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Jul. 2nd, 2018 01:02 pm
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 Doesn't look like this thing has a sticky options, so back to the old future-dated thing lmao.  This site is dead, but JUST IN CASE.  Here's the tl;dr version of my blog:

- not friends-only

- not personal

- mostly obsessed with Kpop

- loads of unpopular opinions

- problematic af

- tendency to really hate fandom

- sometimes posts about other random junk (I like a lot of stuff)

Kpop Biases

- GOT7

- Pentagon

- Hyunseung

- Junho


- Other faves include Taemin, BAP, VIXX, 2PM, INFINITE, BTOB, Boys Republic

- Doesn't exactly hate BTS

You don't have to ask my permission to follow or however this thing works.  If you also post about Kpop obsessively, let me know and I'll probably want to follow you around like a creep too.
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 Found Lu Han's new single on SPotify last night, but even better was seeing that they finally changed his name to Chinese.  Now I can listen freely without doing a private session and then Uniscrobbling them later lol.  He's gotta be so smug, getting out of that SM crapfest and he's a really good singer too, even if some of his songs are a bit...strange lol.

I was lurking some forum awhile back and people were discussing something about Kpop and I did see a few people bring up that it's a fairly widely held opinion that KPop changed after 2008 to become less cheesy and generic, which I heartily agree with because I highkey hated what I heard back then and didn't understand at all why so many of my friends were into it.  Of course, I'd push 2008 forward to like 2010 and maybe even closer to 2012.  HOnestly, there's very little pre-2012 that I like, much less before 2010.  There are some groups I like that started around 2010, but for example, Teen Top, their first few releases were pretty bad.  Same with 2PM and I don't go all the way back with SHINee either.  My friends were not good at rec'ing me stuff from the earlier times and thus I really didn't start paying any attention until 2012.  I've thought about it though, and if someone wanted to rec me something back in 2010, the group should have been Infinite.  I would have fallen right then and there, I guarantee it.

You thought I was gonna start gushing about The Chaser right? Ahahah, no, Bad is my favorite song from them.  They have so many good songs in general though.  STICKY songs too.  There's nothing I hate from them. 

Btw...since I keep posting, for anyone lurking, I have no friending or commenting policy lol.  Feel free to do either whenever.  I know a lot of people have locked journals on here, but I don't honestly care.  Just writing down my thoughts on things, that's all.