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 Since I haven't kept up with EXO (lol no shit) I just realized last night that the K-version of Transformer obviously doesn't have Xiumin or Chen so I'm just listening to the Chinese versions of that one album right now.  I might like the Chinese version of Transformer better lol.  I just...really like Xiumin ok lol.  Especially when he gets that really rough-sounding voice tone.  Hnnnng.  He seems to have it more often in Chinese.  Also, Tao and Lay's lines, lol it's easy to tell the difference between their lines and the other two.  Xiumin sounds slightly better than Chen though.  I keep trying to explain my attraction to Xiumin but I really can't.  I keep thinking Baek is my fave but I don't think he isssssssssssssss.

The BTS album was finally announced and amg it sounds so pretentious already.  I hated like half of Wings so Idk.  I don't have a good feeling.  They need to stick to rap-heavy stuff bc their vocal line is shrill and annoying.  I mean, I'm interested in their comeback, but only on a very shallow level lol.  I never follow their stages and rarely watch their MVs.  There's been absolutely nothing about Pentagon's album though other than the showcase announcement so Idek what's going on there, but omg it's CUBE.  That's pretty much what they do.  They didn't announce CLC's comeback until like the last minute and then took forever, like right before release, for the details.  You'd think they'd treat Pentagon better, but apparently not.

And I've pretty much given up on Hyunseung getting a comeback le sigh.  HE's probably just gonna end up in the military. =/

In drama things, I finished Bad Guys and Bride of Habaek and I really want to get back to Sparrow, but now I'm interested in Task Force 38 and Prince's drama is on Viki and there was something else I saved on Viki too the last time I was there.  Plus I still want to go back to Mystic Nine besides, and there's a few J-dramas too that I wanted to watch before the end of the year.  Ugh dramas lol.  There's too many. It's no wonder I never get around to watching movies anymore.  My plan to watch list is so huge I'll never get to the end of it.

ETA - the new Victon mini is kinda boring, no real bops.  Otoh, I listened to the new Will Pan album yesterday and honestly thought it was pretty good, despite the weird plagiarism controversy from one of his songwriters.
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 Ok, as much as I like the War and half of the previous two albums, tbqh, I like CBX more.  I could do without the rest of the group, just give me those three lol.  Chen looks like an old-timey actor for some reason, Idek why I like Xiumin and Baekhyun....ahahah.  I can just tell he's a brat.  Or kind of a jerk, depending on which way you want to look at it.  He is exactly right my type lol.

I've been alternately obsessed with Hey Mama and Ka-Ching.  The thing is, even in the regular EXO songs, Chen and Baek get most of the lines most of the time.  The rest are so largely forgettable lol.  The Hey Mama mini is so quality.  Parts of Girls isn't bad, but I just cannot get completely behind Japanese releases most of the time. Unless it's all I got, like with Junho lol.  I still preferred his One album though.

Heh, so my journey to avoid avoiding Sparrow got EVEN MORE derailed last night when I discovered that Taec's new drama was airing.  It's this thing about a cult and I'm waiting for it to skip time bc dude, Taec cannot pass for a high schooler anymore ok.  The cult leader is the smarmy dude from the K2 and that's just a totally perfect casting choice tbh.

New Bride of Habaek episode last night as well and I was totally waiting for Nam Joo Hyuk to get his unfortunate angry facial tic when he caught the demigod dude on top of his woman, but amazingly he didn't. Progress!  Him and Ji Soo need to hurry up and get better at acting bc wtf all my faves are going to the military lately.  I've been angsting over Ji Chang Wook for months and then it was announced that Lee Jong Suk is going too and I was like, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  But it got worse.  Lee Soo Hyuk is ALSO going.  All my creys.  

That leaves me with Hong Jonghyun, L and Junho lol.  NO seriously, those three were my faves. D:

I'm also getting increasingly worried that Hyunseung is going to get his sooner rather than later and then I will really cry.  Especially since he hasn't had a proper comeback yet.  If he'd had that, I could handle it.  Maybe.

This is an un-cranky entry, so I need to add a bit of crank.  I find it REALLY annoying, as in it's turning into a pet peeve, when people insist on using real names instead of stage names.  Like, whY?  They clearly gave themselves stage names for a reason, Idk why you have to insist on using their real names like you're patting yourself on the back for knowing them or something, especially when they're common knowledge.  Is it the American need for things to be "real" or what?  Like it seriously bugs me.
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 So the King Loves finally got interesting, even though the Crown Prince bugs the heck out of me, I love Yoona and Jonghyun, but this last episode I watched, major cringe at the writer.  The stupid villain guys go to prove that Yoona is San, i.e. the noblewoman by bringing a letter to the servant who has been disguised as her.  Predictably, the servant shows that she can't read the letter yada yada, cue smirking villain.  But srsly dudes?  It's been SEVEN YEARS and you're gonna tell me that the servant, who is supposed to be permanently pretending to be the noblewoman, hasn't been taught TO READ?  REALLY??  Like, how would you miss such an obvious thing.  Those are the kind of failures of logic for the sake of plot that I just CANNOT with as a writer.  I mean, I'm just imagining them being all, oh dang, I can't believe we got found out.  If only we'd taught that chick to read in the last seven years. I knew I forgot something!

Le please.

The only other thing I got is lol so much @ that "who do you think is gay hurhur" thread at One Hallyu.  Like, here are some people desperately in need of lives.  I was reading a few pages and was cackling when the actual gay guy came in and was all, I can't believe you all are taking this stuff seriously when it's based on fanservice, cultural differences and mistranslations.  Like, mte dude.  There's so much wrong with this entire thing.  First of all, why are they so invested in the idea that half of Kpop is gay?  Nevermind the complete unlikelihood of that being the case.  And secondly, to think you can actually prove it based on what you see on camera is fucking dumber than hell.  Think of the boygroups in the US and what, like two or three eventually came out as gay?  There's no 10% dudes, it's like 2%, so that would be roughly one guy out of 10 boygroups assuming 7 members each. MAYBE.  The real problem with US fans is how they look at everything through a US lens.  As someone pointed out in, Omona believe it or not, the reason there's such a huge cultural difference with Asian men showing affection to each other is because the issue of homosexuality is not prominent. Like, it's a fringe thing.  Whereas here, especially in fandom, people are hyperaware of anything being even slightly gay. Like, omo they stood next to each other, maybe their shirts were touching!  Gay!

Srsly, stop. Y'all look dumb. That's how you end up with GOT7 and their annoyance with shippers.

Oh wait, I have one more thing lol.  Apparently Yoseob posted an Insta pic that was very obviously taken in the exact same place that Hyunseung took his apology letter pic.  But he deleted it right away so who knows if HS even saw it.  And that's my question really, is why did he delete it?  I saw someone make a good point though that HS was not apologizing to his trash haters or entitled fans, he was quite obviously apologizing to Beast and for whatever reason, felt the need to do it publicly.  So really, all those people need to shut up with their "finally" or "too late" nonsense bc he wasn't doing it for you.  Go back to your trashbin.
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 This is new, a sports post.  So my favorite player in Yu Darvish got traded to a team I can't stand lol.  I'd gotten attached to the Rangers in the last five years, so I'm really unhappy about this.  But I think what I might be even MORE unhappy about is that the Rangers clearly gave up on this season.  They ain't making it to the postseason trading one of their best pitchers.  That's really lame considering they are not technically out of it.  They have the same record as the O's and they actually acquired two players and did not lose Britton.  ON the other hand, you can't imagine the rage I have when they trot out Jimenez every four starts like I'm just seeing red especially today lol.  Either way, it makes me pretty much not care about baseball until the postseason when I will grudgingly watch Darvish and hope he does good, but otherwise root for the Dodgers to fail lol..  THEN I'll hope he signs with a better team in the offseason.  That's all he is right now is a rental.  One of the most annoying things about baseball tbqh.

Ok, that was short so now I can talk about Hyunseung and the amazing mellowness of the JJ Project and 용국&시현 albums that came out today.  I've literally been repeating them all day bc they're so nice.  You know I hate ballads, but these aren't ballads, just really chill downtempo jams without a bunch of dramatic oversinging.  I love both of them right now.

Ah then so Hyunseung wrote out a long apology on his Instagram, taking responsibility for leaving Beast and how that all went down.  Tbh, I've suspected for awhile that this was mostly all on his end.  That's why I haven't exactly been able to dislike Beast (except the rapper, I have a kneejerk dislike for him that I can't entirely explain).  I've also gotten the impression that HS is extremely stubborn, like don't let his quietness fool you lol.  But that's the thing, sometimes you have to fail to realize where you're making mistakes.  That's just life.  Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees, or your pride gets in the way.  He wanted more and he was short-sighted in how to best go about getting that.  

But see the thing is, not many people come to these realizations and ever apologize to the people they hurt along the way.  Not only that, but HS literally did not have to do that.  I'm sure he's fully aware of how many fans hate him now (unjustified tbh) and I'm sure he knows that his stans have moved past that.  So there's no late or ulterior motives, he did NOT have to give anyone this and he could have easily apologized to Beast privately.  So I really don't understand how anyone can throw this back in his face.  It took guts and maybe stop for a second and imagine you did something similar.  Would you have the guts to publicly apologize?  I don't think many people would.  Especially if you didn't need to.  I'm sure he knows that it's not going to win him any fans bc after 1.5 years, those fans have already made up their minds.  But he did it anyway.  That's important.

I stan the right guy. :)
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 Completely caught up with Bride of Habaek and it's halfway through.  Pretty glad this is a full hour drama instead of those 35 minute things, that was actually annoying.  But anyway, I love it so far and even though it's moved relatively slowly, it hasn't been boring.  I'm already waiting impatiently for Monday lol.  Finally got around to starting the King Loves and...ugh, Idk about it.  Contrary to popular opinion, I like Yoona quite a lot, but if this is going to be another set-up ship with HJH as the third wheel who then dies tragically, I am 100% not here for that.  That's why I dropped Master of the Mask and it turned out EXACTLY how I thought it would upon reading recaps.  Like, I literally knew what would happen.  That is not good storytelling folks.

Ofc then there's the ones that are so convoluted that sure you don't know where they're going, but you also don't CARE.  For example, that I Hear Your Voice drama, that was really good bc it wasn't convoluted at all, but I couldn't be sure where it was going and I also couldn't be sure that Lee Jong Suk was going to get the girl.  At times I really thought she'd go for the guy her age and the kid would give up or die or something lol.  That's all I ask, is that bit of uncertainty where you don't know exactly if what you  hope happens will.

So yeaaaah, I'll probably give it a few more episodes to try to convince me that the story won't be predictable af.  Honestly, I kinda want to go back and finish SHR.  I only quit it back then bc I knew Baek was gonna die and I didn't like it lol.  I think I'm over it though and I do want to see what happens with So so I never read any recaps.  Same with that mermaid thing.  My top 5 most likely restarts are probably:

1.Mystic Nine
3.The mermaid thing
4.Ice Fantasy
5.Wu Xin

In Kpop news, Hyunseung finally released his single with p.much zero promo by Cube until the day before.  Loooool, it's so ridiculous.  I really hope that's a prerelease though and there's an album out there somewhere.  I can't believe they would really put him in the dungeon for two years and then only give him a measly single with no promo.  Like how much do they hate him and what kind of masochist is HE that he resigned with them?

I saw an insta post with Hyuna seemingly recording.  By herself though, so so much for my plot twist where Triple H came back instead ahahah.  Idk if I posted about it before, but the KARD album grew on me quite a bit.  LIke, I guess I expected something different bc of all the hype, but now that I'm over it, I like what they're doing.