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2018-07-02 01:02 pm
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sticky time

 Doesn't look like this thing has a sticky options, so back to the old future-dated thing lmao.  This site is dead, but JUST IN CASE.  Here's the tl;dr version of my blog:

- not friends-only

- not personal

- mostly obsessed with Kpop

- loads of unpopular opinions

- problematic af

- tendency to really hate fandom

- sometimes posts about other random junk (I like a lot of stuff)

Kpop Biases

- GOT7

- Pentagon

- Hyunseung

- Junho


- Other faves include Taemin, BAP, VIXX, 2PM, INFINITE, BTOB, Boys Republic

- Doesn't exactly hate BTS

You don't have to ask my permission to follow or however this thing works.  If you also post about Kpop obsessively, let me know and I'll probably want to follow you around like a creep too.
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2017-09-20 03:39 pm

you're gonna like this play

 There's some Japanese albums out, or that will be coming out, that I'm interested in hearing.  So I pulled up my bookmarks to find my Jmusic dl sites and subsequently found out that they're gone.  I guess I picked the right time to lose interest bc if Japan is going to srsly make it that difficult to listen to their music, then I give up.  IMagine realizing that on the same day that Namie Amuro, JPop queen, announces she's gonna retire next year.

But check out all the ways Japan forcefully LIMITS a foreigner's ability to listen to their music:

- Can't buy anything digitally at iTunes or Amazon without jumping through hoops

- IMporting shit is more or less expensive af depending on the yen conversion

- Limited selection on Spotify and just like the digital dl places, there's a separate Spotify Japan that you can't access

- Now they're apparently cracking down on downloads

Yeah so, honestly, I more or less give up.  There's a few albums I have interest in hearing, which I'll probably either buy or hit up PSCK, which makes me wonder about that service and how legal it is and if it isn't, when will IT be cracked down on.  Those albums are really just Junno, Spyair and UVERworld lol.  I've been going on a deleting spree too for my harddrive music bc I started to realize that I'm probably not going to listen to at least half of it ever again.

Idk if this is the fault of Kpop or if I just got tired over being an OCD hoarder of music that i listen to once and be like YAS and then never touch it again lol.

IN Kpop news though, GOT7 is coming back next month and I'm at once excited and apprehensive.  I still feel like the Jackson thing hasn't revealed its ending yet.  I hope not, but...

I was trying to figure out how EXO shot into my number one group spot, but I think I got it (shawty I got it).  Basically, I went into GOT7 and Pentagon with a clear bias and to this day, I still don't have anyone in either group that is even close to the members I bias.  GOT7 seem fairly close, but Pentagon aren't all that funny together probably bc they're not.  But EXO, I lowkey didn't like, or thought I didn't, so it was all music for awhile.  The only members I knew were Baekhyun, Lay and Kai.  I liked the former two bc of seeing them in shows.  But the more I got sucked in, it was never immediately clear who I stanned the most, and even now though it's Baek, Xiumin and Chen are bias wreckers extraordinaire and ofc I still like Lay and now Chanyeol and Sehun.  I don't exactly hate Kai, but I still sometimes forget Suho and DO exist lol.

I do this though, and especially with a group like EXO that I lowkey hated for some time.  I tried to avoid and insist that they weren't crawling up my bias list (creepin in your heart babe), but it didn't work and now look where I am lmao.
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2017-09-18 10:53 am
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Like a hot cocoa in the winter

 Only I don't like hot cocoa just like I don't like BTS vocal line's insistence on freaking using falsetto.  I admit I'm going into this with high levels of annoyance but I'll try to be objective.  I kinda like DNA, parts of it, but it seems to go nowhere.  Best of Me continues with the falsetto to the point where i'm like....are they incapable of using anything else?  I mean, it didn't used to bug me as much bc there was more rapping, but lately it seems they've given more lines to the vocalists and it's just....not working for me.

The frickin falsetto is honestly hurting my ears.  Wings was hella disappointing, but this is just...

I feel like...Bye BTS I hardly knew ye lol.  Ok, not hardly as I've been listening to them for a little while now, but they're going in a different direction and I don't like it.  I mean, for starters, are they really going to lean lines towards their vocalists when they're so freakin' weak?  That actually makes me kinda mad.  I'll just wait patiently for more mixtapes from Suga. 

Even Mic Drop is boring compared to their usual.  Ugh.

Final word: repetitive, autotuned, shrill 1/5 would not repeat
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2017-09-14 01:30 pm
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Me and BTS

Are actually not really a thing.  I like Suga and I mostly like their music, but that's about where it ends.  I can't really get into ~them~ as a group.  They come off very extra and fake to me and I won't lie, I don't like the Western hobnobbing and lobbying for that sort of popularity.  I also won't lie that their fandom is VERY annoying and especially the group that jumped in after they appeared on Billboard.

Contrast that with EXO who are definitely not lobbying for Western approval and suddenly their fandom seems largely sane in comparison.  But, as much as I tried not to be, I got sucked into them as a group too.  I like most of their members and especially stan ChenBaekXi lol. I can't really deny it anymore.  It took three years to get the same amount of BTS plays as I now have of EXO and three years to have twice as many GOT7 plays.  Even Pentagon hasn't quite matched that lol.

I'm sort of glad I ended up more into EXO in the end though lol.  Even if partially bc my former stalker is a BTS fan, and a Billboard jumper besides.  I didn't know that though until I had more or less already made my choice.   It ultimately has way more to do with them as a group and their concepts, which I'm generally 100% not into.  They're constantly going for soft, fluffy concepts and it annoys me so much.  Like, that is my #1 dislike with Kpop boygroups.  I'm glad GOT7 said they'd never do another cute concept, Pentagon probably won't either since that's not Cube's style and obviously EXO doesn't do that, I mean they're ~aliens~ ffs.

I'll take some made-up fantasy shit over soft and fluffy any day of the week lol.
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2017-09-13 10:00 am
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in things I think

 I think the Chinese tension is doing some interesting things to groups with Chinese members. First, JYPE took Jackson out of all further GOT7 promotions in Japan.  He's also getting a shitton of hate from Chinese fans, but I would bet money that's related to him calling out shippers.  Either way, his position in GOT7 suddenly seems really tenuous.

Then there's Lay.  His situation seems a little more obvious to me.  My guess is that SM is going to keep him solo.  He's not gonna bail on his contract and stuff like the other ones did, but I bet SM sees that he can make them money promoting solo in the Chinese market so he's probably going to de facto leave EXO.  I think it's funny the people who are burying their heads in the sand about it too like, shouldn't you be prepared?  The writing is kinda on the wall lol.

I mean, he's freaking filming an MV in Korea apparently and yet he obviously did not promote with EXO on the repackage.  Idk it seems so obvious to me lol.

All my top bias groups have Chinese members so it's interesting how this is playing out.

Oh yeah and my gosh BTS is really starting to annoy me.  Now they're working with some douchebro Western group for their new album and it's just like...srsly.  And their fans keep acting like this is something to brag about.  Well, some fans, not all fans.  Like Omona for example.  They need to quit being so reasonable lately lol it's interrupting my hate.
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2017-09-06 10:25 am
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it's comeback time

So I've made it through the EXO, Pentagon and BAP comebacks lol. First, I suck at MVs. I just...never find them that gripping. Even from my favorite groups. I might watch them around five times AT MOST. Stages are my thing so I'm mostly waiting for a chance to watch those. But in terms of the music and whatnot...

EXO obviously only had three songs. Power was not exactly what I expected, but my gosh it was sticky af. LIke, I was barely paying attention to it when I watched the MV but it was in my head afterwords. Nevertheless, it's not my favorite. That title goes to Boomerang, which is the kind of song like Ko Ko Bop that I can binge on. Whhich, lol, apparently a certain section of the fandom *coughomonacough* hates Ko Ko Bop. Somehow I think it has very little to do with the actual song, but I digress. Sweet Lies is apparently the fandom fave and lmao, no. It's so boring. It's not even Chill levels. It's no different than half their disco of ballads that I skiiip. It's sad, bc they obviously have some really good vocalists in Baekhyun and Chen, but they honestly don't do a good job showcasing them.

Unlike Pentagon who have Hui and Jinho and their ballads typically do NOT feature overuse of falsetto. So their MV was honestly boring and some combo of Save Me, Not Today and at least a couple of GOT7 MVs lol. I've seen it before. The song was...nice. I really liked 오늘까지만 the most on the album, followed by the rapline's song.  I'm waiting for some better stages, but right now I'm underwhelmed by the choreo too. =/

BAP's single was solid.  Didn't bother watching the MV but I'll definitely be watching the stages.  Oh yeah just watched the Honeymoon one, super epic.  Jongup and Yongguk dude.

In boring things...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  Those BTS teasers lol.
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2017-09-04 10:32 am

girl you know you got me up

 Looool I came across the clip from Scarlet Heart where Baek's prince character and his wife kiss.  I remembered finding that scene very amusing when I was watching it, but I never actually quite noticed the looks Baek gives her, not once, but TWICE.  The girl asks him if she's pregnant after she kisses him and that look he gives her is like, hahah not yet lol.  Then the SECOND time she asks before they go inside, it's even more obvious in his eyes/expression.  What's funny to me is that this was probably his best-acted scene in the whole show, bc most of the time he was just being goofy, i.e. basically himself.  So that tells me that he's very experienced in giving out that "look" lmao.

I know his type lol.

RIP to him being OMona's most-hated EXO member though.  I think the Kai stans basically changed that all by themselves with that last post lol.  Tbh, they definitely helped fuel my dislike of EXO initially though.  It just seemed like they were all constantly being douches, but honestly, when I actually looked through old posts to find out why, I found nothing gripping at all.  So they have some weird joke with Kai's skin tone, that's kind of their business and you really can't judge as an outside whether it's funny to Kai or not.  You can't be all, well he looked uncomfortable.  Like, I don't personally understand Korea's obsession with skintone.  I was looking at some beauty products on this one site and like half of them were for whitening or brightening skin lmao.  But you know what?  It's really not my business.  I'm not going to police their culture.

The only other things were easily debunked and the white power t-shirt lool, which I freaking seriously doubt Baekhyun is a white supremacist dudes so I wouldn't worry about a dumb shirt.  Supposedly people were also mad at him and that girl he was dating (and probably still is) for using their instas and group names or whatever to flirt with each other.  Personally I find that hilarious.  I like idol guys who give no fucks.

I've also now heard him singing live offstage and whatnot and he's definitely good.  I finally also saw a CBX perf where they were live.  I heard a lot of differences in their lines, plus extra breathing in lines during dance parts, but overall they were actually really good.  I didn't hear any flubs, though Baek was slacking in his dancing lol.  I think I already said, but I honestly am more into CBX than EXO, even though the latter are getting all the plays just by default.  I would be way more excited about a new CBX announcement though let me tell you.

I loved hearing that he would have been a vocal coach if he hadn't become an idol and I'm like yessss.  Sign me up lol.
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2017-09-01 11:17 am

well that's a first

 Two things really.  One, that I agreed with the consensus at Omona and two, that I more or less changed my original stance on it.  Unfortunately, my kneejerk reaction to SJW and people that come out with pitchforks, is to defend the person who's being attacked.  This is, of course, in reference to the Taemin and Kai comments on a girl group member's dancing.  So at first I was like, well, Kai didn't lie, most girl group choreo IS easier.  But after actually watching the clip, I realized that whether he was speaking truths or not, that wasn't the point.  The girl was talking about how difficult it was for HER and after doing a bit of the dance, was all out of breath and whatnot and the MCs then started to tease her, saying it didn't look tiring and things like that.

They then asked Taemin and Kai's opinions and Taemin essentially didn't address whether it was hard or tiring or not, but chose to comment on various techniques used.  Unfortunately, Kai basically went with the MCs and said it didn't look hard/tiring to him with some implication that boygroup choreos were harder anyway.  You could tell by her face that the comment was kind of a blow and the show reinforced it by adding an animation of a missile hitting her.

So obviously I'm very much not a Kai fan but I was more or less ready to defend him UNTIL I watched the whole thing and further saw his ridiculous stans bending over backwards to defend him.  Then I was like, yeah, no it was rude.  Someone at Omona made a good analogy of being a professional chef and sitting down to a dinner that someone put a lot of work into, but to you the food is underwhelming, so you go ahead and tell them that.  Like...?  That's just rude and inappropriate.  And mean and petty tbqh.  There's loads of other examples you could use, but I'm pretty sure no one would like to be told by someone that their effort was not that gripping bc that person personally doesn't find it hard or tiring.

What I seriously do NOT understand is why his stans were trying to defend that.  I'm serious, these stans were going all out with the excuses for why it wasn't rude or whatever, Idek.  Because, on what planet is that not rude and petty to elevate yourself by putting someone else down?  I mean, your biases are not perfect, it's not hard to say, yeah he shouldn't have said that and move on with your life.  It's just...really?  If the roles were reversed and it was Taemin who made the disparaging comment, I'd be like wow, that's a douchey thing to say.  I certainly wouldn't defend him.  Tbqh it might even have lowered my opinion of him a little bit.

Tbh Kai really annoys me anyway.  I find his inability to dial back so that EXO will look better as a group, very offputting, and I further think he's overrated as a dancer too.  Like, I'll take Taemin any day and I don't even really like SHINee.  But his stans make him even MORE annoying to me somehow.
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2017-08-29 01:13 pm

i see u gaiz

 Hahah, is it a coincidence that she sang this song (see english trans) with Edawn WITH Edawn, not featuring Edawn, and that he had a big part in writing it?

Lol I think not.

ETA - I have a history of falling for the smug jerks and Baekhyun is apparently right my type lol
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2017-08-28 10:28 am

Imma party till the sun down

 Finished Bride of Habaek finally.  I think this is what we call a fairly cliche plot that was mostly executed well.  A lot of the really dramatic bits mostly fizzled out and there was no real "bad guy" or showdown or anything like that.  Very romance manga-ish lol.  I ended up mostly liking all the characters though, even bird brain.  Also, even though Nam Joo Hyuk is for sure a questionable actor, I think he embodied his character really well.  That is, I got the feeling that Habaek was a really naive and immature god and so his cute confused looks half the time I think really fit.  Even him being overly aggressive at times felt right.  Like, here is a guy who has no idea how to act around people lol.  Maybe his questionable acting just made him fall into that Idek, but either way it worked for the role.

Tried to catch up on the King Loves but it's still not gripping me very much.  As I said previously, just really freaking convoluted and someone's always randomly getting kidnapped and plotting and it's just ugh...  All I know is that I really like Hong Jonghyun and Yoona to a certain extent.

I finally got into OneHallyu lol.  The "who's gay" threads are farking hilarious.  If you believed these loonies, everyone in Kpop minus 1 or 2 per group are gay, even the girls!  As someone posted: when will these ppl admit that they're disgusting yaoi/yuri fetishists lol.  What's even more hilarious is all the "evidence" they use and are super serious how they post too so you can tell they actually fucking believe it.  I think the funniest bit that I saw was this: 

Like tell me that isn't the biggest DUH ever.  Do you think that person will learn from it though?  Probably not.  It's also proof that they really are taking it seriously.  I've never really been in a non-Asian fandom so I can't say if the people in other fandoms are this freaking crazy.  They might be though bc I remember reading some stuff about the LOTR movies and Harry Potter that was pretty nuts.  Idk, scary that there's so many lunatics out there tbh.

What else?  I'm not sure if I'm an EXO or CBX fan tbh.  Probably the latter.  It's weird bc obviously CBX is IN EXO lol.  But I mean, with Exo, you figure, I only like the entire War album.  Half of Lotto and the other one are trash.  Otoh, I love all the CBX songs.  Even the Japanese ones and I'm sugoi hard on Kpop in Japan.  I also don't really care about any other Exo members other than CBX.  Except maybe Lay, but honestly, I still think he'll leave.  I came across this thing from a former SM trainee, who was American, and he basically said Tao and Lay would leave.  Obviously Tao did, but I mean...Lay not being in the War and such, I just lowkey bet that they'll sort of slowly cut him out and he'll just be in the China market releasing solos and acting.

So yeah I'm pretty sure it's CBX I stan lol, it's just EXO gets dragged along for the ride Idek.
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2017-08-25 09:14 am

level up that

 I keep seeing stuff saying that the King Loves isn't meeting ratings and expectations and all that and honestly, I'm not surprised.  It's convoluted and annoying.  Meanwhile, I've been putting off watching the last episode of Bride for who knows what reason.  I do this with dramas I like Idek lol.  I'll still probably finish the King Loves...probably.  I think I'm more than halfway through, but still, it could get worse lol.

Finally was able to get to a screen on One Hallyu to send my validation email.  Istg I've been trying to get into that comm for months now.  It's the only ifan hangout that has fairly sharp people who don't subscribe to the SJW hypocrisy.  I'm constantly amazed, though I shouldn't be, how freaking arrogant these people are.  With the Wanna One guy thing, they're now basically saying that Westerners and English takes priority over Korean.  Like, Koreans can't use their language in a certain way bc it triggers Westerners.  Like...what is this actual Western-centric arrogant hypocrisy here?    They're basically saying that Kpop idols should learn Western culture and proper English before being allowed to debut.  Honestly, fuck ifans.  Most of them don't even buy stuff so they're a small slice of Kpoppers incomes anyway.  They get way more from Asian countries outside of Korea vs Westerners.  But isn't it just typical that these people would do the absolute least but demand to be completely catered to?  

It's no wonder people stereotype "stupid Americans" around the world.  Acting like they and English are the top priority compared to anyone else.

Other fun things I found on ONeHallyu, apparently as a trainee Mark got in some argument with Hui that somehow also involved BAP's Youngjae and a Day6 guy translating lmao.  How the heck Mark.  Hui seems so easygoing too like hoooww lol.

I finally got into watching some Exo non-music stuff...well CBX anyway lol.  A few interviews basically.  I love the radio shows anyway bc the hosts are always so funny.  Them trying to explain the "hey mama" thing was amusing.  They oddly didn't seem to know?  It's basically old American slang and someone involved in the concept clearly knew bc the MV was all retro.  I also realized that Baekhyun doesn't have his ears pierced.  I find that super attractive just bc it stands out since most Kpop guys do have their ears pierced.  

Baekhyun is just such a music nerd lol.  And he has the sliest smile.  That tells me everything I need to know about him tbh.
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2017-08-23 11:08 am
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Tick tick boom boom bout to blow

 Since I haven't kept up with EXO (lol no shit) I just realized last night that the K-version of Transformer obviously doesn't have Xiumin or Chen so I'm just listening to the Chinese versions of that one album right now.  I might like the Chinese version of Transformer better lol.  I just...really like Xiumin ok lol.  Especially when he gets that really rough-sounding voice tone.  Hnnnng.  He seems to have it more often in Chinese.  Also, Tao and Lay's lines, lol it's easy to tell the difference between their lines and the other two.  Xiumin sounds slightly better than Chen though.  I keep trying to explain my attraction to Xiumin but I really can't.  I keep thinking Baek is my fave but I don't think he isssssssssssssss.

The BTS album was finally announced and amg it sounds so pretentious already.  I hated like half of Wings so Idk.  I don't have a good feeling.  They need to stick to rap-heavy stuff bc their vocal line is shrill and annoying.  I mean, I'm interested in their comeback, but only on a very shallow level lol.  I never follow their stages and rarely watch their MVs.  There's been absolutely nothing about Pentagon's album though other than the showcase announcement so Idek what's going on there, but omg it's CUBE.  That's pretty much what they do.  They didn't announce CLC's comeback until like the last minute and then took forever, like right before release, for the details.  You'd think they'd treat Pentagon better, but apparently not.

And I've pretty much given up on Hyunseung getting a comeback le sigh.  HE's probably just gonna end up in the military. =/

In drama things, I finished Bad Guys and Bride of Habaek and I really want to get back to Sparrow, but now I'm interested in Task Force 38 and Prince's drama is on Viki and there was something else I saved on Viki too the last time I was there.  Plus I still want to go back to Mystic Nine besides, and there's a few J-dramas too that I wanted to watch before the end of the year.  Ugh dramas lol.  There's too many. It's no wonder I never get around to watching movies anymore.  My plan to watch list is so huge I'll never get to the end of it.

ETA - the new Victon mini is kinda boring, no real bops.  Otoh, I listened to the new Will Pan album yesterday and honestly thought it was pretty good, despite the weird plagiarism controversy from one of his songwriters.
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2017-08-22 01:08 pm

do you have any idea how stupid we are?


That's fandom lol.  The thing is, I regret to inform you that I really don't honestly care what an idol says or does 90% of the time, 95% maybe.  Only real exceptions I make are criminal things.  And presumably those things are gonna end his career anyway lol.  So you will never shame me into disliking one of my favorite groups or idols due to something they said that you didn't like.  DOn't even try.

People need to understand that following groups or being a fan of groups/idols does NOT mean that you support everything they say and do unconditionally.  It also doesn't mean that you need to hate on them every two seconds when they fuck up either.  That's just virtue signaling half the time anyway.

But anyway! My ideal Kpop fall release scenario is 2/3 complete.  Pentagon and Exo coming back in early September, just need GOT7 to announce theirs now.  Depending on what Pentagon is doing, I can always wait for GOT7 when it comes to ordering anyway.  I do care about BTS lol, but not as much as those three.  Me and BTS are weird. On one hand, I really like their music and I really like Suga, but the rest of them and their group dynamic and concepts and all that, bore me.  I can't get into them at ALL.  I also don't find their stages or choreo gripping either.  Maybe it's also bc I hate their fandom, I'm not really sure.  I'm way closer to stanning EXO at this point than BTS.  I'm not even sure if I know all their names tbh.  I just know a lot of them start with J lmao.  And I probably couldn't pick anyone except Suga and Rapmon out of a lineup.  Otoh, I DO know all the EXO members all of a sudden and I think I could identify all of them too lol.  Ofc it helps, that I like five out of what, nine?  I kinda like Chanyeol too.  That is, I like his raps the best, but personally he sounds a little bit like a jerk lol.

In other random things, I had a smug the other day when I saw this person whining on Tumblr about how they kept seeing posts from Kpop fans about how real people shipping is disgusting and it was boohoo affecting her writing.  Like...lmao.  You should feel guilty and gross bish.  Those are called NORMAL feelings.  Because it is, sorry not really to say.  This one person I used to know, who lowkey stalked me, was this big fanficcer for Jrock, but then years later I ran into her somewhere else and she actually grew a conscience and said she no longer posted real person fic publicly.  Even though I still think she's trash, I had like 1% respect for her in that moment.

That's the very least you can do.  In the connected age where all these idols search for themselves online, it's really honestly disgusting and disrespectful.  If I were them, I'd be all, wow what fuckin' creeps.  Actually, would bet money they DO think that, but then they're all polite like GOT7 and just ask people to stop.  Just know, forreal, that's most likely what your oppas think of you.
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2017-08-15 02:16 pm
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also albums

Three Lights Down Kings — 始まりは終わりじゃないと確かめる為だけに僕らは・・・
OLDCODEX — they go, Where?
goodbye holiday — A LA QUARTET
Fire Ball — Progress
iMagic. — iMagic.

And probably: Chicago Poodle — 袖振り合うも多生の縁
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2017-08-15 12:22 pm

start to fly

What's actually really funny about me liking Kpop these days is that when I was in Arama, a long time ago, I was one of the more vocal people calling for no more Kpop in Japan posts. Of course, the mindless stans always accused us of hating Kpop and that's why we didn't want it in there. At the time, I DID hate Kpop, but that's not why I didn't want it in Arama. And guess what? Today, I would be the same way. I would also want it banned from the comm. And pretty much all the groups I like have released something in Japan and I've even liked some of it. But my opinion would remain the same.

See how fucking easy it is to NOT be a hypocrite? Amazing huh. Maybe people don't know what being a hypocrite is. It's not backtracking on a previous opinion or changing your mind. What it is is when you fail to apply the same standards for one thing to another thing. It's like the Kpop fans who went ham on Jackson for having dreads and then staying mysteriously silent when Kai did the same thing. It would be me, now a fan of Kpop, staying silent when other people call for the end of Kpop posts in a Japan-centric comm. It's like when you bring up a religious text to condemn something you don't like, but then ignore that it also condemns things you DO like. I hate hypocrites probably more than anything else on this planet. And I often wonder if these people are just incredibly stupid and unaware of their hypocrisy or what. Bc Idk how you can be aware of something that is such a mental failure and keep doing it.

Anyway, I'm going through PSCK albums and singles today lol. Some three months ago or so I pretty much decided to quit pretending that I care about any other music right now other than Kpop. Like, I'll take listening breaks, but continuing to collect albums and not listen to them seemed like an incredible waste of time and harddrive space so I stopped. I'll probably regret it if my Kpop standom shrinks someday, but I kinda think it won't and well I'll deal with that then lol. For future reference, the singles I liked:

- Blu-BiLLioN — The Awakening of Revolution
- BAND-MAID — Daydreaming
- KinKi Kids — The Red Light
- DaizyStripper — AGAIN
- SHISHAMO — Bye Bye
- Nissy — 17th Kiss

So the Onew thing got more interesting. Now it's the boyfriend who reported Onew and the girl was allegedly dancing ON his table. I rather wonder if the boyfriend or anyone else would have bothered if it wasn't Onew, but some rando. I kinda doubt it. IN fact, the silence from places going ham on it is deafening. The boyfriend doing the reporting rather makes it obvious that it was about money, imo.
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2017-08-14 08:14 am

you're so good

 Since I haven't posted in four days, I'm just here to say that I have no opinion on the Onew scandal lol.  Other than I'd really love someday to be able to go into a scandal and not see either of the following two reactions:

1.Men are trash, he's trash and needs to choke/die/leave

2.He would never!  He's sweet, innocent, flawfree etc. Aka ODMI (oppa didn't mean it)

Just....why are people so predictable?  I feel like the Funouhan guy.  Why are humans so stupid and predictable?  The amazing thing about real life vs these two dumb reactions, is that things are very rarely black and white.  Speeding to the extreme side of an opinion is just plain retarded.  There's always nuance and there's always things we don't know.  For example, we don't know if the girl is telling the truth and we don't know if the witness is telling the truth.  There was apparently no CCTV in the area, but the girl maintains she was molested, and yet, the witness accurately described things going on where there WAS CCTV and thus is credible as well.  Meanwhile, Onew himself doesn't remember anything and that is also plausible considering how drunk he apparently was.

I just keep saying that it goes back to him being that drunk and probably having a drinking problem, i.e. an alcohol addiction.  It's not unreasonable to expect that he should maybe disappear for a bit and get that handled.  I mean, part of taking responsibility for what you do while drunk off your ass is to ensure that it doesn't happen again.  That's really all he can do.

I'm so tired of outrage culture where people flip their shit about everything and yet, if someone stopped and asked them, what exactly do you want this person to do to make reparations for what they did that you're so mad about?  Most of them couldn't answer bc it's not about that.  It's about the gratification they get from being outraged.  It's basically the same thing as virtue signaling.

For example, I'm not going to pretend I'm losing sleep over either him or the girl who are both people I don't know hundreds of miles away in another country.  Since i'm not a SHINee fan I'm not even concerned about what will happen to them lol.  Hypothetically, if I WAS a SHINee fan, but Onew wasn't my bias, I'd be concerned at what it was going to do to their image and/or activity, future releases etc.  Hypothetically if I was an Onew fan, I'd be concerned about him and his drinking.  I'd probably be a bit worried bc addiction isn't funny or a choice you make bc you're a shitty person.  It's a real mental disorder and people who have it need professional help.
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2017-08-10 09:19 am

got that swag

 Yeah so I had a hilariously dumb argument on Twitter last night.  These people who think they're Idk, super woke or whatever are super funny.  Basically dude was like, I weed out people from my life by criticizing them and checking their reactions.  Him (presumably) implying that people who can't take criticism are sociopaths.  Which like, ok, that is one of many signs.  But then I'm like, what happens if the person doesn't CARE about your criticism?  Bc like, there are maybe a scant handful of people in my life whose criticism I actually care about, and they're all family members.

So then, like these ppl are wont to do, he introduces a straw man!  Which was something like, well if I'm criticizing your outfit vs you beating your dog.  This is a straw man bc honestly why would you even be remotely considering having someone in your life who beats their dog?  Then he tried to say it wasn't a blanket statement but a generalization and I'm like, fucking DUDE, that's exactly what a blanket statement is.  I was pretty much done with the convo at that point bc if you don't even know basic meanings for words I can't talk to you lmao.

As an INTJ, I have a variety of subtle tests to fit this purpose.  One of them is me saying grossly exaggerated things designed to provoke an angry emotional reaction.  If you give it to me, I cross you out as someone worth talking too.  If you don't, then I'm like cool, you're not an emotional retard.

The other funny thing was a friend who likes Big Bang seeming kinda salty that I mentioned my liking for catmen, but didn't include BB members?  Like, dude I really know very little about them aside from surface stuff and I further have no desire to find out.  That's kinda how it works when you don't like a group lmao.  That being said, the one I probably hate the least is GD and I've defended him a couple of times over stupid things.  Namely the age gap relationship and that laundry tag thing.  I really am not one of those ppl who, when they don't like someone, immediately hates everything they do.  Or, conversely, if I like someone, I don't immediately support and love everything they do.  Even if it's impossible to be 100% objective, I honestly strive for it.

Lol anyway, in Kpop things.  I'm totally planning to get the War, but looking over their previous release patterns I feel like I should wait for the repackage.  I mean, imagine missing out on Lotto for example.  I'll be mad though if the extra songs are ballads or something though bc that's half why I love that album so much, only one real ballad on it.  A 9 song album with only one ballad, like that is amazing.
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2017-08-09 09:21 am

b-b-back again

 Because I came across this hilarious old thread in Omona about Taec's tower, though it's not hilarious for the reasons you might imagine.  That was the era where I hated Kpop and I was remembering all my complaints about it and one of them was that everyone looked the same, and that held up quite well as I looked through the pictures ppl were posting and legit wondering if it was the same guy.  Idk what it was, the hair or just companies just choosing samey-looking people I have no idea, but dude.

Also everyone in the thread sounded like a bunch of virgins posting what they thought were bulges and were obviously just bunched pants lmao.  Honestly the amount of ignorance.  I wonder if guys ever have the same debates on whether a chick really has big boobs or if it's all the bra lol.  But basically, like one of my guy friends said (who was a grower) that even though he was good size at that point, wished he had the "dangle" as it were lol.  And someone else in the thread even dumbly said that "bulge" doesn't equal big, well yeah it depends on what the bulge actually is, but the thing is, guys with big dicks can't hide them any better than girls with big boobs.  This is just logic people, honestly.

And while I'm discussing Kpop fan stupid, I came across this stuuuuuupid af post on Tumblr that basically was all, herpderp if you can assume idols are straight, we can assume they're gay!  derp.  Ok, someone posted a perfect response to this, saying that it's not about YOUR feelings it's about theirs and their culture says gay is largely not ok and they do not want to be seen as gay so you're disrespecting THEM by acting like that.

My response is statistics, bitch.  They are FAR more likely to be straight than gay so I'll go with the reality, thanks.  And besides, unless you're a gay dude yourself, what is even the reason for wanting them to be gay?  Females, istg.

In un-cranky things, I was watching the CBX Hey Mama lives again and the worst part about that group is not knowing who to watch lmao.  NOrmally I'd find my fave and try to watch him, but all three of theeeeemm omg.  I lean towards Baek, but just barely.
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2017-08-08 02:04 pm

Let's make a night

 Ok, as much as I like the War and half of the previous two albums, tbqh, I like CBX more.  I could do without the rest of the group, just give me those three lol.  Chen looks like an old-timey actor for some reason, Idek why I like Xiumin and Baekhyun....ahahah.  I can just tell he's a brat.  Or kind of a jerk, depending on which way you want to look at it.  He is exactly right my type lol.

I've been alternately obsessed with Hey Mama and Ka-Ching.  The thing is, even in the regular EXO songs, Chen and Baek get most of the lines most of the time.  The rest are so largely forgettable lol.  The Hey Mama mini is so quality.  Parts of Girls isn't bad, but I just cannot get completely behind Japanese releases most of the time. Unless it's all I got, like with Junho lol.  I still preferred his One album though.

Heh, so my journey to avoid avoiding Sparrow got EVEN MORE derailed last night when I discovered that Taec's new drama was airing.  It's this thing about a cult and I'm waiting for it to skip time bc dude, Taec cannot pass for a high schooler anymore ok.  The cult leader is the smarmy dude from the K2 and that's just a totally perfect casting choice tbh.

New Bride of Habaek episode last night as well and I was totally waiting for Nam Joo Hyuk to get his unfortunate angry facial tic when he caught the demigod dude on top of his woman, but amazingly he didn't. Progress!  Him and Ji Soo need to hurry up and get better at acting bc wtf all my faves are going to the military lately.  I've been angsting over Ji Chang Wook for months and then it was announced that Lee Jong Suk is going too and I was like, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  But it got worse.  Lee Soo Hyuk is ALSO going.  All my creys.  

That leaves me with Hong Jonghyun, L and Junho lol.  NO seriously, those three were my faves. D:

I'm also getting increasingly worried that Hyunseung is going to get his sooner rather than later and then I will really cry.  Especially since he hasn't had a proper comeback yet.  If he'd had that, I could handle it.  Maybe.

This is an un-cranky entry, so I need to add a bit of crank.  I find it REALLY annoying, as in it's turning into a pet peeve, when people insist on using real names instead of stage names.  Like, whY?  They clearly gave themselves stage names for a reason, Idk why you have to insist on using their real names like you're patting yourself on the back for knowing them or something, especially when they're common knowledge.  Is it the American need for things to be "real" or what?  Like it seriously bugs me.
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2017-08-07 09:19 am

Wutchoo think about that

 I have nfi why I keep avoiding restarting Sparrow bc I was honestly really enjoying it, but I ended up starting Bad Guys, a 2014 Kdrama that somehow escaped my notice back then.  But I wasn't quite as into watching airing dramas then, anyway.  So it's kinda unique for a Kdrama in that it's mainly a whole lot of asskicking.  What I think is interesting though, is that it's very violent, but unlike American shows in the same vein, it doesn't show anything.  Knives are censored and so are scenes like the fridge full of body parts, or when the assassin guy stabs this guy's hands to the desk like three times.  But you know what?  It's not necessary.  I've said this for years, but the super explicit violence that fucking Americans are so fond of, is NOT NECESSARY because people's imaginations are pretty strong and can easily fill in what the screen doesn't show or the page doesn't say.  I frankly find this type of writing and filming quite weak.  It's very telling and not showing.  The impact is just as strong without seeing it.  I can easily imagine a fridge full of body parts plenty vividly, at least, as vivid as I want it to be lol.  But having that choice is important.

Yep, I make no secret of the fact that I think East Asian shows and music are superior.  Fight me.

The other thing I feel like going into reams of discussion about is the Ikon controversy.  Obviously I've said many times that I really don't care about the "problematic" things idols do according to over-sensitive ifans and I still don't, but I still find what they did rather tacky and unpleasant.  And also indefensible.  See, that's the thing, even if I don't care about what they do, I also don't defend it if it's genuinely shitty.  Idols crossdressing to do girl group choreo has always rubbed me the wrong way.  And I'm not even a girl group fan, but I just find it unnecessary to mock them by dressing up in stereotypical "girl" costume and doing the choreo as ridiculously as possible.  It's like....are they not real artists?  Are their dances somehow less important or skilled?  Why can't you just do their choreo normally?

But Ikon took it a step further by also including a bunch of harassment kinda stuff, liking lifting skirts and simulating sex and that's just...not funny.  I don't think girls do that when they do boy group dances or even crossdressing.  They COULD.  But they don't.  Predictably, their dumb stans decided to come out and defend it by calling anyone having a problem a "homophobe" which is like....the absolute worst use of an overused not!insult ever.  It's like, yeah, that's not only a reach, but it's being willfully obtuse.  It's quite obvious they were doing what they were doing BECAUSE they were dressed like girls.  Trying to pretend otherwise is dumb af and I seriously question anyone's intelligence or comprehension if they seriously think that.

Lol in other shitty fan things, I finally realized why Baekhyun was getting so much hate on various sites when I was paying attention to him outside of EXO.  He was dating ofc and fangirls got their pathetic hearts broken bc he turned out to 1.not be gay, 2.??  I mean, I honestly don't get this.  What does an idol's dating life have to do with you?  You think they're kids or something?  Guarantee that 98% of them are fucking girls who are not YOU, whether they publicly say they're dating or not.  So get the actual fuck over it.