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 Well I watched Time Raiders last night and it's rare for me to totally trash a movie, especially if it's not an American movie, but I'mma bout to do that right now bc it was AWFUL.  It's basically the same story as from the drama Lost Tomb with Yang Yang and another guy who can currently act circles around Lu Han.  The plot though, and getting to where they got, was incomprehensible at best.  They explained next to nothing about anything.  The only reason I half-knew what was going on is because I'd already seen the previous Lost Tomb, plus the Mystic Nine so I know all about this tomb raiding thing lol.  Ok so the plot was bad.  Then you have all the fucking Engrish spoken with all the wrong emphasis like they were reading off a sheet.  Not just a few lines for laughs either, it was ALL THROUGHOUT.  Ugh.  Random compliment though lol, Jing Boran's English was actually passable.

Then we have Jing Boran in Yang Yang's role and he was so bad lmao.  He looked as though he was sucking on the most sour candy in the world the entire time and the majority of his acting was a lot of grunting.  See Yang Yang's character was as calm as death with zero emotion most of the time, you could easily feel his "other" status.  The rest of the acting was just as bad, Lu Han looked 12 for the majority of the movie until the end when he had some fuzz and that was pretty hot lol.  But what was his obsession with taking pictures?  The bromance was also terrible, again, it was way better in the Lost Tomb when both characters get the chance to save the other.

I saw people ranking on the CGI, but honestly I don't give two craps about CGI.  If it's good, I'll recognize it, if it's bad and the rest of the movie is good, I might mention it as being funny, but the movie itself is far more important to me than stupid CGI.  It wasn't that bad and it was definitely far less offensive than the rest of the movie, that's for sure.

Finally, they just had to included those nasty bugs from the Lost Tomb lmao, except they were way less creepy and for some unknown reason, Lu Han's character could tame them with a flute.  Him and flutes, lol.

Tl;dr I'd rather plop down and watch the 20 or whatever hours that comprised the Lost Tomb again than get anywhere near that movie.
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What are you currently consuming?

Pretty Man. Yes, even though I have other dramas to finish and anime and all that jazz, I've been wanting to watch this. I'm enjoying it for the most part so far. It reminds of some of the better Taiwanese romcoms I've seen, with the surly main and cute, goofy girl. Also, the guy that just came in is hilarious. I think it's only 16 eps? Hopefully I'll get addicted and finish it lol. Been listening to E.via/Tymee lately and I'd like to hear more actual songs as she has a lot of...chaff so to speak.

What did you recently finish consuming

I finally finished BlazBlue Alter Memory and tbh, it sucked. It started out really cool, but then spiraled down into an incomprehensible mess. I watched the last ep in hopes of some kind of resolution, but nope. Also recently watched At The Gate of the Ghost and Tai Chi Zero. Both were not that great. The first one I didn't think the acting was all that good and the second was just Stephen Fung trying way too hard to be funny, quirky, clever, whatever. It was boring and pointless. Had some good fight scenes I guess though. I also finally got to M.I.A. and Lecca's new albums and I liked both for the most part, but wasn't blown away by either.

What will you consume next?

Will likely continue watching Pretty Man and I see that Minwoo's mini album is out and he is so fucking addictive, so I could see that turning into a binge on his discography lol.