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 The ignorance of a lot of Kpop fans stuns me sometimes lol.  I mean, I see it everywhere, but I've been on YT a lot lately so I have to point out some funny shit I've seen there.  One of my favorite, was this one chick saying that Korean women don't date younger men and if the younger guy calls her noona (literally means sister omg!) than it means he sees her as his sister.  Ahahah FOH.  So when those girls call their bfs oppa that means they see them as their brothers?  That they're fucking?  Looool I'm ded.  Literally watch any Kdrama with a noona romance and you'll see they call her noona.  But that's what's also so dumb, is that the honorific system in Korean and Chinese and to an extent Japanese, is not meant to be taken literally.  That's why oppa/noona means older brother/older sister, but it ALSO is used by younger girls/guys to older guys/girls they're dating.

Then, I was watching one of the Trouble Maker Attention perfs, the one where HS grabs Hyuna's hips from behind a few times and someone commented that Korea was obsessed with anal.  Apparently they don't know about PIV doggy style lol.  Seriously whyyyyy.  I hope these people are like 13 not knowing these things what even.  

Somewhere else, not YT, there was a picture of HS that they thought was showing a boner and I'm like...facepalm, no.  Just...ok, guys above a certain's gonna show if they keep wearing tight pants, it doesn't need to be hard.  Or, conversely, like in the case of a certain VK vocalist, if they're wearing something really loose it will flop around lmao.  Aahahah help seriously how old are these people.  And, um, HS shows a lot, mostly thanks to the tight pants he's always wearing.  Not that I mind exactly, it's hot.  If you got it, flaunt it, le shrug.

In less pervy things...maybe, I listened to Taemin's new Jpop EP last night.  Honestly, it was kinda boring.  Three soppy ballads, a pretty interesting mid-tempo in DOOR and then the way too short Do It Baby.  That one was hot, but again way too short.  See that's half of why I don't like J-releases from Kpop artists.  Sometimes it's their Japanese and it's super distracting, but a lot of times it's just the style they choose for their music. They're trying to get a Jpop sound, but it's like, the most boring uninspired Jpop sound.  A few groups do pull it off though, no doubt.  They're just in the minority.
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 Lol so all that shit that went down about Hyunseung last year when the Knetz went full witchhunt on him in an attempt to get out of B2ST, which obviously worked, but I digress.  I was paying attention to it, but I somehow missed the thing with some girlgroup chick.  Irene, Idek which group, but yeah.  From what I can see, he makes some kind of mouth gesture towards her at the end of some music program and fans freaked out, saying that he was flirting with her??  Like...ok.  Basically, they wanted him to stop breathing.  I'm not sure what my opinion is on it, as in, what he actually did.  It sorta looks like a catcall or whatever, but I think it's also plausible what his fans said, that he was trying to blow confetti out of her hair, because he's actually the kind of weirdo who would seriously do that.

But the commentssssss were such gold.  Like:

- He likes girls too much (that's a sin since when??)

- Why is he trying to flirt with her? (maybe he wanted to tap that? lmao)

Honestly in most of the pics I saw, he's not even really looking at her.  But maybe he is, I don't even know lol.  It's just really funny that the freaking netz were all over him for that of all things.

Stop being such a weirdo, HS.

But actually don't bc I love it.
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 I'm slow, as I said before.  I get easily distracted and addicted to different things.  But I finally watched that Triple H MV that was supposedly so ~controversial~ and had Omona's panties in a tighter wad than usual.  And I have to say, wow have people become whiny babies and pussies these days.  That was the tamest shit I've ever seen.  The second Troublemaker MV was more explicit than that.  I really need to gif Edawn trying to strangle himself and make that my default Omona icon, or maybe default period.  I mean, really.  Are you telling me that you lot have never seen a movie depicting suicide and likely in a far more explicit context?  Because I've seen dramas that do, and movies.  That's all an MV is, is a short movie.  That's all songs are, little stories.  Wow, I would hate to be so uptight as these people.

Along with watching the MV, I watched a bunch of Triple H lives and a deal on Weekly Idol that was pretty hilarious.  I'm disappoint though that Hyuna had to do the Troublemaker bits by herself, I was really hoping at least E'dawn also knew them ahahah.  But I loved that she totally argued with those guys about the choreo.  I was agreeing with her at one point because I watched the heck out of the Troublemaker promotions and I know that choreo by heart.  I was like, she's right, SHE'S RIGHT.  The guys were so bored while she was arguing.  Though, later E'dawn was watching carefully and decided she messed up by her look, saying that would be his look when he messed up.  Then she was finally wrong lmao.

I guess this will be all about Kpop lol.  I'm suddenly super into Pentagon and pretty hype for their comeback.  I've largely been meh on them since they debuted, not that I didn't like them, but freaking ten members boy.  Who has time for that.  I still don't, but Triple H kinda made me pay more attention bc Hui is such a good singer and E'dawn is such an annoying rapper.  Wait, what?  No, srsly, his voice annoys me so much, but I also kinda love it so I don't really know what's going on there.  Those two and Yan An are the only members I really know in Pentagon.  I mean, I know some names, but couldn't connect them with faces.

Saw a bit yesterday saying that Hyunseung was getting his comeback in July, but it's a fucking SINGLE.  Like, what?  UGH.  The way the first article made it sound, it almost sounded like a full album.  But then the next article was like, ONE SONG.   That's so upsetting. HS is so fucking talented and he isn't getting much of a chance.

In other news, I'm the biggest Big Bang anti you will ever meet, though I try not to be super loud about it.  I'm kinda cackling in my corner at TOPPOT's scandal of late lol.  I feel the same way about that as I do Koki getting caught with it.  I have similar dislike of the two actually.  But mainly, you dudes know damn well that shit's hxc illegal in your country so you're a total dumbass for risking it.  Write all the letters you want, still doesn't make it smart.
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 I really did not mean to start another drama, and yet, at the same time, I felt like I needed something else since 3 out of my 5 dramas are airing and Wu Xin is not really bingeable and neither exactly is Sparrow, though I'll definitely be finishing that because it's honestly really great and Li Yi Feng is smooth.  SO, that said, I just had to start I Hear Your Voice with Lee Jong Suk.  Uggghhhhhh and it's so freaking cracktastic.  It's Healer-levels of cracktastic.  The entire concept is cute.  I love how LJS idolizes the girl and then sort of has his fantasies dashed, but then still kinda sticks with her.  There's also a lot of character growth from episode to episode and no one is exactly a saint or exactly a horrific villain, I say this as I suspect there's more to the evil truck driver's story too. (though whatever it is, it doesn't excuse him being an evil sonnofabitch)

Amg my heart though whenever the gal keeps going for Lawyer Cha and ignoring or treating Suha like a kid.  But then again, he's not doing very much to make moves on her either.  He keeps denying even that he likes her.  Cha annoys me and I fully ship her and Suha.  IN spite of her arrogance and various other faults, I actually like her/the actress.  It's pretty rare that I like the female leads, as in, actually like them and not just tolerate them.  Apparently I'm the complete opposite of everyone else in fandom as I only require the male lead to be cool and not a loser.  I will drop dramas for loser male leads, but Idrc about the female ones, unless they're good then that makes the drama better.

I suppose at least it's a fairly convincing love triangle or whatever.  Half the time in dramas, it's so freaking obvious where it's going.  At least in this one, it makes complete sense that she'd lean towards Cha and not "see" Suha at all due to him being in high school lol.  Still though, the way Omona gets their panties in a bunch over age gaps lmao.  It's srsly ridiculous.  There is NOTHING wrong with age gaps.  NOthing.  Unless we're talking about children, and 17-19 are not children, sorry.

Also, Lee Jong Suk, his smile, I've thought ever since W, has a kinda menacing tinge to it.  I see he's playing a villain in an upcoming movie and I'm kinda excite.
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 I really like them lol.  Their new mini is so good and their previous mini was also good.  Plus they're all attractive and their voices mesh surprisingly well compared to a lot of groups.  The main rapper has a nice low voice too.  I wouldn't say their music is amazingly original, but Hello Hello is a good start.  Idk, I'm pretty obsessed all of a sudden lol.

But mostly I'm here to bitch about dramas like usual.  So Master of the Mask is still really annoying.  The emotions in this show are SO freaking overwrought that they really have no effect anymore.  I just think this is the most heavy-handed saegeuk I've ever watched.  And L's character is so completely useless that it also bugs me.  AND I can't stand the super ~this is fate~ scenes between the CP and Sohyun's character.  At this point, the only reason I'm still watching is that I do kinda want to see how Dae Mok gets taken down.  But so many things annoy me about it right now.

Now for Lookout.  A discussion ~somewhere~ tells me that a lot of people watching this don't get at all where it's going and that has me lol'ing.  Tbf, there are a lot of confusing elements about it, but I feel like I've sussed most of them out.  The cliffhanger at the end of ep.4 was straight rude though.

Suspicious Partner is still really good, though I was rme big time at the rain scene in one of the latest episodes.  It's just like, is that realistic?  No, no it's not, stop.  I'm amused that certain people are having such strong negative reactions to it though.  Like, it's a bit weird compared to similar dramas I suppose.  Who expects a romcom to be paired with  a particularly nasty serial murderer, but still.  His latest hit though, like what was that Bible verse all about?  I definitely want to know what's up with this dude.  JCW is still great and so his is friend, though I've been thinking lately that he has a sort of creepy vibe and I heard he plays a bad guy in one of his previous roles so I might have to check that out.

Lol apparently that drama is the Missing 9 and people really hated it?  Idk, I've found some great stuff based on the rest of the fandom's hate so maybe I'll try it. |D