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 Since I haven't kept up with EXO (lol no shit) I just realized last night that the K-version of Transformer obviously doesn't have Xiumin or Chen so I'm just listening to the Chinese versions of that one album right now.  I might like the Chinese version of Transformer better lol.  I just...really like Xiumin ok lol.  Especially when he gets that really rough-sounding voice tone.  Hnnnng.  He seems to have it more often in Chinese.  Also, Tao and Lay's lines, lol it's easy to tell the difference between their lines and the other two.  Xiumin sounds slightly better than Chen though.  I keep trying to explain my attraction to Xiumin but I really can't.  I keep thinking Baek is my fave but I don't think he isssssssssssssss.

The BTS album was finally announced and amg it sounds so pretentious already.  I hated like half of Wings so Idk.  I don't have a good feeling.  They need to stick to rap-heavy stuff bc their vocal line is shrill and annoying.  I mean, I'm interested in their comeback, but only on a very shallow level lol.  I never follow their stages and rarely watch their MVs.  There's been absolutely nothing about Pentagon's album though other than the showcase announcement so Idek what's going on there, but omg it's CUBE.  That's pretty much what they do.  They didn't announce CLC's comeback until like the last minute and then took forever, like right before release, for the details.  You'd think they'd treat Pentagon better, but apparently not.

And I've pretty much given up on Hyunseung getting a comeback le sigh.  HE's probably just gonna end up in the military. =/

In drama things, I finished Bad Guys and Bride of Habaek and I really want to get back to Sparrow, but now I'm interested in Task Force 38 and Prince's drama is on Viki and there was something else I saved on Viki too the last time I was there.  Plus I still want to go back to Mystic Nine besides, and there's a few J-dramas too that I wanted to watch before the end of the year.  Ugh dramas lol.  There's too many. It's no wonder I never get around to watching movies anymore.  My plan to watch list is so huge I'll never get to the end of it.

ETA - the new Victon mini is kinda boring, no real bops.  Otoh, I listened to the new Will Pan album yesterday and honestly thought it was pretty good, despite the weird plagiarism controversy from one of his songwriters.
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 At least I found out that new episodes of Tunnel will be airing next weekend.  I wasn't sure since I kept finding different things like them taking their own break and then how they would supposedly take a break for election stuff.  So now I'm free to watch the next two episodes available lol.  Plus there's two other dramas I'm planning to start next week.  Hopefully, assuming they end up on either DF or Viki, I haven't heard.  I keep forgetting which two those are lol.  It might be Lookout and Ji Chang Wook's new one.  Trying to avoid getting carried away where I end up putting a bunch of stuff on hold.  I already have that problem and my track record with restarting them isn't super good.

I did start Sparrow though.  I can't believe how looooong it is, but it seems interesting.  I like LI Yi Feng and I loooove that era of pretty much anything, but especially Shanghai lol.  I thought it was about gangsters, but it's actually about revolutionary stuff.  I'll probably start the Japanese ones I've been dying to watch after I finish Tunnel and Wu Xin.  I should probably try out Fighter of the Destiny though too.  Ugh so many dramas, so little time.

Found this awesome new VK band the other day called JILUKA.  I think, after a period of stagnation, that maybe VK is starting to find its sound again?  I also ended up trying out CLC, Cube's girl group.  I figured, kinda like I did with JYPE, welp, I like every other artist on their label, might as well try the girl group too.  Their newest mini was a jam, but I'm less than impressed with most of their previous efforts tbh.  Starting to realize that some of these labels, the bigger ones anyway, legit have a certain sound that carries across all their artists.  I'll probably never be overly into girl groups, but as long as it's a sound I like, I don't mind the change every now and then lol.  

It's funny, because I like divas, but I've just never gotten the appeal of girl groups.
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Ah man I listened to the new TEEN TOP album yesterday, finally. I was kinda putting it off because I had initially thought that L.Joe had been able to record with them, but when I found out that wasn't true, Idk it just made it hard lol. Honestly, it was really good for the most part, but the lack of L.Joe's raps left a gaping hole. There was too much Niel and CAP is not as good tbh. But the music and everything was good, it was a mature comeback.

The Junho albums I ordered off YesAsia came yesterday, but of course, not the poster. I haaaate how those always get separated and there's no tracking number either so I just have to kinda wait around for it to show up. I really like that he did a lot of his own composing and lyric-writing. Also, him and cats:

You always see all these Kpoppers with little dogs, but he's in love with cats, I love it, so cute.

My biggest quandary with my descent into Kpop is all the other music I have lol.  Like, I have a HUGE amount of music and artists that I follow that I've amassed over ten years, longer than ten years.  Most of it's on my harddrive, but I have a decent amount on CD and quite a lot on Spotify.  I'm still trying to keep track of new releases, but it's gotten so I have to write them down so I don't forget that they're out there.  Because, tbqh, about 75% of the time I really only want to listen to Kpop and I'm looking forward to the next Kpop comeback ahah, like now I think it's Yesung, Infinite, Vixx and whatever it is Hyuna's doing.  Still so mad that Cube didn't continue Troublemaker with Hyunseung.  And I'm even more mad that there's zero news or hinting about him having a solo at least.  I really hate that company lol, but at the same time I don't want them to fail because I really like BTOB.

Might as well write it down somewhere since I'm about to finish Goblin.  My upcoming drama strategy lol.  Watching Wu Xin currently and I don't plan to put that down, but I was only 5 eps from finishing Scarlet Heart Ryeo, so I'll probably restart that and finish it, then get back to Legend of the Blue Sea and THEN probably restart Ice Fantasy or Mystic Nine.  I'd kinda like to only have three going at one time.  ANymore than that and it really gets out of control.  I do want to start Sparrow though since it's being subbed on Viki.  But I assume it's being released slowly so it'll be a bit like watching a now-airing thing.

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What are you currently consuming?

Pretty Man. Yes, even though I have other dramas to finish and anime and all that jazz, I've been wanting to watch this. I'm enjoying it for the most part so far. It reminds of some of the better Taiwanese romcoms I've seen, with the surly main and cute, goofy girl. Also, the guy that just came in is hilarious. I think it's only 16 eps? Hopefully I'll get addicted and finish it lol. Been listening to E.via/Tymee lately and I'd like to hear more actual songs as she has a lot of...chaff so to speak.

What did you recently finish consuming

I finally finished BlazBlue Alter Memory and tbh, it sucked. It started out really cool, but then spiraled down into an incomprehensible mess. I watched the last ep in hopes of some kind of resolution, but nope. Also recently watched At The Gate of the Ghost and Tai Chi Zero. Both were not that great. The first one I didn't think the acting was all that good and the second was just Stephen Fung trying way too hard to be funny, quirky, clever, whatever. It was boring and pointless. Had some good fight scenes I guess though. I also finally got to M.I.A. and Lecca's new albums and I liked both for the most part, but wasn't blown away by either.

What will you consume next?

Will likely continue watching Pretty Man and I see that Minwoo's mini album is out and he is so fucking addictive, so I could see that turning into a binge on his discography lol.