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Jul. 5th, 2017

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 I do find it really hilarious the people who said that Hyuna and Hyunseung had no chemistry.  Mostly YT idiots and Omona tbh.  Onehallyu was pretty supportive.  I just can't figure out if these were Hyuna stans who thought Hyunseung wasn't good enough for her, or Beast fans who were devoted to some stupid ship within the group.  Either way their super salt was super obvious lol.  Of course, the other one I love is the ones saying they looked like they had a sibling relationship.  That's just gross, like I've said before.  Just admit she wanted the D.

I've been watching the Beast Showtime thing lately and it's actually really funny.  The one guy is super annoying, Jun or Jong something, but the rest of them are funny, especially Gikwang and Yoseob.  Not that I'll be stanning anytime soon bc I honestly found their music super boring outside of Hyunseung's hot voice.  Though I admit, Yoseob is pretty good.   But anyway, the shows are really hilarious, more than any other KPop reality show I've watched.  I think because they don't come off fake really?  Even though GOT7 had a few funny shows, a lot of their eps other than those Real Got7 interviews came off really forced or something Idk.

Hyunseung is so funny though.  He's so quiet and just stares into space a lot.  But his reactions are so random and sudden that you can tell they're real.  Like in episode one when he had to choose, or the members had to choose, one of four other Kpop girls that could replace Hyuna, and he was suddenly really interested and picked one right away until they told him it wasn't supposed to be him picking lol.  My gosh he was super thin in 2014 though.  I mean, I knew he was thin bc of the Trouble Maker stuff, but I guess I just didn't notice it as much until I saw him with the other, normal-sized Beast guys lol.  It was so cute when they were on Jeju and each did solo stuff and HS just went to a restaurant and ate the heck out of a bunch of seafood lol.  Compared to the rest of the show, he was way happier there by himself than at any other point.

So Edawn has reminded me of HS since the start, he has a similar 4D personality and he doesn't talk much.  But like, he's a sort of active quiet, if that makes sense.  I watched Soompi's Soulmate interview thing and all the other members started laughing in advance for his answers, bc he was last in the line.  At one point, he actually announces that he's going to say something normal this time lol.  It always looks like he's thinking of things to say, but never actually gets around to saying them.

Idk  why, but the weird ones are always my top biases lol.

oh yeah

Jul. 5th, 2017 02:38 pm
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 I keep forgetting to say this whenever I bring up Edawn, but I seriously do not understand why people are saying he either looks like GD or raps like him, or sometimes even both.  Whenever I see stuff like that, I assume the people involved don't have much imagination or don't listen to much in terms of variety.  I've heard GD, believe it or not, he doesn't sound anything like Edawn.  Tbh, the only rappers I've heard with similar chipmunky sounds are in the Japanese rap scene (but y'all wouldn't know that if you only listen to Kpop lulz).  I find the style really entertaining actually, though I'd have to say that Edawn is the most annoying one I've ever heard lmao.

As for looks, holy hell no.  Good grief why.

I assume these are the same people who thought any girl Hyunseung was ever seen with looked exactly like Hyuna. rme.gif