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 Lol, the most retarded download site on the internet has to be Hulkpop.  It reminds me of the super secret rarez clubs for VK back in the day.  They make you jump through all these fucking hoops to get stuff that is, in most cases, already all over the net.  They have their site all dysfunctional, so you can't right-click, or copy-paste and they try to stop your anti-adblock service by presumably paying for an ANTI-anti-adblock service.  Which makes no sense to me bc I just use Tampermonkey for free to get around it lmao.  Now they have some kind of login/pay service for what they think is rarez, but it's usually findable elsewhere if you take some time to search, and if it's K-indie or rap, is more than likely on SPotify anyway.  Then, today, I was snatching the South Club EP and they blocked one of the songs from download like what?  It's not like I can't go somewhere else and get the whole thing.  Idk who runs that place, but they're a bunch of dumb pricks.

In other Kpop news lol.  Wow Lu Han has a new single.  Ok that's not Kpop, but whatever.  I watched Taemin and Junho's new songs last night, also not Kpop, but rather Jpop.  Ahahah, the vids for both were extra af.  I like Taemin's song I think, but I'm not sure about Junho's lol.  LIstening to Nam Taehyun's thing.  HIs voice is so good, seriously, he has a lot of talent.  Too bad he's such a silly emo hipster lmao.  Tbh though, most of the songs on this thing sound about the same, they're really not new or different.  The highlight is 90% his singing.  He tries just about every style and shows off his range besides.

Haven't heard much else about Hyunseung's comeback, though apparently he had an Insta live that I missed bc I don't pay much attention to that lol, but he has black hair whoa.  Feel like he's been blond forever.  Even though I think he works it, black hair is always more attractive to me.  From what I've read though, it's sounding increasingly like it's an album.

What else?  GOT7 is doing the solo thang apparently.  So that probably means they won't comeback as a group until fall.  I'm more interested in Jackson solo since it's gonna be in Chinese than I am about JJ Project or whatever.  I wonder what the rest of the group will be doing lol.  Just randomly saw that Boys Republic is releasing a Japanese album at the end of August.  Le sigh, I guess they just kinda gave up on Korea?  I mean, their Japanese songs have actually been good, but still.
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 I don't understand the hype over NCT 127 at ALL. I guess this is why SM antis hate SM stans so much bc they really are ridiculous.  I'm not so much an SM anti, I can't be since I like Taemin, SHINee and NCT 127 (yes I like them, but I also think they're overrated), but I definitely don't like the company either based on what they did to the Chinese Exo members for example, plus, other than giving most of their idols decent vocal training, what do they do that's so unique?  I don't hear/see anything.  But back to NCT 127.  I can't believe the constant splooge over this group when I see very little that sets them apart from any other group with three minis to their name.  The new one, Cherry Bomb, was probably their best so far, though the title track was boring af.  Video was also boring af.  Rn, they would get my vote as the top most overrated new Kpop group.

Anyway, Jongup finally started his promotions and amg that first stage was super hot.  Not much new from Pentagon yet.  I've watched I think two perfs of their new song, but it could have been the same one aired by different networks I'm not sure lol.  I need more bc I love that choreo sfm.  YesAsia finally has all my Pentagon stuff in too so hopefully it will ship soon ahahah.  Fingers super crossed that I get Edawn in any member specific crap. Was trying to figure out where this addiction lies on my Kpop addiction scale. I'm not sure, but I think it's trending towards pretty epic. Probably second only to GOT7.  

Dragged myself away from Kpop on YT last night to watch the new Lookout eps.  Show is flawfree.  Kim Young Kwang is so perfect in this role, his expressions are so sinister.  Plus I love how he goes from annoying ditz to ruthless guy bent on revenge.  I haven't caught up with Mask at all.  Who knows when/if I will.

Warriors won the Finals a few days ago.  People who think sports are rigged are really amusing.  Short of some vast amazing conspiracy, it's a lot less possible than you think.  THere's a lot of freaking variables, especially in baseball, but honestly, in every sport.  To imagine that people are playacting it takes a mighty big stretch of the imagination.  And people who think this have no evidence except for what, coaches having military backgrounds?  Like, what?  You don't think that might help in managing large groups of alpha males and concocting strategies? Nah.

Now, do I think there's some attempt at fixing going on in certain games? Absolutely.  Nothing is ever as pure as you want it to be. Nothing.

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 Still watching Sparrow and my gosh is that Bicheng chick annoying.  She is such a flower vase.  Does absolutely nothing but pine over Chen Shen.  Even the actress chick is more tolerable than her.  Lol, Li Yi Feng is so hot in this though.  Like, this is a character I would write.  His face when he's listening to the actress girl's fake tears was straight hilarious.  He was all, wtf is this shit.  In other drama crap, I'm so tired of the romance in RMOM.  It's incredibly contrived and soppy.  You really expect me to believe they fell in love at first sight over some fireflies? Pleaaaase.  So annoying.  I'm lowkey mad that I'm still watching it tbh.

Lookout however, remains flawfree.  DF actually got the new eps out early today so I watched both right away.  I was so stressed when I thought Kyungsu was gonna get caught lol.  Damn that priest dude has a deep voice.  I haven't caught onto what his role is yet, but he's obviously helping Dohan in some capacity.

Meanwhile, in ridiculous Kpop that an UP10TION member had to take a break due to stress stemming from...get this, bullying over fake sex assault claims.  So not only is there a bunch of nonsense sex assault claims over there, but now freaking netizens can just accuse a guy of it and it sticks.  Like, what even.  I'm srsly sick of that even being a thing and everyone jumping to take the girl's side all the time, when more often than not it turns out to be fake, but CERTAIN sites don't even report the fakery.  No one stops to think for a second how the guy might be affected by having his name dragged through the mud. People are trash.

Then that whole TOP thing escalated quickly.  Apparently he overdosed.  I'm curious as to why they're all lying about it though.  The description of him being in a deep sleep is a total benzo overdose symptom so Idk why they're trying to spin it as something else.  It's unfortunate, but benzos are addictive and he should consider getting professional help.

Was watching all the Triple H bts stuff last night and whoaaaa Edawn is ripped lol.  He seems like such a weirdo too, but then he's all ripped.  Idk how to feel about that tbh.  Hui is totally not my type, but I still think he's cute.  Hyuna looks so good with the natural shade of red hair.

In completely unrelated commentary, it unreasonably bugs me when people refuse to use stage names.  Like, do you feel somehow cooler that you know their real names or are referring to them by their real names?  Idk, the whole fans always trying to be close to celebs in some way is weird to me.
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 I really like them lol.  Their new mini is so good and their previous mini was also good.  Plus they're all attractive and their voices mesh surprisingly well compared to a lot of groups.  The main rapper has a nice low voice too.  I wouldn't say their music is amazingly original, but Hello Hello is a good start.  Idk, I'm pretty obsessed all of a sudden lol.

But mostly I'm here to bitch about dramas like usual.  So Master of the Mask is still really annoying.  The emotions in this show are SO freaking overwrought that they really have no effect anymore.  I just think this is the most heavy-handed saegeuk I've ever watched.  And L's character is so completely useless that it also bugs me.  AND I can't stand the super ~this is fate~ scenes between the CP and Sohyun's character.  At this point, the only reason I'm still watching is that I do kinda want to see how Dae Mok gets taken down.  But so many things annoy me about it right now.

Now for Lookout.  A discussion ~somewhere~ tells me that a lot of people watching this don't get at all where it's going and that has me lol'ing.  Tbf, there are a lot of confusing elements about it, but I feel like I've sussed most of them out.  The cliffhanger at the end of ep.4 was straight rude though.

Suspicious Partner is still really good, though I was rme big time at the rain scene in one of the latest episodes.  It's just like, is that realistic?  No, no it's not, stop.  I'm amused that certain people are having such strong negative reactions to it though.  Like, it's a bit weird compared to similar dramas I suppose.  Who expects a romcom to be paired with  a particularly nasty serial murderer, but still.  His latest hit though, like what was that Bible verse all about?  I definitely want to know what's up with this dude.  JCW is still great and so his is friend, though I've been thinking lately that he has a sort of creepy vibe and I heard he plays a bad guy in one of his previous roles so I might have to check that out.

Lol apparently that drama is the Missing 9 and people really hated it?  Idk, I've found some great stuff based on the rest of the fandom's hate so maybe I'll try it. |D