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 Yeah so I had a hilariously dumb argument on Twitter last night.  These people who think they're Idk, super woke or whatever are super funny.  Basically dude was like, I weed out people from my life by criticizing them and checking their reactions.  Him (presumably) implying that people who can't take criticism are sociopaths.  Which like, ok, that is one of many signs.  But then I'm like, what happens if the person doesn't CARE about your criticism?  Bc like, there are maybe a scant handful of people in my life whose criticism I actually care about, and they're all family members.

So then, like these ppl are wont to do, he introduces a straw man!  Which was something like, well if I'm criticizing your outfit vs you beating your dog.  This is a straw man bc honestly why would you even be remotely considering having someone in your life who beats their dog?  Then he tried to say it wasn't a blanket statement but a generalization and I'm like, fucking DUDE, that's exactly what a blanket statement is.  I was pretty much done with the convo at that point bc if you don't even know basic meanings for words I can't talk to you lmao.

As an INTJ, I have a variety of subtle tests to fit this purpose.  One of them is me saying grossly exaggerated things designed to provoke an angry emotional reaction.  If you give it to me, I cross you out as someone worth talking too.  If you don't, then I'm like cool, you're not an emotional retard.

The other funny thing was a friend who likes Big Bang seeming kinda salty that I mentioned my liking for catmen, but didn't include BB members?  Like, dude I really know very little about them aside from surface stuff and I further have no desire to find out.  That's kinda how it works when you don't like a group lmao.  That being said, the one I probably hate the least is GD and I've defended him a couple of times over stupid things.  Namely the age gap relationship and that laundry tag thing.  I really am not one of those ppl who, when they don't like someone, immediately hates everything they do.  Or, conversely, if I like someone, I don't immediately support and love everything they do.  Even if it's impossible to be 100% objective, I honestly strive for it.

Lol anyway, in Kpop things.  I'm totally planning to get the War, but looking over their previous release patterns I feel like I should wait for the repackage.  I mean, imagine missing out on Lotto for example.  I'll be mad though if the extra songs are ballads or something though bc that's half why I love that album so much, only one real ballad on it.  A 9 song album with only one ballad, like that is amazing.

Oh my lord

Jul. 16th, 2017 04:47 pm
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 I'm dying.  AKP actually wrote a freaking OP-ED at whether BTS should go to the Super Bowl halftime show.  Like, first of all, this would never in a million years even HAPPEN so why you would waste actual energy writing it is seriously way beyond me.  This is so absurd I can't even quantify it.  It's kinda like someone writing an op-ed about what would happen if dragons existed.

OH NO WAIT. THAT'S CALLED A FANTASY STORY.  That's exactly what imagining BTS at a Super Bowl halftime show is.  I really hope the person that wrote that is not an American, because if they @ their complete lack of common sense and departure from reality.

The only artists that appear at Super Bowl halftime shows are BIG artists with a wide appeal.  BTS appeared on one fucking award show to collect a social media award.  That is not a big artist with broad appeal in AMERICA by any stretch of the imagination.  Like oh my g-d, yay Kpop and everything, but don't be fucking delusional.

And I'm saying this as a Kpop and BTS fan who hates American music.  But I'm also a realist and there's no point in writing a fantasy what-if scenario about something that will literally never happen.

oh yeah

Jul. 5th, 2017 02:38 pm
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 I keep forgetting to say this whenever I bring up Edawn, but I seriously do not understand why people are saying he either looks like GD or raps like him, or sometimes even both.  Whenever I see stuff like that, I assume the people involved don't have much imagination or don't listen to much in terms of variety.  I've heard GD, believe it or not, he doesn't sound anything like Edawn.  Tbh, the only rappers I've heard with similar chipmunky sounds are in the Japanese rap scene (but y'all wouldn't know that if you only listen to Kpop lulz).  I find the style really entertaining actually, though I'd have to say that Edawn is the most annoying one I've ever heard lmao.

As for looks, holy hell no.  Good grief why.

I assume these are the same people who thought any girl Hyunseung was ever seen with looked exactly like Hyuna. rme.gif

And yet

Oct. 8th, 2013 08:25 am
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 I procured that aforementioned live and am trying to watch it.  I watched about half of the first day, first disc.  I was really dubious at first because Hyde rather blew In The Air.  And I was like, oh fuck, this is going to suck.  But from there, he got on more of an even keel and didn't try to insert vocal shred on every line.  I am a fan of his vocal shred, you see, just as long as he doesn't overuse it and/or not hit the notes while he's using it.  Kaze no Yukue was, admittedly, pretty awesome, except for a few parts where he got carried away and sounded like a dying whale.  He doesn't do improv all that well.

Music was, of course, great.  Especially Yuki, whom they never even show.  It's like they've totally given up at this point in their career.  Like, ok, we get it, he's the normal one and y'all don't even care about him.  Because while we're talking about normalcy, it would be nice to see him because he's the only one wearing decent clothes.  Ken is doing some hobo-hipster thing with the worst old lady trying to be bling hat on.  Then Tetsu might almost pull off that stupid redcoat thing, but then he pairs it with gold boots?  Really?  It's like a British soldier circa 1776, except with gold moonboots.

Then there's HYDE.  Dear God.  You can't even make out any body parts in that mess. It's just this flailing mass of black fabric and stringy bits, which sometimes get confused for his hair.  I'm really just waiting for him to trip over some of it, whap himself in the face and go down.  That would actually be hilarious.  And the hat!  And the eyeshadow!  And the nailpolish that makes his stubby fingers look even stubbier lmao.  No, seriously Hyde, you're 40+, why haven't you learned to dress properly yet?

I love them doing all these old songs though, I do.

ETA - The second half continued to be good, especially garasu dama.  Hyde continued to be on point, but I don't think he was still quite as good as in 15th L'anni.