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 I'm eight episodes into Tunnel and I didn't exactly mean to get so into it honestly.  Especially since it sounds like there's a long wait for new eps between 12 and 16.  With a cliffhanger to boot.  But unfortunately because it's moved so slowly towards the big picture with a lot of episodic stuff and character development, I just have watch ONE MORE.  LIke how thick is Lt. Kim for example.  I mean, I thought the clues with the other guy were rather obvious, but maybe that guy was just so self-absorbed he wasn't picking up on them at all.  I did not see the reveal of him as the kid in the first episode coming though at ALL.  I was like OH MY GAD.  But it super made sense when it came down.  Both leads, although attractive, have fairly annoying characters.  Gwang Ho is just so unreasonable half the time.  Like why are you mad your wife died in the future?  Aren't you trying to go back to the past anyway?  Besides it's like, she'd be fucking 30 years older than you too.  AND, it's logical to assume that if you make it back, things will be different.  She only died later on bc you weren't there.

That's not the only example of his unreasonableness, but it was the most glaring lol.  Kim is also pretty unreasonable, though in fairness to him, you can't exactly expect him to believe time traveling right off the bat.  Though I still feel like he took it too far in the light of overwhelming evidence that that was the only possibility.  BUt other than that, it's definitely funny at times, the episodes are fairly tense and it's violent without being over the top.  They even censor some of it for some reason lol.

In other media matters for the week, I got caught up on the Thirteen's single releases since their album.  I can't remember if I was into that album or not, but the singles were all really good.  They sound really fresh compared to what Sadie was releasing before their hiatus.  Mao sounds better too somehow lol.  I like to go to PSCK and preview stuff before getting it, but I'm most excited to listen to the new albums by Nana Kitade, Vamps, D'erlanger and some new band called Pelican Fanclub.

In Kpop, I'm looking forward to Twice's mini for some reason Idek.  I'm not a big girl group fan at all, and yet, the Girl's Day mini has been my favorite Kpop comeback this year so far for any group not named GOT7.  I'd add Triple H, but that was more a debut than a comeback.  I guess they're my favorite debut so far anyway lol.
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Got into Soft Lipa via a recommendation. Odd because it's one of those situations where I'd heard of him before, but never bothered because I assumed something, which I'm not entirely sure what that was lol. Anyway, his stuff is very like the prevailing sound in Japanese rap. Sort of mellow, flow-y rapping over jazz beats or full on jazz in his case. I compare him most closely to Shing02, whom I really love, so it's a good comparison lol. I don't understand why there isn't more Chinese rap tbqh. I essentially know of MC Hotdog, Soft Lipa and newly, MISS KO. Will Pan only kinda counts because, while he does rap, he's a bit of an idol.

I didn't just get into TOTALFAT, but I was checking some of their back catalog after listening to their new one, which apparently I was too lazy to do before. And well, they can keep it. I understand they started out as a NOFX cover band and I believe it. I didn't like the late 90s/early 00s emo pop punk back then and I don't like it now in Japanese lol. Basically everything after Damn Hero is good, most everything before, not so much. They expanded their sound after that and the structure of their compositions is not the generic pop-punk ones, at least not straight through. A few songs I don't mind, but like, twelve of those all in a row? No thank you.

I also had a bit of a Thai music binge thing a few days back. Ran across THAITANIUM again, apparently, according to my old Last FM profile. I didn't like them then, but I hadn't rediscovered my liking for rap yet most likely. They remind me of Cypress Hill, which is a good thing, because that is my all-time favorite Western rap group. I wish they'd rap in Thai more, but based on the one album I heard, I think I'll like their other stuff, we'll see.

Also, all these various rock groups like Sixty Miles, Ten To Twelve, Dr.Fuu and I guess Mild ไมล์ด, though they are a bit more of an R&B flavored group.  Tried a girl-fronted band called Am Fine, but they were intensely boring.  Just, mellow altish rock with no variation.  Didn't find her voice very interesting either.

Finally, there's Kenichi Asai, former frontman of Blankey Jet City.  Not sure what took me so long to check out his stuff, but it's pretty awesome.  His voice is really toned down compared to how he sang with BJC and the music, while maybe not as inventive, is still solid rock.  Great stuff, in other words.

I wonder how many tags are allowed on this thing, how carried away should I get here?  Lol.
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 I don't really pay attention to where Jrock/VK fans hang out anymore.  Seems like there's quite a few on Tumblr now, though that medium is really hard when you're trying to find specific tags for example and some of these guys have the same names and plus, anime names are inevitably included.  But I do really find the Tanuki blog fascinating and kind of awesome.  Back when I was heavily into this stuff, people and their ships man.  Which is bad and annoying enough, but the thing is, they seemed to really believe that about 90% of Jrockers were gay and screwing their bandmates.  It's fairly hilarious to me now to see that exactly the opposite is true.  Not that I really ever doubted this, but try to explaining it to these nutters.

The best part is the ones that people were convinced were like "part-gay" are the straightest of them all.  What I tried to explain to people back then, that nobody got, is that their own biases and stereotypes were playing into their assumptions.  Basically, most Western cultures have this idea that effeminate, from OUR prospective, equals gay.  From 7-8 years ago, I don't really see this going away.  And that was the reason these fangirls were using to insist that various Jrockers, lbr VK guys, were gay.

One of the best entries on that Tumblr so far was the anon that was all, so people don't think Hyde is even a little bit gay?  The Tanuki translator said nope, it's not even a rumor, and it's also well-known that he sleeps around with other chicks a LOT.  I freaking said this for YEARS lol.  I even had some stuff from this Japanese friend I had at the time that was basically saying that he wasn't living with his wife and everyone knew that he was a total womanizer.  That lack of judgment on my part led to me eventually moving my blog because the fandom was MAD and I got tired of defending that shit.  LIke, omg, I'm so sorry Hyde is not your gay twink having affairs with Gackt and/or Tetsu.  Seriously, it was ridiculous.

The second best part of that blog is the disturbing fact that Tetsu has a well-known lollicon.  Hilarious, if kinda eewww, because I also knew several stans who were completely CONVINCED that he was gayer than anything.  Again, never thought he was gay, but always thought there was something a little off about him.  The lollicon explains that in spades.

Basically, I love this blog because it's showing these people that not only are their fantasies just that, but they are not even REMOTELY true.  I wish I could take it back in time lol.