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 The ignorance of a lot of Kpop fans stuns me sometimes lol.  I mean, I see it everywhere, but I've been on YT a lot lately so I have to point out some funny shit I've seen there.  One of my favorite, was this one chick saying that Korean women don't date younger men and if the younger guy calls her noona (literally means sister omg!) than it means he sees her as his sister.  Ahahah FOH.  So when those girls call their bfs oppa that means they see them as their brothers?  That they're fucking?  Looool I'm ded.  Literally watch any Kdrama with a noona romance and you'll see they call her noona.  But that's what's also so dumb, is that the honorific system in Korean and Chinese and to an extent Japanese, is not meant to be taken literally.  That's why oppa/noona means older brother/older sister, but it ALSO is used by younger girls/guys to older guys/girls they're dating.

Then, I was watching one of the Trouble Maker Attention perfs, the one where HS grabs Hyuna's hips from behind a few times and someone commented that Korea was obsessed with anal.  Apparently they don't know about PIV doggy style lol.  Seriously whyyyyy.  I hope these people are like 13 not knowing these things what even.  

Somewhere else, not YT, there was a picture of HS that they thought was showing a boner and I'm like...facepalm, no.  Just...ok, guys above a certain's gonna show if they keep wearing tight pants, it doesn't need to be hard.  Or, conversely, like in the case of a certain VK vocalist, if they're wearing something really loose it will flop around lmao.  Aahahah help seriously how old are these people.  And, um, HS shows a lot, mostly thanks to the tight pants he's always wearing.  Not that I mind exactly, it's hot.  If you got it, flaunt it, le shrug.

In less pervy things...maybe, I listened to Taemin's new Jpop EP last night.  Honestly, it was kinda boring.  Three soppy ballads, a pretty interesting mid-tempo in DOOR and then the way too short Do It Baby.  That one was hot, but again way too short.  See that's half of why I don't like J-releases from Kpop artists.  Sometimes it's their Japanese and it's super distracting, but a lot of times it's just the style they choose for their music. They're trying to get a Jpop sound, but it's like, the most boring uninspired Jpop sound.  A few groups do pull it off though, no doubt.  They're just in the minority.
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 Lol so all that shit that went down about Hyunseung last year when the Knetz went full witchhunt on him in an attempt to get out of B2ST, which obviously worked, but I digress.  I was paying attention to it, but I somehow missed the thing with some girlgroup chick.  Irene, Idek which group, but yeah.  From what I can see, he makes some kind of mouth gesture towards her at the end of some music program and fans freaked out, saying that he was flirting with her??  Like...ok.  Basically, they wanted him to stop breathing.  I'm not sure what my opinion is on it, as in, what he actually did.  It sorta looks like a catcall or whatever, but I think it's also plausible what his fans said, that he was trying to blow confetti out of her hair, because he's actually the kind of weirdo who would seriously do that.

But the commentssssss were such gold.  Like:

- He likes girls too much (that's a sin since when??)

- Why is he trying to flirt with her? (maybe he wanted to tap that? lmao)

Honestly in most of the pics I saw, he's not even really looking at her.  But maybe he is, I don't even know lol.  It's just really funny that the freaking netz were all over him for that of all things.

Stop being such a weirdo, HS.

But actually don't bc I love it.

sink it

May. 21st, 2017 12:25 pm
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 Ajlasdjflkjldjflkjsd I'm so irritated at how slow Tunnel is being subbed here right at the end.  94% at Viki and not on DF at all yet.  I want to finish it so I can be ready to watch Lookout when it starts tomorrow.  I mean, it's a good show, has been a good show, but people freaking out about how good it is are kinda wrong lol.  Especially here towards the end.  But in general, it's just moved really slow and counts on characters not knowing what's going on or talking to each other even though it seems kinda obvious.  Best show so far for me this year is still by far Chief Kim.

In catching up with Kpop things...I watched a bunch of VIXX mvs last night and I kinda like theirs the best of what I've seen so far tbh.  I also watched their live of Black Out and it was the full song, Ravi did that third rap and the choreo was just straight rude lol.

Then as I was going through my dash on Tumblr, it seems like GOT7 members have basically told shippers to knock it tf off and I'm so amused.  Bam, Yugyeom and Jackson at least.  I knew they were my faves for a reason.  It's so gross and delusional honestly.  IMagine being a celeb or whatever and losers writing nasty shit about you and possibly your best/good friend.  It's such a stupid way to express fandom and my opinion on that will never change.  It's really just another form of stalker-type obsession.

I remember ppl in the VK fandom used to be so fucking defensive about it too. They'd be screeching BUT IT'S PART OF FANDOM DESU DESU.  nO IT'S not you tool.  Any time people are super defensive about something, you know they know it's trash already and are insecure.
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You: mooses
Me, an intellectual: meese

That has nothing to do with anything really lol, except I started watching L's drama, One More Time on Netflix.  I guess it's a Netflix original like waaaat. I didn't know they were into making Kdrams.  I even signed up for a free trial bc I hate Netflix and super do not intend to pay for it ever again lol.  The drama though, at least the first two episodes I've watched, is gooooood.  L has improved a TON since Shut UP Flower Boy Band.  He actually seems to have a range of normal emotions lol.  Also, he's so fucking attractive, good grief.  I basically JUST noticed that he doesn't have pierced ears.  I mean, I have no problem with earrings on guys at all, in fact it can be super hot depending on what they wear, but it's SO COMMON that it's just not edgy anymore so I somehow now think it's hotter when they don't have pierced ears at all.  Like, they're consciously refusing to be trendy and refusal to be in the herd is ALWAYS super attractive to me lmao.

So anyway, the plot is basically that L has a band (does he lowkey want to be a musician or what?) and he's been toiling in mediocrity for years and debts are piling up and he's super frustrated.  Some idol company scouts him, but they only want him, not the rest of his band (bc they all be ugly amirite).  He finally loses it, breaks up his band, breaks up with his keyboardist girlfriend and then falls in a lake.  He wakes up the next day and it's....the same day.  What follows is basically Groundhog's Day hijinks lmao.  The second episode had me rolling actually, because he starts to take advantage of the whole new day thing.  Like he goes to gamble and folds every time and the guys are like, if you don't want to play, just leave.  And he's all, don't worry, I'll win tomorrow.

Then, later, he's trying to hook up with some chick from the idol company and at first he shows up in a hot ride, but she's all, I only like intellectual men.  So the next (same) day he's reading Spanish and listening to Mozart and at one point tells her, I'll be even more intellectual tomorrow.  I LOST IT LMAO.

His expressions are hilarious and like, he never seems to smile when he's with Infinite, so it's like woah, he CAN smile.  Plus, there's lots of kissing, which is apparently what his "fans" were mad about on Insta.  I don't gettttt that omg.  Have NEVER gotten that.  Like, you will never, so why live in some dumb delusion?  I actually highly enjoy watching my male faves get it on with chicks, as long as they're hot lol.