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 Ok, as much as I like the War and half of the previous two albums, tbqh, I like CBX more.  I could do without the rest of the group, just give me those three lol.  Chen looks like an old-timey actor for some reason, Idek why I like Xiumin and Baekhyun....ahahah.  I can just tell he's a brat.  Or kind of a jerk, depending on which way you want to look at it.  He is exactly right my type lol.

I've been alternately obsessed with Hey Mama and Ka-Ching.  The thing is, even in the regular EXO songs, Chen and Baek get most of the lines most of the time.  The rest are so largely forgettable lol.  The Hey Mama mini is so quality.  Parts of Girls isn't bad, but I just cannot get completely behind Japanese releases most of the time. Unless it's all I got, like with Junho lol.  I still preferred his One album though.

Heh, so my journey to avoid avoiding Sparrow got EVEN MORE derailed last night when I discovered that Taec's new drama was airing.  It's this thing about a cult and I'm waiting for it to skip time bc dude, Taec cannot pass for a high schooler anymore ok.  The cult leader is the smarmy dude from the K2 and that's just a totally perfect casting choice tbh.

New Bride of Habaek episode last night as well and I was totally waiting for Nam Joo Hyuk to get his unfortunate angry facial tic when he caught the demigod dude on top of his woman, but amazingly he didn't. Progress!  Him and Ji Soo need to hurry up and get better at acting bc wtf all my faves are going to the military lately.  I've been angsting over Ji Chang Wook for months and then it was announced that Lee Jong Suk is going too and I was like, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  But it got worse.  Lee Soo Hyuk is ALSO going.  All my creys.  

That leaves me with Hong Jonghyun, L and Junho lol.  NO seriously, those three were my faves. D:

I'm also getting increasingly worried that Hyunseung is going to get his sooner rather than later and then I will really cry.  Especially since he hasn't had a proper comeback yet.  If he'd had that, I could handle it.  Maybe.

This is an un-cranky entry, so I need to add a bit of crank.  I find it REALLY annoying, as in it's turning into a pet peeve, when people insist on using real names instead of stage names.  Like, whY?  They clearly gave themselves stage names for a reason, Idk why you have to insist on using their real names like you're patting yourself on the back for knowing them or something, especially when they're common knowledge.  Is it the American need for things to be "real" or what?  Like it seriously bugs me.
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 I don't understand the hype over NCT 127 at ALL. I guess this is why SM antis hate SM stans so much bc they really are ridiculous.  I'm not so much an SM anti, I can't be since I like Taemin, SHINee and NCT 127 (yes I like them, but I also think they're overrated), but I definitely don't like the company either based on what they did to the Chinese Exo members for example, plus, other than giving most of their idols decent vocal training, what do they do that's so unique?  I don't hear/see anything.  But back to NCT 127.  I can't believe the constant splooge over this group when I see very little that sets them apart from any other group with three minis to their name.  The new one, Cherry Bomb, was probably their best so far, though the title track was boring af.  Video was also boring af.  Rn, they would get my vote as the top most overrated new Kpop group.

Anyway, Jongup finally started his promotions and amg that first stage was super hot.  Not much new from Pentagon yet.  I've watched I think two perfs of their new song, but it could have been the same one aired by different networks I'm not sure lol.  I need more bc I love that choreo sfm.  YesAsia finally has all my Pentagon stuff in too so hopefully it will ship soon ahahah.  Fingers super crossed that I get Edawn in any member specific crap. Was trying to figure out where this addiction lies on my Kpop addiction scale. I'm not sure, but I think it's trending towards pretty epic. Probably second only to GOT7.  

Dragged myself away from Kpop on YT last night to watch the new Lookout eps.  Show is flawfree.  Kim Young Kwang is so perfect in this role, his expressions are so sinister.  Plus I love how he goes from annoying ditz to ruthless guy bent on revenge.  I haven't caught up with Mask at all.  Who knows when/if I will.

Warriors won the Finals a few days ago.  People who think sports are rigged are really amusing.  Short of some vast amazing conspiracy, it's a lot less possible than you think.  THere's a lot of freaking variables, especially in baseball, but honestly, in every sport.  To imagine that people are playacting it takes a mighty big stretch of the imagination.  And people who think this have no evidence except for what, coaches having military backgrounds?  Like, what?  You don't think that might help in managing large groups of alpha males and concocting strategies? Nah.

Now, do I think there's some attempt at fixing going on in certain games? Absolutely.  Nothing is ever as pure as you want it to be. Nothing.

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 Honestly, I think I'm on the verge of getting seriously addicted to VIXX lol.  I've always really liked their music, it has a different vibe to it vs most other Kpop groups.  But dang this last mini was fire.  I listened to it like three or four times in a row, which is pretty rare for me with ANYTHING, even Kpop.  The first three songs were so good and Black Out was sexy af.  Their vocals improved a lot and I like Ravi's raps for sure.  No one is really attractive to me in that group, except maybe Hong Bin, but that won't really stop me from getting addicted to their music lol.

I was listening to my KPop shuffle last night though and BAP's Dystopia came on and it sounds like such a rapcore song and I'd love to give it to someone who didn't know BAP or Kpop and see what they thought lol.  I know for a fact it would have intrigued tf out of me back when I hated Kpop.  But then again, they didn't make those kind of quality songs back then so, impossible theory is impossible. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)