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 Finished Bride of Habaek finally.  I think this is what we call a fairly cliche plot that was mostly executed well.  A lot of the really dramatic bits mostly fizzled out and there was no real "bad guy" or showdown or anything like that.  Very romance manga-ish lol.  I ended up mostly liking all the characters though, even bird brain.  Also, even though Nam Joo Hyuk is for sure a questionable actor, I think he embodied his character really well.  That is, I got the feeling that Habaek was a really naive and immature god and so his cute confused looks half the time I think really fit.  Even him being overly aggressive at times felt right.  Like, here is a guy who has no idea how to act around people lol.  Maybe his questionable acting just made him fall into that Idek, but either way it worked for the role.

Tried to catch up on the King Loves but it's still not gripping me very much.  As I said previously, just really freaking convoluted and someone's always randomly getting kidnapped and plotting and it's just ugh...  All I know is that I really like Hong Jonghyun and Yoona to a certain extent.

I finally got into OneHallyu lol.  The "who's gay" threads are farking hilarious.  If you believed these loonies, everyone in Kpop minus 1 or 2 per group are gay, even the girls!  As someone posted: when will these ppl admit that they're disgusting yaoi/yuri fetishists lol.  What's even more hilarious is all the "evidence" they use and are super serious how they post too so you can tell they actually fucking believe it.  I think the funniest bit that I saw was this: 

Like tell me that isn't the biggest DUH ever.  Do you think that person will learn from it though?  Probably not.  It's also proof that they really are taking it seriously.  I've never really been in a non-Asian fandom so I can't say if the people in other fandoms are this freaking crazy.  They might be though bc I remember reading some stuff about the LOTR movies and Harry Potter that was pretty nuts.  Idk, scary that there's so many lunatics out there tbh.

What else?  I'm not sure if I'm an EXO or CBX fan tbh.  Probably the latter.  It's weird bc obviously CBX is IN EXO lol.  But I mean, with Exo, you figure, I only like the entire War album.  Half of Lotto and the other one are trash.  Otoh, I love all the CBX songs.  Even the Japanese ones and I'm sugoi hard on Kpop in Japan.  I also don't really care about any other Exo members other than CBX.  Except maybe Lay, but honestly, I still think he'll leave.  I came across this thing from a former SM trainee, who was American, and he basically said Tao and Lay would leave.  Obviously Tao did, but I mean...Lay not being in the War and such, I just lowkey bet that they'll sort of slowly cut him out and he'll just be in the China market releasing solos and acting.

So yeah I'm pretty sure it's CBX I stan lol, it's just EXO gets dragged along for the ride Idek.
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 I keep seeing stuff saying that the King Loves isn't meeting ratings and expectations and all that and honestly, I'm not surprised.  It's convoluted and annoying.  Meanwhile, I've been putting off watching the last episode of Bride for who knows what reason.  I do this with dramas I like Idek lol.  I'll still probably finish the King Loves...probably.  I think I'm more than halfway through, but still, it could get worse lol.

Finally was able to get to a screen on One Hallyu to send my validation email.  Istg I've been trying to get into that comm for months now.  It's the only ifan hangout that has fairly sharp people who don't subscribe to the SJW hypocrisy.  I'm constantly amazed, though I shouldn't be, how freaking arrogant these people are.  With the Wanna One guy thing, they're now basically saying that Westerners and English takes priority over Korean.  Like, Koreans can't use their language in a certain way bc it triggers Westerners.  Like...what is this actual Western-centric arrogant hypocrisy here?    They're basically saying that Kpop idols should learn Western culture and proper English before being allowed to debut.  Honestly, fuck ifans.  Most of them don't even buy stuff so they're a small slice of Kpoppers incomes anyway.  They get way more from Asian countries outside of Korea vs Westerners.  But isn't it just typical that these people would do the absolute least but demand to be completely catered to?  

It's no wonder people stereotype "stupid Americans" around the world.  Acting like they and English are the top priority compared to anyone else.

Other fun things I found on ONeHallyu, apparently as a trainee Mark got in some argument with Hui that somehow also involved BAP's Youngjae and a Day6 guy translating lmao.  How the heck Mark.  Hui seems so easygoing too like hoooww lol.

I finally got into watching some Exo non-music stuff...well CBX anyway lol.  A few interviews basically.  I love the radio shows anyway bc the hosts are always so funny.  Them trying to explain the "hey mama" thing was amusing.  They oddly didn't seem to know?  It's basically old American slang and someone involved in the concept clearly knew bc the MV was all retro.  I also realized that Baekhyun doesn't have his ears pierced.  I find that super attractive just bc it stands out since most Kpop guys do have their ears pierced.  

Baekhyun is just such a music nerd lol.  And he has the sliest smile.  That tells me everything I need to know about him tbh.
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 Ok, as much as I like the War and half of the previous two albums, tbqh, I like CBX more.  I could do without the rest of the group, just give me those three lol.  Chen looks like an old-timey actor for some reason, Idek why I like Xiumin and Baekhyun....ahahah.  I can just tell he's a brat.  Or kind of a jerk, depending on which way you want to look at it.  He is exactly right my type lol.

I've been alternately obsessed with Hey Mama and Ka-Ching.  The thing is, even in the regular EXO songs, Chen and Baek get most of the lines most of the time.  The rest are so largely forgettable lol.  The Hey Mama mini is so quality.  Parts of Girls isn't bad, but I just cannot get completely behind Japanese releases most of the time. Unless it's all I got, like with Junho lol.  I still preferred his One album though.

Heh, so my journey to avoid avoiding Sparrow got EVEN MORE derailed last night when I discovered that Taec's new drama was airing.  It's this thing about a cult and I'm waiting for it to skip time bc dude, Taec cannot pass for a high schooler anymore ok.  The cult leader is the smarmy dude from the K2 and that's just a totally perfect casting choice tbh.

New Bride of Habaek episode last night as well and I was totally waiting for Nam Joo Hyuk to get his unfortunate angry facial tic when he caught the demigod dude on top of his woman, but amazingly he didn't. Progress!  Him and Ji Soo need to hurry up and get better at acting bc wtf all my faves are going to the military lately.  I've been angsting over Ji Chang Wook for months and then it was announced that Lee Jong Suk is going too and I was like, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  But it got worse.  Lee Soo Hyuk is ALSO going.  All my creys.  

That leaves me with Hong Jonghyun, L and Junho lol.  NO seriously, those three were my faves. D:

I'm also getting increasingly worried that Hyunseung is going to get his sooner rather than later and then I will really cry.  Especially since he hasn't had a proper comeback yet.  If he'd had that, I could handle it.  Maybe.

This is an un-cranky entry, so I need to add a bit of crank.  I find it REALLY annoying, as in it's turning into a pet peeve, when people insist on using real names instead of stage names.  Like, whY?  They clearly gave themselves stage names for a reason, Idk why you have to insist on using their real names like you're patting yourself on the back for knowing them or something, especially when they're common knowledge.  Is it the American need for things to be "real" or what?  Like it seriously bugs me.
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 I have nfi why I keep avoiding restarting Sparrow bc I was honestly really enjoying it, but I ended up starting Bad Guys, a 2014 Kdrama that somehow escaped my notice back then.  But I wasn't quite as into watching airing dramas then, anyway.  So it's kinda unique for a Kdrama in that it's mainly a whole lot of asskicking.  What I think is interesting though, is that it's very violent, but unlike American shows in the same vein, it doesn't show anything.  Knives are censored and so are scenes like the fridge full of body parts, or when the assassin guy stabs this guy's hands to the desk like three times.  But you know what?  It's not necessary.  I've said this for years, but the super explicit violence that fucking Americans are so fond of, is NOT NECESSARY because people's imaginations are pretty strong and can easily fill in what the screen doesn't show or the page doesn't say.  I frankly find this type of writing and filming quite weak.  It's very telling and not showing.  The impact is just as strong without seeing it.  I can easily imagine a fridge full of body parts plenty vividly, at least, as vivid as I want it to be lol.  But having that choice is important.

Yep, I make no secret of the fact that I think East Asian shows and music are superior.  Fight me.

The other thing I feel like going into reams of discussion about is the Ikon controversy.  Obviously I've said many times that I really don't care about the "problematic" things idols do according to over-sensitive ifans and I still don't, but I still find what they did rather tacky and unpleasant.  And also indefensible.  See, that's the thing, even if I don't care about what they do, I also don't defend it if it's genuinely shitty.  Idols crossdressing to do girl group choreo has always rubbed me the wrong way.  And I'm not even a girl group fan, but I just find it unnecessary to mock them by dressing up in stereotypical "girl" costume and doing the choreo as ridiculously as possible.  It's like....are they not real artists?  Are their dances somehow less important or skilled?  Why can't you just do their choreo normally?

But Ikon took it a step further by also including a bunch of harassment kinda stuff, liking lifting skirts and simulating sex and that's just...not funny.  I don't think girls do that when they do boy group dances or even crossdressing.  They COULD.  But they don't.  Predictably, their dumb stans decided to come out and defend it by calling anyone having a problem a "homophobe" which is like....the absolute worst use of an overused not!insult ever.  It's like, yeah, that's not only a reach, but it's being willfully obtuse.  It's quite obvious they were doing what they were doing BECAUSE they were dressed like girls.  Trying to pretend otherwise is dumb af and I seriously question anyone's intelligence or comprehension if they seriously think that.

Lol in other shitty fan things, I finally realized why Baekhyun was getting so much hate on various sites when I was paying attention to him outside of EXO.  He was dating ofc and fangirls got their pathetic hearts broken bc he turned out to 1.not be gay, 2.??  I mean, I honestly don't get this.  What does an idol's dating life have to do with you?  You think they're kids or something?  Guarantee that 98% of them are fucking girls who are not YOU, whether they publicly say they're dating or not.  So get the actual fuck over it.

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 So the King Loves finally got interesting, even though the Crown Prince bugs the heck out of me, I love Yoona and Jonghyun, but this last episode I watched, major cringe at the writer.  The stupid villain guys go to prove that Yoona is San, i.e. the noblewoman by bringing a letter to the servant who has been disguised as her.  Predictably, the servant shows that she can't read the letter yada yada, cue smirking villain.  But srsly dudes?  It's been SEVEN YEARS and you're gonna tell me that the servant, who is supposed to be permanently pretending to be the noblewoman, hasn't been taught TO READ?  REALLY??  Like, how would you miss such an obvious thing.  Those are the kind of failures of logic for the sake of plot that I just CANNOT with as a writer.  I mean, I'm just imagining them being all, oh dang, I can't believe we got found out.  If only we'd taught that chick to read in the last seven years. I knew I forgot something!

Le please.

The only other thing I got is lol so much @ that "who do you think is gay hurhur" thread at One Hallyu.  Like, here are some people desperately in need of lives.  I was reading a few pages and was cackling when the actual gay guy came in and was all, I can't believe you all are taking this stuff seriously when it's based on fanservice, cultural differences and mistranslations.  Like, mte dude.  There's so much wrong with this entire thing.  First of all, why are they so invested in the idea that half of Kpop is gay?  Nevermind the complete unlikelihood of that being the case.  And secondly, to think you can actually prove it based on what you see on camera is fucking dumber than hell.  Think of the boygroups in the US and what, like two or three eventually came out as gay?  There's no 10% dudes, it's like 2%, so that would be roughly one guy out of 10 boygroups assuming 7 members each. MAYBE.  The real problem with US fans is how they look at everything through a US lens.  As someone pointed out in, Omona believe it or not, the reason there's such a huge cultural difference with Asian men showing affection to each other is because the issue of homosexuality is not prominent. Like, it's a fringe thing.  Whereas here, especially in fandom, people are hyperaware of anything being even slightly gay. Like, omo they stood next to each other, maybe their shirts were touching!  Gay!

Srsly, stop. Y'all look dumb. That's how you end up with GOT7 and their annoyance with shippers.

Oh wait, I have one more thing lol.  Apparently Yoseob posted an Insta pic that was very obviously taken in the exact same place that Hyunseung took his apology letter pic.  But he deleted it right away so who knows if HS even saw it.  And that's my question really, is why did he delete it?  I saw someone make a good point though that HS was not apologizing to his trash haters or entitled fans, he was quite obviously apologizing to Beast and for whatever reason, felt the need to do it publicly.  So really, all those people need to shut up with their "finally" or "too late" nonsense bc he wasn't doing it for you.  Go back to your trashbin.