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 Finished Lookout the other night and I have to say, the ending was extremely MEH compared to the rest of the show.  I felt like it was hovering at a 9 and then I dropped it to a 7.  There were two main problems for me with the ending.  Spoilers all over this bitch so be warned.

1.The fact that every single character almost behaved completely irrationally and out of character in order for that evil kid's plot to work.  Just, especially Lee.  Like I don't believe for a second that she would have gone off by herself intending to kill Sooji.  She never displayed any tendency towards that kind of irrational, overly emotional behavior.

2.The end basically left everything hanging.  It's only obvious that Dohan died, but then again, what was that scene with him not wanting to call Kim hyung?  Meanwhile, Sooji, Bomi and Kyungsoo are still doing their vigilante shtick so why didn't any of them go to jail?  What happened to Seungro and his monster kid?  None of that was addressed.  Maybe there's a season 2, Idk, but the ending was barely an ending at all.

Side note, that priest was HOT and I'm mad.

Anyway, so that one's over, just need to make myself finish Suspicious Partner so I can focus on Sparrow.  My sugoi drama phase is kinda fading for now, but I'll probably want to watch the new Lee Jong Suk one at the very least.  But it also doesn't air until September lol.

In Kpop things, I hear that Hui and Edawn are producing a song or songs for that Wanna One group.  I really didn't intend to care about them as I didn't follow that show, but them are my dudes.
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 I really did not mean to start another drama, and yet, at the same time, I felt like I needed something else since 3 out of my 5 dramas are airing and Wu Xin is not really bingeable and neither exactly is Sparrow, though I'll definitely be finishing that because it's honestly really great and Li Yi Feng is smooth.  SO, that said, I just had to start I Hear Your Voice with Lee Jong Suk.  Uggghhhhhh and it's so freaking cracktastic.  It's Healer-levels of cracktastic.  The entire concept is cute.  I love how LJS idolizes the girl and then sort of has his fantasies dashed, but then still kinda sticks with her.  There's also a lot of character growth from episode to episode and no one is exactly a saint or exactly a horrific villain, I say this as I suspect there's more to the evil truck driver's story too. (though whatever it is, it doesn't excuse him being an evil sonnofabitch)

Amg my heart though whenever the gal keeps going for Lawyer Cha and ignoring or treating Suha like a kid.  But then again, he's not doing very much to make moves on her either.  He keeps denying even that he likes her.  Cha annoys me and I fully ship her and Suha.  IN spite of her arrogance and various other faults, I actually like her/the actress.  It's pretty rare that I like the female leads, as in, actually like them and not just tolerate them.  Apparently I'm the complete opposite of everyone else in fandom as I only require the male lead to be cool and not a loser.  I will drop dramas for loser male leads, but Idrc about the female ones, unless they're good then that makes the drama better.

I suppose at least it's a fairly convincing love triangle or whatever.  Half the time in dramas, it's so freaking obvious where it's going.  At least in this one, it makes complete sense that she'd lean towards Cha and not "see" Suha at all due to him being in high school lol.  Still though, the way Omona gets their panties in a bunch over age gaps lmao.  It's srsly ridiculous.  There is NOTHING wrong with age gaps.  NOthing.  Unless we're talking about children, and 17-19 are not children, sorry.

Also, Lee Jong Suk, his smile, I've thought ever since W, has a kinda menacing tinge to it.  I see he's playing a villain in an upcoming movie and I'm kinda excite.