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 Lol, the most retarded download site on the internet has to be Hulkpop.  It reminds me of the super secret rarez clubs for VK back in the day.  They make you jump through all these fucking hoops to get stuff that is, in most cases, already all over the net.  They have their site all dysfunctional, so you can't right-click, or copy-paste and they try to stop your anti-adblock service by presumably paying for an ANTI-anti-adblock service.  Which makes no sense to me bc I just use Tampermonkey for free to get around it lmao.  Now they have some kind of login/pay service for what they think is rarez, but it's usually findable elsewhere if you take some time to search, and if it's K-indie or rap, is more than likely on SPotify anyway.  Then, today, I was snatching the South Club EP and they blocked one of the songs from download like what?  It's not like I can't go somewhere else and get the whole thing.  Idk who runs that place, but they're a bunch of dumb pricks.

In other Kpop news lol.  Wow Lu Han has a new single.  Ok that's not Kpop, but whatever.  I watched Taemin and Junho's new songs last night, also not Kpop, but rather Jpop.  Ahahah, the vids for both were extra af.  I like Taemin's song I think, but I'm not sure about Junho's lol.  LIstening to Nam Taehyun's thing.  HIs voice is so good, seriously, he has a lot of talent.  Too bad he's such a silly emo hipster lmao.  Tbh though, most of the songs on this thing sound about the same, they're really not new or different.  The highlight is 90% his singing.  He tries just about every style and shows off his range besides.

Haven't heard much else about Hyunseung's comeback, though apparently he had an Insta live that I missed bc I don't pay much attention to that lol, but he has black hair whoa.  Feel like he's been blond forever.  Even though I think he works it, black hair is always more attractive to me.  From what I've read though, it's sounding increasingly like it's an album.

What else?  GOT7 is doing the solo thang apparently.  So that probably means they won't comeback as a group until fall.  I'm more interested in Jackson solo since it's gonna be in Chinese than I am about JJ Project or whatever.  I wonder what the rest of the group will be doing lol.  Just randomly saw that Boys Republic is releasing a Japanese album at the end of August.  Le sigh, I guess they just kinda gave up on Korea?  I mean, their Japanese songs have actually been good, but still.
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 Never really thought I'd end up a de facto Cube stan, but I like all their main artists and two out of three of my top artists period are Pentagon and Hyunseung.  I have to admit too, their photobooks are truly quality.  All the Pentagon albums plus the Hyunseung album, the book itself was great, but also the pictures are really nicely done.  They also don't look overly photoshopped or whatever.  Which, hahah, is kinda born out by when Hyuna was talking about how the Triple H photobooks weren't photoshopped excepted for Edawn's happy trail lol.  But ahem, yeah.  That exchange was so funny though.  Edawn always gives no fucks.  On one hand he was like, why are we talking about this, but then on the other, he's explaining how he shaved it but they still had to edit it lmao.

Happy trails are  hot, no need to be embarrassed boy.

Still a bit mad at Hyunseung's fan thing getting canceled, but apparently he made a now-deleted comment on his Insta that the cancellation didn't have anything to do with personal issues or something between him and Cube, and not to worry, so I guess that's some consolation.  It's still Cube's fault though, afaic.  Since setting up the thing was their job, fucking it up is still their fault.  Most places I've read though seem to think that it's an album he'll be releasing in July.  I really hope so bc this is probably his last chance to do something before having to go into the military.

Haven't posted about my drama watching lately.  Mostly bc I've kinda laid off a bit.  I'm honestly only legitimately enjoying Lookout.  I dropped Master of the Mask and Suspicious Partner has gotten rather tedious too, though there was a bit of a twist in this last batch of episodes so maybe it will perk up next week.  I'm crushing so hard on Choi Taejoon over JCW lol and that's unexpected af bc I love JCW.

Saw some more dumb drama about fans, most likely ifans bc it's always ifans, being mad about JB making comments that he doesn't like guys in "that way" lol and I'm just like, if y'all shippers weren't so disgusting, he wouldn't feel like he has to clarify things like that.  GOT7 has repeatedly said they don't care for that nonsense.  I'm sure MOST male idols think it's nasty, just GOT7 obviously has the balls to say it publicly.  That's why I love them. :)
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 Ahahah, I just listened to the new songs on Monsta X's repackage and I now know why I've never gotten super into them.  They're pretty much trying to be BTS.  It's hard to get super into a group that doesn't sound like they're doing their own thing.  I'm not even a crazy BTS stan, not even close, but halfway through Shine Forever, I thought I was listening to BTS.  Really haven't been listening to much else except Pentagon and Triple H, though I did decide to try Seventeen and SF9 bc why not?  I don't really care how huge a group is that I only listen to the music for.  Also the Jinwoon single, who is officially the first Kpop person I ever gave a crap about, even though he doesn't make pop music lol.

Seems like a crapload of comebacks in the next month or so.  I have peeped:

- Hyunseung
- Hotshot
- GOT7 (rumor stages but it seems likely)
- Halo
- Up10tion

Also thought I saw somewhere that BTS was gearing up for a comeback.  Ok, I like BTS's music and I kinda stan Suga, but they're honestly not one of my bias groups.  Mainly because I've always found it REALLY hard to like groups heavily in the spotlight, because it creates crazy-ass fans and their fandom is one of THE most annoying forreal.  Plus, obviously to bias a Kpop group, you kinda have to be into more than their music and honestly, they come off kinda fake to me.  Overly bubbly and cute, which doesn't go with their music at all and for some reason that really bugs me.

That's why I like GOT7 and Pentagon as my main biases.  GOT7 guys have actually said they won't do any cute concepts and they obviously all hate shipping, which warms my cold heart like nothing else lmao.  Their music is weird, but I like weird so that doesn't bother me either.  Pentagon also has a rather unique sound with all the brassy accents and such.  Further, they are all insanely talented. Hui catapults them into being the best vocal line in Kpop imo, and their rappers are solid too, at the very least unique considering Edawn's chipmunk act lol.  And again, they seem pretty normal offstage.  Ok, I am an admitted Edawn stan, but if there was ever a bias wrecker it's Hui, bc I can't ignore his talent lol.  He's always spontaneously singing offstage and he always sounds strong and flawless.  I've seen other singers do that and at the very least, they often sound weak and quiet like they're unsure of themselves.

Anyway I guess I like Seventeen now dammit lol.
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 Kpop fans remain the actual worst. Both I and K, tbh.  I don't follow Suju at all, but the ridiculous attempt to get one of the members kicked out for getting married is so absurd.  It's similar to what Kfans did to Hyunseung to get him out of B2ST.  Then, over to the Ifan side. Which tbh, i think this group is worse than Kfans for the most part.  They're going after Jackson for wearing dreads in a commercial.  Don't even get me started on how stupid this is.  You don't think there's hundreds of Asians walking around wearing this type of hairstyle?  HOW does it affect you?  It doesn't.  Like I've said before, re:these stupid scandals. You call me when any of them commit an actual crime.  Everything else is just entitled behavior from fans.  Just stop policing behavior, forreal.  Idc whether it's someone's age gap relationship, or what someone writes in a piece of fiction (i.e. songs) or anything else.  Just STOP.  Mind your own business.  It's really not fucking hard.

In less stupid things, I have definitely turned into a Pentagon stan.  I was all over that new release.  Watched the MV multiple times, listened to the album multiple times, etc.  Waiting for the stages now, though I did watch the showcase and ahhhhh the choreo is so awesome.  I love how they combined all these retro dance moves with new/original stuff.  Edawn is such a good dancer too.  He moves very effortlessly.  His rap part was nice and annoying, just how I like ahahah.  

And yet, somehow I had to go and check out their Japanese release, well sorta.  I almost always avoid Kpop releases in Japanese bc they usually suck so much.  There were only two new songs and Hikari was boring, but I am OBSESSED with Get Down.  Mostly bc Edawn has several parts and he sounds just like he does in Korean.  I mean, honestly, his speaking voice is kinda deep so it's really a skill in and of itself that he can keep that fake voice on a consistent basis.  It actually cracks me up.

The sudden Pentagon standom is more or less due to the Triple H thing.  It made me realize how talented Hui and Edawn are and then I just fell all the way for the rest of the group.  

sink it

May. 21st, 2017 12:25 pm
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 Ajlasdjflkjldjflkjsd I'm so irritated at how slow Tunnel is being subbed here right at the end.  94% at Viki and not on DF at all yet.  I want to finish it so I can be ready to watch Lookout when it starts tomorrow.  I mean, it's a good show, has been a good show, but people freaking out about how good it is are kinda wrong lol.  Especially here towards the end.  But in general, it's just moved really slow and counts on characters not knowing what's going on or talking to each other even though it seems kinda obvious.  Best show so far for me this year is still by far Chief Kim.

In catching up with Kpop things...I watched a bunch of VIXX mvs last night and I kinda like theirs the best of what I've seen so far tbh.  I also watched their live of Black Out and it was the full song, Ravi did that third rap and the choreo was just straight rude lol.

Then as I was going through my dash on Tumblr, it seems like GOT7 members have basically told shippers to knock it tf off and I'm so amused.  Bam, Yugyeom and Jackson at least.  I knew they were my faves for a reason.  It's so gross and delusional honestly.  IMagine being a celeb or whatever and losers writing nasty shit about you and possibly your best/good friend.  It's such a stupid way to express fandom and my opinion on that will never change.  It's really just another form of stalker-type obsession.

I remember ppl in the VK fandom used to be so fucking defensive about it too. They'd be screeching BUT IT'S PART OF FANDOM DESU DESU.  nO IT'S not you tool.  Any time people are super defensive about something, you know they know it's trash already and are insecure.