There's always nuance and there's always things we don't know.  For example, we don't know if the girl is telling the truth and we don't know if the witness is telling the truth.  There was apparently no CCTV in the area, but the girl maintains she was molested, and yet, the witness accurately described things going on where there WAS CCTV and thus is credible as well.  Meanwhile, Onew himself doesn't remember anything and that is also plausible considering how drunk he apparently was.

I just keep saying that it goes back to him being that drunk and probably having a drinking problem, i.e. an alcohol addiction.  It's not unreasonable to expect that he should maybe disappear for a bit and get that handled.  I mean, part of taking responsibility for what you do while drunk off your ass is to ensure that it doesn't happen again.  That's really all he can do.

I'm so tired of outrage culture where people flip their shit about everything and yet, if someone stopped and asked them, what exactly do you want this person to do to make reparations for what they did that you're so mad about?  Most of them couldn't answer bc it's not about that.  It's about the gratification they get from being outraged.  It's basically the same thing as virtue signaling.

For example, I'm not going to pretend I'm losing sleep over either him or the girl who are both people I don't know hundreds of miles away in another country.  Since i'm not a SHINee fan I'm not even concerned about what will happen to them lol.  Hypothetically, if I WAS a SHINee fan, but Onew wasn't my bias, I'd be concerned at what it was going to do to their image and/or activity, future releases etc.  Hypothetically if I was an Onew fan, I'd be concerned about him and his drinking.  I'd probably be a bit worried bc addiction isn't funny or a choice you make bc you're a shitty person.  It's a real mental disorder and people who have it need professional help.
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 Yeah so I had a hilariously dumb argument on Twitter last night.  These people who think they're Idk, super woke or whatever are super funny.  Basically dude was like, I weed out people from my life by criticizing them and checking their reactions.  Him (presumably) implying that people who can't take criticism are sociopaths.  Which like, ok, that is one of many signs.  But then I'm like, what happens if the person doesn't CARE about your criticism?  Bc like, there are maybe a scant handful of people in my life whose criticism I actually care about, and they're all family members.

So then, like these ppl are wont to do, he introduces a straw man!  Which was something like, well if I'm criticizing your outfit vs you beating your dog.  This is a straw man bc honestly why would you even be remotely considering having someone in your life who beats their dog?  Then he tried to say it wasn't a blanket statement but a generalization and I'm like, fucking DUDE, that's exactly what a blanket statement is.  I was pretty much done with the convo at that point bc if you don't even know basic meanings for words I can't talk to you lmao.

As an INTJ, I have a variety of subtle tests to fit this purpose.  One of them is me saying grossly exaggerated things designed to provoke an angry emotional reaction.  If you give it to me, I cross you out as someone worth talking too.  If you don't, then I'm like cool, you're not an emotional retard.

The other funny thing was a friend who likes Big Bang seeming kinda salty that I mentioned my liking for catmen, but didn't include BB members?  Like, dude I really know very little about them aside from surface stuff and I further have no desire to find out.  That's kinda how it works when you don't like a group lmao.  That being said, the one I probably hate the least is GD and I've defended him a couple of times over stupid things.  Namely the age gap relationship and that laundry tag thing.  I really am not one of those ppl who, when they don't like someone, immediately hates everything they do.  Or, conversely, if I like someone, I don't immediately support and love everything they do.  Even if it's impossible to be 100% objective, I honestly strive for it.

Lol anyway, in Kpop things.  I'm totally planning to get the War, but looking over their previous release patterns I feel like I should wait for the repackage.  I mean, imagine missing out on Lotto for example.  I'll be mad though if the extra songs are ballads or something though bc that's half why I love that album so much, only one real ballad on it.  A 9 song album with only one ballad, like that is amazing.
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 I have nfi why I keep avoiding restarting Sparrow bc I was honestly really enjoying it, but I ended up starting Bad Guys, a 2014 Kdrama that somehow escaped my notice back then.  But I wasn't quite as into watching airing dramas then, anyway.  So it's kinda unique for a Kdrama in that it's mainly a whole lot of asskicking.  What I think is interesting though, is that it's very violent, but unlike American shows in the same vein, it doesn't show anything.  Knives are censored and so are scenes like the fridge full of body parts, or when the assassin guy stabs this guy's hands to the desk like three times.  But you know what?  It's not necessary.  I've said this for years, but the super explicit violence that fucking Americans are so fond of, is NOT NECESSARY because people's imaginations are pretty strong and can easily fill in what the screen doesn't show or the page doesn't say.  I frankly find this type of writing and filming quite weak.  It's very telling and not showing.  The impact is just as strong without seeing it.  I can easily imagine a fridge full of body parts plenty vividly, at least, as vivid as I want it to be lol.  But having that choice is important.

Yep, I make no secret of the fact that I think East Asian shows and music are superior.  Fight me.

The other thing I feel like going into reams of discussion about is the Ikon controversy.  Obviously I've said many times that I really don't care about the "problematic" things idols do according to over-sensitive ifans and I still don't, but I still find what they did rather tacky and unpleasant.  And also indefensible.  See, that's the thing, even if I don't care about what they do, I also don't defend it if it's genuinely shitty.  Idols crossdressing to do girl group choreo has always rubbed me the wrong way.  And I'm not even a girl group fan, but I just find it unnecessary to mock them by dressing up in stereotypical "girl" costume and doing the choreo as ridiculously as possible.  It's like....are they not real artists?  Are their dances somehow less important or skilled?  Why can't you just do their choreo normally?

But Ikon took it a step further by also including a bunch of harassment kinda stuff, liking lifting skirts and simulating sex and that's just...not funny.  I don't think girls do that when they do boy group dances or even crossdressing.  They COULD.  But they don't.  Predictably, their dumb stans decided to come out and defend it by calling anyone having a problem a "homophobe" which is like....the absolute worst use of an overused not!insult ever.  It's like, yeah, that's not only a reach, but it's being willfully obtuse.  It's quite obvious they were doing what they were doing BECAUSE they were dressed like girls.  Trying to pretend otherwise is dumb af and I seriously question anyone's intelligence or comprehension if they seriously think that.

Lol in other shitty fan things, I finally realized why Baekhyun was getting so much hate on various sites when I was paying attention to him outside of EXO.  He was dating ofc and fangirls got their pathetic hearts broken bc he turned out to 1.not be gay, 2.??  I mean, I honestly don't get this.  What does an idol's dating life have to do with you?  You think they're kids or something?  Guarantee that 98% of them are fucking girls who are not YOU, whether they publicly say they're dating or not.  So get the actual fuck over it.