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So I've made it through the EXO, Pentagon and BAP comebacks lol. First, I suck at MVs. I just...never find them that gripping. Even from my favorite groups. I might watch them around five times AT MOST. Stages are my thing so I'm mostly waiting for a chance to watch those. But in terms of the music and whatnot...

EXO obviously only had three songs. Power was not exactly what I expected, but my gosh it was sticky af. LIke, I was barely paying attention to it when I watched the MV but it was in my head afterwords. Nevertheless, it's not my favorite. That title goes to Boomerang, which is the kind of song like Ko Ko Bop that I can binge on. Whhich, lol, apparently a certain section of the fandom *coughomonacough* hates Ko Ko Bop. Somehow I think it has very little to do with the actual song, but I digress. Sweet Lies is apparently the fandom fave and lmao, no. It's so boring. It's not even Chill levels. It's no different than half their disco of ballads that I skiiip. It's sad, bc they obviously have some really good vocalists in Baekhyun and Chen, but they honestly don't do a good job showcasing them.

Unlike Pentagon who have Hui and Jinho and their ballads typically do NOT feature overuse of falsetto. So their MV was honestly boring and some combo of Save Me, Not Today and at least a couple of GOT7 MVs lol. I've seen it before. The song was...nice. I really liked 오늘까지만 the most on the album, followed by the rapline's song.  I'm waiting for some better stages, but right now I'm underwhelmed by the choreo too. =/

BAP's single was solid.  Didn't bother watching the MV but I'll definitely be watching the stages.  Oh yeah just watched the Honeymoon one, super epic.  Jongup and Yongguk dude.

In boring things...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  Those BTS teasers lol.
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 Looool I came across the clip from Scarlet Heart where Baek's prince character and his wife kiss.  I remembered finding that scene very amusing when I was watching it, but I never actually quite noticed the looks Baek gives her, not once, but TWICE.  The girl asks him if she's pregnant after she kisses him and that look he gives her is like, hahah not yet lol.  Then the SECOND time she asks before they go inside, it's even more obvious in his eyes/expression.  What's funny to me is that this was probably his best-acted scene in the whole show, bc most of the time he was just being goofy, i.e. basically himself.  So that tells me that he's very experienced in giving out that "look" lmao.

I know his type lol.

RIP to him being OMona's most-hated EXO member though.  I think the Kai stans basically changed that all by themselves with that last post lol.  Tbh, they definitely helped fuel my dislike of EXO initially though.  It just seemed like they were all constantly being douches, but honestly, when I actually looked through old posts to find out why, I found nothing gripping at all.  So they have some weird joke with Kai's skin tone, that's kind of their business and you really can't judge as an outside whether it's funny to Kai or not.  You can't be all, well he looked uncomfortable.  Like, I don't personally understand Korea's obsession with skintone.  I was looking at some beauty products on this one site and like half of them were for whitening or brightening skin lmao.  But you know what?  It's really not my business.  I'm not going to police their culture.

The only other things were easily debunked and the white power t-shirt lool, which I freaking seriously doubt Baekhyun is a white supremacist dudes so I wouldn't worry about a dumb shirt.  Supposedly people were also mad at him and that girl he was dating (and probably still is) for using their instas and group names or whatever to flirt with each other.  Personally I find that hilarious.  I like idol guys who give no fucks.

I've also now heard him singing live offstage and whatnot and he's definitely good.  I finally also saw a CBX perf where they were live.  I heard a lot of differences in their lines, plus extra breathing in lines during dance parts, but overall they were actually really good.  I didn't hear any flubs, though Baek was slacking in his dancing lol.  I think I already said, but I honestly am more into CBX than EXO, even though the latter are getting all the plays just by default.  I would be way more excited about a new CBX announcement though let me tell you.

I loved hearing that he would have been a vocal coach if he hadn't become an idol and I'm like yessss.  Sign me up lol.
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 Two things really.  One, that I agreed with the consensus at Omona and two, that I more or less changed my original stance on it.  Unfortunately, my kneejerk reaction to SJW and people that come out with pitchforks, is to defend the person who's being attacked.  This is, of course, in reference to the Taemin and Kai comments on a girl group member's dancing.  So at first I was like, well, Kai didn't lie, most girl group choreo IS easier.  But after actually watching the clip, I realized that whether he was speaking truths or not, that wasn't the point.  The girl was talking about how difficult it was for HER and after doing a bit of the dance, was all out of breath and whatnot and the MCs then started to tease her, saying it didn't look tiring and things like that.

They then asked Taemin and Kai's opinions and Taemin essentially didn't address whether it was hard or tiring or not, but chose to comment on various techniques used.  Unfortunately, Kai basically went with the MCs and said it didn't look hard/tiring to him with some implication that boygroup choreos were harder anyway.  You could tell by her face that the comment was kind of a blow and the show reinforced it by adding an animation of a missile hitting her.

So obviously I'm very much not a Kai fan but I was more or less ready to defend him UNTIL I watched the whole thing and further saw his ridiculous stans bending over backwards to defend him.  Then I was like, yeah, no it was rude.  Someone at Omona made a good analogy of being a professional chef and sitting down to a dinner that someone put a lot of work into, but to you the food is underwhelming, so you go ahead and tell them that.  Like...?  That's just rude and inappropriate.  And mean and petty tbqh.  There's loads of other examples you could use, but I'm pretty sure no one would like to be told by someone that their effort was not that gripping bc that person personally doesn't find it hard or tiring.

What I seriously do NOT understand is why his stans were trying to defend that.  I'm serious, these stans were going all out with the excuses for why it wasn't rude or whatever, Idek.  Because, on what planet is that not rude and petty to elevate yourself by putting someone else down?  I mean, your biases are not perfect, it's not hard to say, yeah he shouldn't have said that and move on with your life.  It's just...really?  If the roles were reversed and it was Taemin who made the disparaging comment, I'd be like wow, that's a douchey thing to say.  I certainly wouldn't defend him.  Tbqh it might even have lowered my opinion of him a little bit.

Tbh Kai really annoys me anyway.  I find his inability to dial back so that EXO will look better as a group, very offputting, and I further think he's overrated as a dancer too.  Like, I'll take Taemin any day and I don't even really like SHINee.  But his stans make him even MORE annoying to me somehow.
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 Hahah, is it a coincidence that she sang this song (see english trans) with Edawn WITH Edawn, not featuring Edawn, and that he had a big part in writing it?

Lol I think not.

ETA - I have a history of falling for the smug jerks and Baekhyun is apparently right my type lol
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 Finished Bride of Habaek finally.  I think this is what we call a fairly cliche plot that was mostly executed well.  A lot of the really dramatic bits mostly fizzled out and there was no real "bad guy" or showdown or anything like that.  Very romance manga-ish lol.  I ended up mostly liking all the characters though, even bird brain.  Also, even though Nam Joo Hyuk is for sure a questionable actor, I think he embodied his character really well.  That is, I got the feeling that Habaek was a really naive and immature god and so his cute confused looks half the time I think really fit.  Even him being overly aggressive at times felt right.  Like, here is a guy who has no idea how to act around people lol.  Maybe his questionable acting just made him fall into that Idek, but either way it worked for the role.

Tried to catch up on the King Loves but it's still not gripping me very much.  As I said previously, just really freaking convoluted and someone's always randomly getting kidnapped and plotting and it's just ugh...  All I know is that I really like Hong Jonghyun and Yoona to a certain extent.

I finally got into OneHallyu lol.  The "who's gay" threads are farking hilarious.  If you believed these loonies, everyone in Kpop minus 1 or 2 per group are gay, even the girls!  As someone posted: when will these ppl admit that they're disgusting yaoi/yuri fetishists lol.  What's even more hilarious is all the "evidence" they use and are super serious how they post too so you can tell they actually fucking believe it.  I think the funniest bit that I saw was this: 

Like tell me that isn't the biggest DUH ever.  Do you think that person will learn from it though?  Probably not.  It's also proof that they really are taking it seriously.  I've never really been in a non-Asian fandom so I can't say if the people in other fandoms are this freaking crazy.  They might be though bc I remember reading some stuff about the LOTR movies and Harry Potter that was pretty nuts.  Idk, scary that there's so many lunatics out there tbh.

What else?  I'm not sure if I'm an EXO or CBX fan tbh.  Probably the latter.  It's weird bc obviously CBX is IN EXO lol.  But I mean, with Exo, you figure, I only like the entire War album.  Half of Lotto and the other one are trash.  Otoh, I love all the CBX songs.  Even the Japanese ones and I'm sugoi hard on Kpop in Japan.  I also don't really care about any other Exo members other than CBX.  Except maybe Lay, but honestly, I still think he'll leave.  I came across this thing from a former SM trainee, who was American, and he basically said Tao and Lay would leave.  Obviously Tao did, but I mean...Lay not being in the War and such, I just lowkey bet that they'll sort of slowly cut him out and he'll just be in the China market releasing solos and acting.

So yeah I'm pretty sure it's CBX I stan lol, it's just EXO gets dragged along for the ride Idek.