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I gotta say, probably the number one thing that annoys me about SJW types, nevermind that I think most of what they espouse is oversensitive bullshit, but the DOUBLE STANDARDS, logic fails and general hypocrisy. Since this is not a politics blog, but a deriding KPop fans blog, obviously I'm going to use this on them right now lol. The main thing I'm noticing is that these idiots fail to apply their ridiculous "standards" on all groups equally. There's an insane amount of examples I could use, but right now I'm just gonna mention lyrics. Ok, so among boy groups, there are quite a lot of songs that have implicitly violent lyrics of a rather obviously sexual nature.

A certain community that shall not be yeah right, fucking Omona, is full to the brim of hypocritical snowflakes, and they are always ready to drag certain groups and nugus for these kinds of lyrics. On the other hand, you'll have 6 pages and nearly 300 comments of squeeing and general flail over Exo's Monster and ONE person, one solitary person mentioned the lyrics. Which, btw, contain such lines as:

1.I’m gonna mess you up
2.I’ll flip you over, break you down and swallow you up
3.I’m a bit impatient I’m not that gentle
4.I’ll play with you however I want
5.I’ll steal you and indulge in you

Some translations on music shows also included "I'll ruin you/break you".

Ok, there is no inventing alternate meanings for these lyrics. Like I said, implicitly violent and pretty obviously about sex.  Not much different, for example, from History's Psycho.  History (who are now history) got dragged for that song, p.much because they are not Exo, not from SM and obviously not containing enough "pretty" for these liars.

Again, this is only one example, there are a lot more.  The thing is, even if I think you're full of shit or disagree with what you're saying, if you are EVEN-HANDED with your crap, I'll at least give you that respect.  But if you can't even do that, then no, I don't respect anything that comes out of your mouth.

Me personally, when it comes to this kind of stuff, I don't care.  Songs are fiction.  If I don't want someone to believe that I 100% support the things I write about in my own fiction, then I will also give Exo (or any other group) the benefit of the doubt that they don't 100% support implicitly violent sexual lyrics.  And also, frankly, let's not pretend that this kind of thing is not hot in a fantasy context.  Maybe y'all have real trouble separating fantasy from real life, but I don't so. 
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 My gosh I love Lookout, but what I do not love is how alksjdflajksldfj SLOW DramaFever is being at subbing it.  Like, is it just not popular or what?  If that's the case, then people have no taste damn.  The two new eps of Suspicious Partner were out right away yesterday, but the freaking newest Lookout ones that would have aired Tuesday, didn't come out until today.  Freaking annoying I tell you what.  I'm also completely amazed that ppl are just now picking up on who the leader of the little justice cabal is.  Like what? Jinjja?  I figured that out in the first three episodes.  Y'all even slower than the DF subbers lol.

Favorite characters are Kim Young Kwang, then Key, then the hacker girl and then the former detective.  The latter is actually rather annoying.  She's just too freaking emotional.  I kinda liked her at first, but it's gone down since then since she's displayed some dumbness, or a lot of dumbness.  I just can't like overly emotional characters that make a bunch of dumb decisions all the time.  She even lost her freaking gun at the very start of a fight.  Don't even carry one then damn.  Either way, I can't wait for that fat prosecutor and his kid-killing son to bite it.  Waiting for new eps of this show is actually so stressful.

Meanwhile, I'm four episodes from finishing I Hear Your Voice.  I was sugoi addicted to it until I got to episode 14 and then I started not wanting it to end ahahah.  All the twists have been great and actually, the love triangle was real.  MOst dramas make it extremely obvious who's gonna win out and this one wasn't.  Even though I was rooting for Suha, I had doubts more than once that she was ever going to see him.  They're dragging the last twist about Suha's dad and the evil truck driver out right to the final moments though, I can tell.

Suspicious Partner, Idk if that last ep was a false narrative or what, but now I'm so full of doubts on that guy they just released vs the creepy CSI guy.  I'm basically watching all law and order shows right now.  I guess it's easy to see where my preferences are lol.
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 I told you I wasn't sure what was happening here lol.  But I have the DEAD END tribute album to wax on about.  I love DEAD END, first of all.  I have massive listens on a previous profile and I further love Morrie, so any compliments I pay these covers are not just rhetoric.  I won't stand for awfulness.  I suppose I should say what I listen for in covers, I don't really like bands making the song completely their own.  I like when they essentially do the original very well, but with their own sound.  Idk if that makes sense.  I want to be able to hear both the original and the cover sound.

To start though, basically the first song is Hyde on vocals and you know what?  The rest of the album has a high standard to live up to.  Hyde fucking kills it and I'm not even joking.  I couldn't even tell the difference between him and Morrie in parts.  Like, wow, I didn't know you had that in you, Trouble lol.

Next up is Ryuichi, who is also one of my favorite vocalists ever, but I'm not sure he's suited to cover Morrie?  We shall see.  Two different vocal styles.  Yeah, it's a good song in its own right, but does it do Morrie justice?  Not really.

The Godsend by Kiyoharu is next and I really don't like him.  The music works, but his voice, nope nope nope.

Next is the Night Song with Siam Shade's vocalist on.  I should point out that most of the music is on point, but a large part of my love for DEAD END was Morrie, so I'm focusing on vocals lol.  Anyway, 栄喜, he's fine.  A little high, but he's got all the techniques down.

Serafine has the vocalist of Ali Project on, so a female vocalist and this is my favorite song so prepare for harshness lol.  The music is awesome.  Keeps the spirit of the song, with some added mysteriousness.  But yeah, I don't think I can hang with her singing.  Too much vibrato, too much of a generic voice with not a lot of vocal ability.  A member of Kalafina or Kalafina period would be more qualified.  She's got no passion or insistence, eww.   Sugizo was on guitar though and that was literally the only reason the song was decent.  Should have left the vocals out.

So Sweet So Lonely features Yasu from JDA.  I...rarely like his voice and I don't really expect him to touch Morrie.  However, to be honest, he's pretty good here.  This isn't a complicated song, doesn't have a lot of his extra touches and he's at least keeping up with the original, showing he has range, etc.  Yeah, that was good.

Spider in the Brain is Tetsu from Nil.  He's an example of a guy who really has no hope of touching Morrie so he puts his own spin on it.  And frankly, it works.  Morrie did occasionally affect these really harsh, punky vocals and Tetsu is really working that.

Dress Burning is the guy from Aucifer and I really have no opinion.  He doesn't sound a bit like Morrie and I don't think he's even trying.  Music kinda loses too.  Figures though, Hizaki on guitar.

I also don't know who BAKI is on Perfume of Violence.  Music is great though.  And similar to Tetsu of Nil, this guy works the harsh vocals to decent effect.

Cali-gari does Blind Boy Project.  They really don't reference the original song very well either.  Just a Cali-gari song.

Finally we get Aki of Laputa on Sacrifice of the Vision.  I like Aki, but I think his vocal ability is limited.  I like his take, I guess, but it's definitely not at all reminiscent of Morrie.  The overuse of keyboards in this song is also kinda not cool.k

The Boris shoegaze version of Song of Lunatics is also pretty much their song with no real resemblance to the original.

Winners:  Hyde hands down, honorable mentions to Yasu and Tetsu and Sugizo for at least partially saving Serafine
Losers:  the chick from Ali Project for ruining Serafine and Kiyoharu's yodeling or whatever he calls it.

To sum up?  I want to listen to some actual DEAD END now and I want Hyde to do a full tribute album with only him on vocals.   Thank you and good night.