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 Still watching Sparrow and my gosh is that Bicheng chick annoying.  She is such a flower vase.  Does absolutely nothing but pine over Chen Shen.  Even the actress chick is more tolerable than her.  Lol, Li Yi Feng is so hot in this though.  Like, this is a character I would write.  His face when he's listening to the actress girl's fake tears was straight hilarious.  He was all, wtf is this shit.  In other drama crap, I'm so tired of the romance in RMOM.  It's incredibly contrived and soppy.  You really expect me to believe they fell in love at first sight over some fireflies? Pleaaaase.  So annoying.  I'm lowkey mad that I'm still watching it tbh.

Lookout however, remains flawfree.  DF actually got the new eps out early today so I watched both right away.  I was so stressed when I thought Kyungsu was gonna get caught lol.  Damn that priest dude has a deep voice.  I haven't caught onto what his role is yet, but he's obviously helping Dohan in some capacity.

Meanwhile, in ridiculous Kpop that an UP10TION member had to take a break due to stress stemming from...get this, bullying over fake sex assault claims.  So not only is there a bunch of nonsense sex assault claims over there, but now freaking netizens can just accuse a guy of it and it sticks.  Like, what even.  I'm srsly sick of that even being a thing and everyone jumping to take the girl's side all the time, when more often than not it turns out to be fake, but CERTAIN sites don't even report the fakery.  No one stops to think for a second how the guy might be affected by having his name dragged through the mud. People are trash.

Then that whole TOP thing escalated quickly.  Apparently he overdosed.  I'm curious as to why they're all lying about it though.  The description of him being in a deep sleep is a total benzo overdose symptom so Idk why they're trying to spin it as something else.  It's unfortunate, but benzos are addictive and he should consider getting professional help.

Was watching all the Triple H bts stuff last night and whoaaaa Edawn is ripped lol.  He seems like such a weirdo too, but then he's all ripped.  Idk how to feel about that tbh.  Hui is totally not my type, but I still think he's cute.  Hyuna looks so good with the natural shade of red hair.

In completely unrelated commentary, it unreasonably bugs me when people refuse to use stage names.  Like, do you feel somehow cooler that you know their real names or are referring to them by their real names?  Idk, the whole fans always trying to be close to celebs in some way is weird to me.
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I think my favorite thing about this site is the random icon option when you post, otherwise it's frankly quite shitty in every way.  People loved to complain about every new thing Livejournal did all the time, but this site is essentially what an old, unupdated LIvejournal looks like.  It seemed like there used to be more icon slots too, but now you have to pay and it's like hahah yeah right.  Oh the other thing I love is this skull mood theme and the one where it has a coffee.

So I'm almost done with Goblin, one more episode to go.  I honestly can't believe people were complaining about the girl's acting, like seriously?  She was absolutely great.  You really felt the weight of her emotions in every scene.  And since i'm one of those jerks who largely ignores the female characters, that coming from me is very rare.  The last few episodes I was seriously getting confused on who remembered what lol.  But probably my favorite part, other than that hilariously gay scene where the Reaper tries to hide the Goblin from Duk Hwa, is where he tells Sunny his name is Wang Yeo.  It was subtle, but it felt like the hardest thing he'd ever had to say.  There's some fine acting in this show, honestly.  All the mains are truly fantastic and I can rarely seriously say that about any show.  There's always someone overacting like fuck.

Still pressing on with Wu Xin.  That commander cracks me up bc he makes the most ridiculous faces.  Speaking of overacting...lool.  Main guy though has some abs damn.  I feel like I've seen the Yue Ya girl in something before.  Waiting for Mike D'Angelo to show up, I haven't seen him in a minute.

Saw an article about fans hating Junno from KAT-TUN for I guess leaving and going solo and ugh that whole thing frustrates me so much.  On one hand, I can understand bc it's like, wow, you knew KT was hanging by a thread and then you just bailed anyway.  PLUS, not even to change your path, but to release solo music.  And honestly, his solo music so far has been really sub-par.  I thought when he had solos with KT that his voice was pretty strong, but his solos have shown so far that it's not.  I like Junno a lot and lowkey want him to succeed, but I'm not pretending these singles have been good and honestly, leaving and then making a U-turn on music was kinda shitty.

Was perusing AKP yesterday and saw some article about D-list celebs namedropping BTS or whatever and their fans eating it up.  Tbh, in all my years of following Asian music, I have NEVER understood why other fans are so jonesing for them to get recognition here.  Like, just stop.  It won't happen.  They'll get recognition as a curiosity, nothing more.   Americans have no tolerance for foreign acts and they especially seem to have something against Asians.  Plus the celebrity culture is totally different here.  If the choice is being recognize as a curiosity or not recognized at all, I'd choose the latter.


Apr. 10th, 2017 10:53 am
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People on LJ are having a freakout again and moving to this completely dead fucking site where a person can basically blog in complete public anonymity lol. At least, that's what it seems like.  I dug this link out of my bookmarks, so I thought I'd update it with a Monday Media Meme, because why not.

What are you currently consuming?

- For some reason I haven't listen to much music the last few days except some shuffling Kpop and BTS in my car. Not reading anything either.  I am actively watching two dramas though: Goblin and Wu Xin Monster Killer.  Only three episodes to go in Goblin and it finally got really good, though I'm not entirely sure where they'll go in the next three since the Goblin died.  Wu Xin is a Chinese web drama I think.  They basically explain nothing of why Wu Xin is the way he is, which they actually don't even explain that.  Some ghosty woman points out that he has no breath or heartbeat.  So he's a vampire monk?  Idek, but it's amusing and entertaining.

What did you recently finish?

- I pretended I finished Chief Kim last month, but in reality I was procrastinating on that last episode because I didn't want it to end.  It's probably my favorite Kdrama to date, beating my previous faves of Neighborhood Hero and Healer.  I admit Junho was a big part of that.  His acting was so good and he's just incredibly attractive ahahah.  In music, the last thing of note I was listening to was one of MYNAME's Japanese albums.

What will you consume next?

- Well, assuming I finish Goblin in the next day or so, I'll probably go back to Legend of the Blue Sea and I might try to start Sparrow since it's being subbed on Viki.  Then I'll probably pick out one of my other on-hold dramas, like Scarlet Heart Ryeo.  In music, the only thing on tap is Teen Top's new album.  I just saw something on Soompi though that seemed to suggest that L.Joe was only on the title song.  That's a crushing disappointment, if true.