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 Finished Lookout the other night and I have to say, the ending was extremely MEH compared to the rest of the show.  I felt like it was hovering at a 9 and then I dropped it to a 7.  There were two main problems for me with the ending.  Spoilers all over this bitch so be warned.

1.The fact that every single character almost behaved completely irrationally and out of character in order for that evil kid's plot to work.  Just, especially Lee.  Like I don't believe for a second that she would have gone off by herself intending to kill Sooji.  She never displayed any tendency towards that kind of irrational, overly emotional behavior.

2.The end basically left everything hanging.  It's only obvious that Dohan died, but then again, what was that scene with him not wanting to call Kim hyung?  Meanwhile, Sooji, Bomi and Kyungsoo are still doing their vigilante shtick so why didn't any of them go to jail?  What happened to Seungro and his monster kid?  None of that was addressed.  Maybe there's a season 2, Idk, but the ending was barely an ending at all.

Side note, that priest was HOT and I'm mad.

Anyway, so that one's over, just need to make myself finish Suspicious Partner so I can focus on Sparrow.  My sugoi drama phase is kinda fading for now, but I'll probably want to watch the new Lee Jong Suk one at the very least.  But it also doesn't air until September lol.

In Kpop things, I hear that Hui and Edawn are producing a song or songs for that Wanna One group.  I really didn't intend to care about them as I didn't follow that show, but them are my dudes.
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 Never really thought I'd end up a de facto Cube stan, but I like all their main artists and two out of three of my top artists period are Pentagon and Hyunseung.  I have to admit too, their photobooks are truly quality.  All the Pentagon albums plus the Hyunseung album, the book itself was great, but also the pictures are really nicely done.  They also don't look overly photoshopped or whatever.  Which, hahah, is kinda born out by when Hyuna was talking about how the Triple H photobooks weren't photoshopped excepted for Edawn's happy trail lol.  But ahem, yeah.  That exchange was so funny though.  Edawn always gives no fucks.  On one hand he was like, why are we talking about this, but then on the other, he's explaining how he shaved it but they still had to edit it lmao.

Happy trails are  hot, no need to be embarrassed boy.

Still a bit mad at Hyunseung's fan thing getting canceled, but apparently he made a now-deleted comment on his Insta that the cancellation didn't have anything to do with personal issues or something between him and Cube, and not to worry, so I guess that's some consolation.  It's still Cube's fault though, afaic.  Since setting up the thing was their job, fucking it up is still their fault.  Most places I've read though seem to think that it's an album he'll be releasing in July.  I really hope so bc this is probably his last chance to do something before having to go into the military.

Haven't posted about my drama watching lately.  Mostly bc I've kinda laid off a bit.  I'm honestly only legitimately enjoying Lookout.  I dropped Master of the Mask and Suspicious Partner has gotten rather tedious too, though there was a bit of a twist in this last batch of episodes so maybe it will perk up next week.  I'm crushing so hard on Choi Taejoon over JCW lol and that's unexpected af bc I love JCW.

Saw some more dumb drama about fans, most likely ifans bc it's always ifans, being mad about JB making comments that he doesn't like guys in "that way" lol and I'm just like, if y'all shippers weren't so disgusting, he wouldn't feel like he has to clarify things like that.  GOT7 has repeatedly said they don't care for that nonsense.  I'm sure MOST male idols think it's nasty, just GOT7 obviously has the balls to say it publicly.  That's why I love them. :)

Try my luck

Jun. 9th, 2017 02:07 pm
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Tbh, I'm really surprised at how many Yesung plays I have. I'm a well-known ballad hater and that's literally all he does for his solo. Furthermore, I don't like Super Junior. It's definitely one of my tastes that I can't explain lol.

So Pentagon - Ceremony on June 12th at noon KST and NCT 127 - Cherry Bomb on June 14th at 6pm KST. I only recently discovered that Infinite's comeback never happened bc Sungkyu got injured. Idk how I missed that. There seems to be all this baited breath about them staying together, but it sounds like they're talking to Woollim about renewing their contract. Hah, I've been paying too much attention to Kpop lately though bc I was all confused when everything came out for Junho's new album to be released at the end of July. I was like, what, all at once? What is this? But oh yeah, it's Japanese and they don't do all that nonsense lmao.

Supposedly Jinwoon is supposed to release something this month too and I saw another article about HS and that one made it sound like there is a mini or full album in the works but the July track is a prerelease? Idk, I hope they're right, but I won't bank on it. Lately I haven't been paying much attention to any releases outside of Kpop. It's gotten that bad.

I'm reaching high boredom levels with both Suspicious Partner and RMOM. The romance in both is contrived and neither one is moving fast enough. Why can't you be like Lookout and leave me in suspense at the end of every episode? Not to mention all the action and plotting. I'll probably start another backdrama soon. Considering Voice or Missing Nine, bc I'm really in love with JCW's friend's face.

I said this already, but I'm officially paying a lot more attention to Pentagon from now on lol.

As great as this fancam is though, it doesn't fully show the true highlight of Edawn's part ahahah.
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 Still watching Sparrow and my gosh is that Bicheng chick annoying.  She is such a flower vase.  Does absolutely nothing but pine over Chen Shen.  Even the actress chick is more tolerable than her.  Lol, Li Yi Feng is so hot in this though.  Like, this is a character I would write.  His face when he's listening to the actress girl's fake tears was straight hilarious.  He was all, wtf is this shit.  In other drama crap, I'm so tired of the romance in RMOM.  It's incredibly contrived and soppy.  You really expect me to believe they fell in love at first sight over some fireflies? Pleaaaase.  So annoying.  I'm lowkey mad that I'm still watching it tbh.

Lookout however, remains flawfree.  DF actually got the new eps out early today so I watched both right away.  I was so stressed when I thought Kyungsu was gonna get caught lol.  Damn that priest dude has a deep voice.  I haven't caught onto what his role is yet, but he's obviously helping Dohan in some capacity.

Meanwhile, in ridiculous Kpop that an UP10TION member had to take a break due to stress stemming from...get this, bullying over fake sex assault claims.  So not only is there a bunch of nonsense sex assault claims over there, but now freaking netizens can just accuse a guy of it and it sticks.  Like, what even.  I'm srsly sick of that even being a thing and everyone jumping to take the girl's side all the time, when more often than not it turns out to be fake, but CERTAIN sites don't even report the fakery.  No one stops to think for a second how the guy might be affected by having his name dragged through the mud. People are trash.

Then that whole TOP thing escalated quickly.  Apparently he overdosed.  I'm curious as to why they're all lying about it though.  The description of him being in a deep sleep is a total benzo overdose symptom so Idk why they're trying to spin it as something else.  It's unfortunate, but benzos are addictive and he should consider getting professional help.

Was watching all the Triple H bts stuff last night and whoaaaa Edawn is ripped lol.  He seems like such a weirdo too, but then he's all ripped.  Idk how to feel about that tbh.  Hui is totally not my type, but I still think he's cute.  Hyuna looks so good with the natural shade of red hair.

In completely unrelated commentary, it unreasonably bugs me when people refuse to use stage names.  Like, do you feel somehow cooler that you know their real names or are referring to them by their real names?  Idk, the whole fans always trying to be close to celebs in some way is weird to me.
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 My gosh I love Lookout, but what I do not love is how alksjdflajksldfj SLOW DramaFever is being at subbing it.  Like, is it just not popular or what?  If that's the case, then people have no taste damn.  The two new eps of Suspicious Partner were out right away yesterday, but the freaking newest Lookout ones that would have aired Tuesday, didn't come out until today.  Freaking annoying I tell you what.  I'm also completely amazed that ppl are just now picking up on who the leader of the little justice cabal is.  Like what? Jinjja?  I figured that out in the first three episodes.  Y'all even slower than the DF subbers lol.

Favorite characters are Kim Young Kwang, then Key, then the hacker girl and then the former detective.  The latter is actually rather annoying.  She's just too freaking emotional.  I kinda liked her at first, but it's gone down since then since she's displayed some dumbness, or a lot of dumbness.  I just can't like overly emotional characters that make a bunch of dumb decisions all the time.  She even lost her freaking gun at the very start of a fight.  Don't even carry one then damn.  Either way, I can't wait for that fat prosecutor and his kid-killing son to bite it.  Waiting for new eps of this show is actually so stressful.

Meanwhile, I'm four episodes from finishing I Hear Your Voice.  I was sugoi addicted to it until I got to episode 14 and then I started not wanting it to end ahahah.  All the twists have been great and actually, the love triangle was real.  MOst dramas make it extremely obvious who's gonna win out and this one wasn't.  Even though I was rooting for Suha, I had doubts more than once that she was ever going to see him.  They're dragging the last twist about Suha's dad and the evil truck driver out right to the final moments though, I can tell.

Suspicious Partner, Idk if that last ep was a false narrative or what, but now I'm so full of doubts on that guy they just released vs the creepy CSI guy.  I'm basically watching all law and order shows right now.  I guess it's easy to see where my preferences are lol.