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 Hahah, is it a coincidence that she sang this song (see english trans) with Edawn WITH Edawn, not featuring Edawn, and that he had a big part in writing it?

Lol I think not.

ETA - I have a history of falling for the smug jerks and Baekhyun is apparently right my type lol
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 Completely caught up with Bride of Habaek and it's halfway through.  Pretty glad this is a full hour drama instead of those 35 minute things, that was actually annoying.  But anyway, I love it so far and even though it's moved relatively slowly, it hasn't been boring.  I'm already waiting impatiently for Monday lol.  Finally got around to starting the King Loves and...ugh, Idk about it.  Contrary to popular opinion, I like Yoona quite a lot, but if this is going to be another set-up ship with HJH as the third wheel who then dies tragically, I am 100% not here for that.  That's why I dropped Master of the Mask and it turned out EXACTLY how I thought it would upon reading recaps.  Like, I literally knew what would happen.  That is not good storytelling folks.

Ofc then there's the ones that are so convoluted that sure you don't know where they're going, but you also don't CARE.  For example, that I Hear Your Voice drama, that was really good bc it wasn't convoluted at all, but I couldn't be sure where it was going and I also couldn't be sure that Lee Jong Suk was going to get the girl.  At times I really thought she'd go for the guy her age and the kid would give up or die or something lol.  That's all I ask, is that bit of uncertainty where you don't know exactly if what you  hope happens will.

So yeaaaah, I'll probably give it a few more episodes to try to convince me that the story won't be predictable af.  Honestly, I kinda want to go back and finish SHR.  I only quit it back then bc I knew Baek was gonna die and I didn't like it lol.  I think I'm over it though and I do want to see what happens with So so I never read any recaps.  Same with that mermaid thing.  My top 5 most likely restarts are probably:

1.Mystic Nine
3.The mermaid thing
4.Ice Fantasy
5.Wu Xin

In Kpop news, Hyunseung finally released his single with p.much zero promo by Cube until the day before.  Loooool, it's so ridiculous.  I really hope that's a prerelease though and there's an album out there somewhere.  I can't believe they would really put him in the dungeon for two years and then only give him a measly single with no promo.  Like how much do they hate him and what kind of masochist is HE that he resigned with them?

I saw an insta post with Hyuna seemingly recording.  By herself though, so so much for my plot twist where Triple H came back instead ahahah.  Idk if I posted about it before, but the KARD album grew on me quite a bit.  LIke, I guess I expected something different bc of all the hype, but now that I'm over it, I like what they're doing.
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 Ok, so I really do believe that Hyunseung's comeback is out there somewhere.  Idk why they're taking so long or why they're not updating anyone, but there's bits and bobs of hints in places, including HS's own Insta.  So I do think it's coming.  I'm just super hoping it's a real full album.  I don't like reading about all these 89-liners getting their draft notices lately.

So I watched a few Exo Ko Ko Bop stages and honestly the choreo is not gripping at all.  But one of the shows had translated lyrics and omo I had no idea they were all fully of sexin like that lol.  I mean, the song definitely has that feel, but there's plenty of Kpop songs that have that feel and then the lyrics are super ambiguous or tame.  It's weird that no one talked about it vs Vixx's Black Out, but I kinda bet that the translation has something to do with it.  Like, it maybe sounds way more explicit to someone who knows Korean vs how it got translated.  Kinda like when people kept translating Agust D as literally going to Hong Kong when that line was slang for being turned on.  The subs by Big Hit were actually accurate vs all the fan translators.

Speaking of BTS though.  I'm always conflicted on them you know bc of how annoying their fans are and plus all these recent fans who obviously just saw them when they appeared on the stupid American awards show.  For the most part I just like Suga bc of what a little shit he is lol.  Well and I love his rapping too.  The one thing I do like I guess is that they seem to make a lot of old KPop fans salty due to their unstoppable popularity.  Old Kpop fans are always annoying me bc they act like their era was better and that the new era needs to have respect for the old.  Yeah, no.  I'm very aware of the old era of Kpop, but I didn't like it.  Even some of the groups I like now that were on the fringe then like 2PM, SHINee, B2ST, etc. I still don't like their oldest albums.  Plus the rapping in all three of those groups is largely awful.  

Tbh aside from all the electro, bassy, dance-oriented stuff now, it's the emphasis on rapping that made me a fan of this newer era.  Apparently that bugs some people.  I've seen threads where people were whining about how there's too much rapping in new groups.

In unrelated crack, today I was thinking WHAT IF, as in plot twist!  What if Hyuna decided not to comeback solo and instead wanted to do more Triple H?  I remember she did that with Trouble Maker one year.  I would actually really love that though.  I've played the heck out of that mini.  And besides, in terms of their sound, Edawn and Hui are my favorites in Pentagon and in Triple H, you get to hear way more of them.  I just thought they meshed really well.  Hui with his strong, soaring voice and Edawn and Hyuna with their really unconventional chipmunk voices lol.  So yus, gimme mo of dat.
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 Lulz I just couldn't listen to something with a grayscale blank picture on Last FM so I had to turn Edawn's track into an album and put the picture he used for his Soundcloud.  I srsly love the song though.  It's great when some of these guys put their own random tracks up.  And that lowkey brings me to what I came here for lol.

Came across this old Twitter account of someone I used to follow in like 2010 or something and they were saying how Kpop was getting less talented or something, which ok, maybe that was kinda true in 2010 and 2011, the transition years I'd call them.  But that's a completely hilarious statement when you look at now.  In terms of dancing, rapping and singing, the talent quality of Kpop artists has gone WAY up.  I'm not completely a fan of that one Kpop vocal blog, but they're right about idols getting actual real training now.  Before, they just mostly sang in strained falsettos as far as I could tell lol.

I keep seeing this from old Kpop fans though.  This bitterness lol.  Like, no we don't have to appreciate the old groups, tbf, most of them sucked, and further, there's so much better about the music now vs then.  Less horrible ballads, more awesome dancing, rappers who can actually rap, singers who can actually sing, etc.  I hated old Kpop for a reason dude.

Speaking of singing, was watching some other random Triple H thing and Hui doing impromptu singing is my favorite thing.  Like, I'm lowkey disappointed when I watch something where he doesn't do it at all.  I was really digging the enka thing he started, and then the slow R&B 365 Fresh could have gone on forever too lool.  Quit wreckin' my bias, Hui. :<

In that same thing, I was highly amused watching Edawn and Hyuna keep in some kind of constant physical contact.  Even if it was just a foot or a leg.  She kept moving closer to him too and so did he at times. It's not as super obvious as HS and her, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had something going on.  Plus, I thought I saw a little circle on the same wrist where he has a little circle. Well if they do, all I can say is Hyuna has great taste in men lol.

ETA - I see that song Edawn put on his Soundcloud was made a month ago. Around the end of Triple H promotions. Hmmmm.

Now I need to pause Edawn to listen to this Halo album lol.
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 Since everyone's talking about Hyunseung and Cube and where is Trouble Maker and all that crap, I have to put my two cents down.  I've been watching all this for awhile, obviously lol.  Tbh, before Shinhwa's Return, the whole TM thing is kinda what made me peep into Kpop a little more bc I was so surprised they'd have a co-ed group.  I didn't know anything about Beast or Hyuna.  Anyway.  Hyunseung has obviously always been a little weird, for lack of a better word (lmao maybe understatement of the century Idk), but it was pretty obvious that his attitude around Beast starting in mid to late 2015 had kinda gone downhill.  They barely paid attention to him and he looked like he'd rather be anywhere else.

/musical interlude

I know Kpop fans are delulu to the max and want to 100% believe every time their idol says oh we're not dating, or i'm not dating, plus their love of ridiculous gay ships, but the fact is, your idol bbs are lying to you bc they don't want to be stalked or their gfs attacked or lose popularity with their rabid delulu fans who think they're gonna marry 'em someday.  But I digress.

/end interlude

SO!  MY theory is that his attitude and the reason that Trouble Maker will never come back as him + Hyuna is bc those two were together and that was the year they broke up.  Obviously I have no /proof/ proof, but there's a few little clues that seem really obvious to me.  First of all, the way Hyunseung acted in later 2015 through 2016 was very much like a guy who's been dumped (I knew a guy who acted almost exactly like that after a breakup).  Moody, irritated, not caring about his appearance or anything else really.  Doing sort of extreme things, staying out of the public eye.  Maybe he couldn't deal with that and being an idol at the same time, who knows.

To me, it was pretty extremely obvious that they were together through most of Trouble Maker.  At the very least, you can contrast how Hyuna acts with the two Pentagon guys.  Not even CLOSE to the same level of touching and comfort as she was clearly enjoying with Hyunseung lol.  Unless those two were literally the best actors in the world (v.doubtful), they were absolutely fucking.  There were so many clues too, the way she looked at him all the damn time for one thing.  The choreo, that Now dance practice could not have been more obvious, HS's extremely obvious boner at the Mamas in what, 2012 or smth, plus the entire choreo of THAT performance.  Like, that's just a few examples.

THEN, what actually even started me down this ~conspiracy~ path was when I watched a recent Weekly Idol where Triple H appeared.  Did you see how shook Hyuna was when they played Trouble Maker?  Like, she literally froze, deer in the headlights style.  And you can't even say it was too old.  Because Bubble Pop came out in 2011 and she did that one just fine.  Not only did she not care to remember the Trouble Maker dances, but her response when the hosts asked her about it.  She basically brushed it off like, what's Trouble Maker?  I'm Triple H now.  Who does that unless they have some major hmmm negative feelings towards the other part of the unit.  Like, it was only four years ago lady.

Also, Trouble Maker was wildly popular in spite of the haters.  Would Cube seriously just let it go after two albums unless there were some serious problems between the members?  Honestly, the most maddening thing about it is that they should have shielded HS in some way from the repercussions of his behavior.  Obviously he was having a hard time and that's kind of their job to protect him.  They really half-assed it.  They said he had permission to miss things, then they said there was no way he was leaving and then oop he's leaving.

Idk what in the holy heck they're doing with him now.  Like, why did they even bother resigning him if they weren't going to give him a chance to do music how he wants to do it.  Instead floating around all this 3-member Beast nonsense and giving literally no information about his comeback.  I mean, yes, they could be quietly recording, but where's the promotion?  It's like, other than desperate Hyunseung fans (like yours truly), who's gonna even know?

Ugh, this is a long-ass blog, I'll stop now lol.