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 I've pretty much only listened to Kpop for the last month or more and I might be having a moment of hmmm weariness?  Because I actually just completely stopped paying attention to any other releases and I usually follow Japanese and Chinese releases.  I always severely question when my music listening drops off bc I listen to so much and it's definitely dropped off the last few weeks.  I went through way too many Pentagon listens and then back over to Hyunseung.  Time to pull out Spotify and see what's happening lol.  I already listened to a few new things on there last weekend, a new Tamaki Roy album and Faky.  Also AAA's new single and SKY-HI.  Currently checking out the new I Don't Like Mondays mini.  Reminder that a mini in Japan is usually at least 7 songs lol.

I do think some of my Kpop boredom rn is rage!quit over Hyunseung.  I really don't understand what happened there.  Cube is now giving CLC a comeback and most people expect a Hyuna and BTOB one soon besides.  Hui having private schedules was all over Twitter yesterday, but I bet he's going on KOMS?  It'd be cool if he was featuring on someone's album, like Idk, CLC or Hyunsueng. :|  Probably more likely it's that Produce group or something Idek.

It's just so maddening that they literally said nothing about the comeback after the fanmeetings were canceled and even what HS said on his Insta, he had to delete.

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 I'm eight episodes into Tunnel and I didn't exactly mean to get so into it honestly.  Especially since it sounds like there's a long wait for new eps between 12 and 16.  With a cliffhanger to boot.  But unfortunately because it's moved so slowly towards the big picture with a lot of episodic stuff and character development, I just have watch ONE MORE.  LIke how thick is Lt. Kim for example.  I mean, I thought the clues with the other guy were rather obvious, but maybe that guy was just so self-absorbed he wasn't picking up on them at all.  I did not see the reveal of him as the kid in the first episode coming though at ALL.  I was like OH MY GAD.  But it super made sense when it came down.  Both leads, although attractive, have fairly annoying characters.  Gwang Ho is just so unreasonable half the time.  Like why are you mad your wife died in the future?  Aren't you trying to go back to the past anyway?  Besides it's like, she'd be fucking 30 years older than you too.  AND, it's logical to assume that if you make it back, things will be different.  She only died later on bc you weren't there.

That's not the only example of his unreasonableness, but it was the most glaring lol.  Kim is also pretty unreasonable, though in fairness to him, you can't exactly expect him to believe time traveling right off the bat.  Though I still feel like he took it too far in the light of overwhelming evidence that that was the only possibility.  BUt other than that, it's definitely funny at times, the episodes are fairly tense and it's violent without being over the top.  They even censor some of it for some reason lol.

In other media matters for the week, I got caught up on the Thirteen's single releases since their album.  I can't remember if I was into that album or not, but the singles were all really good.  They sound really fresh compared to what Sadie was releasing before their hiatus.  Mao sounds better too somehow lol.  I like to go to PSCK and preview stuff before getting it, but I'm most excited to listen to the new albums by Nana Kitade, Vamps, D'erlanger and some new band called Pelican Fanclub.

In Kpop, I'm looking forward to Twice's mini for some reason Idek.  I'm not a big girl group fan at all, and yet, the Girl's Day mini has been my favorite Kpop comeback this year so far for any group not named GOT7.  I'd add Triple H, but that was more a debut than a comeback.  I guess they're my favorite debut so far anyway lol.

Japan wei

Apr. 14th, 2017 07:33 pm
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 In my PSCK roamings today I ended up listening to FTISLAND's new Japanese album, or at least the first few songs, which were really good.  Wtf they have a huge disco between Japanese and Korean releases.  Idk I've always been biased against some of these "pretty boy" Korean rock bands bc they seem manufactured, like Kpop rock bands or something, but I guess they're not all that bad after all lol, albeit not doing anything super unique compared to the indie bands. ANYWAY, point being, I'm not overly impressed with them or anything, but they seemed enjoyable enough.  So I went to Spotify.  Ok so their Korean albums are available, but their Japanese ones are restricted.  I've encountered this before with other groups and it's like what the hell Japan?  Why are you ACTIVELY trying to limit who listens to your music?  How does this make sense at all?

I guess I sort of understand now fans who complained about Japan's lack of accessibility.  They definitely don't make it easy.  It's not even about knowing the language anymore either, it's about not LIVING there.  You're restricted from buying mp3s on iTunes or even Amazon and now listening to certain stuff on Spotify.  Oh and plus they block stuff on Youtube besides!  It's honestly really fucking stupid and I wish someone would explain to me what exactly they're trying to achieve.  Because I don't understand how more listeners and fans and customers is a bad thing??

Sadly I found a few other new bands on my PSCK adventure.  It's just neverending lol.  I should probably try CNBLUE next since I've already capitulated on FTISLAND.  I was previously into N.FLYING, but I thought I heard they were disbanding and their Japanese releases weren't that great anyway.

ETA - and other than the new Japanese one, FTISLAND's Japanese discography is completely underwhelming lol. In fact, I would even call it generic.  The Korean albums were better, if not exactly groundbreaking.
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 Actually I didn't think I had anything to say here today, but I've started to notice a strange trend in Jmusic and maybe it's bc I haven't been paying attention and it's actually been going on for awhile.  Very possible.  But there's these girl idol groups doing various flavors of indie-sounding rock or electro-rock stuff.  Specifically Maison book girl and Gang Parade.  Like, if I hadn't seen them and Tumblr'd them, I'd have no idea they were idol groups.  But the music is kinda good??  I'm not sure what to think lol.  

And then, it seems like a lot of Japanese boygroups are popping up again all of a sudden.  I'm doing my Idk, bi-weekly scan of PSCK, listening to anything that looks interesting, and I came across SOLIDEMO.  At first I was like, nah, this is boring, but then it wasn't.  I can only assume it's an answer to the Kpop thing since it seems Japan and China both have kinda flushed their "Hallyu Wave" lol.  The differences are stark though.  There's no attempt at much of a hip-hop or dance sound and the emphasis is more on harmony than individual oversinging lol.  It makes the ballads tolerable tbh and even listenable, much wow.  

I guess Myungsoo is in some kinda upcoming movie or drama or something and I saw this pic on Tumblr:

My first thought was, is that a young Stephen Chow?  Then I was like, is there a chicken in that bag?  Ahah, poor L.