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Jul. 2nd, 2018 01:02 pm
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 Doesn't look like this thing has a sticky options, so back to the old future-dated thing lmao.  This site is dead, but JUST IN CASE.  Here's the tl;dr version of my blog:

- not friends-only

- not personal

- mostly obsessed with Kpop

- loads of unpopular opinions

- problematic af

- tendency to really hate fandom

- sometimes posts about other random junk (I like a lot of stuff)

Kpop Biases

- GOT7

- Pentagon

- Hyunseung

- Junho

- also likes BTS, 2PM, Infinite and Taemin quite a lot

- new unfortunate addiction to EXO

You don't have to ask my permission to follow or however this thing works.  If you also post about Kpop obsessively, let me know and I'll probably want to follow you around like a creep too.
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That's fandom lol.  The thing is, I regret to inform you that I really don't honestly care what an idol says or does 90% of the time, 95% maybe.  Only real exceptions I make are criminal things.  And presumably those things are gonna end his career anyway lol.  So you will never shame me into disliking one of my favorite groups or idols due to something they said that you didn't like.  DOn't even try.

People need to understand that following groups or being a fan of groups/idols does NOT mean that you support everything they say and do unconditionally.  It also doesn't mean that you need to hate on them every two seconds when they fuck up either.  That's just virtue signaling half the time anyway.

But anyway! My ideal Kpop fall release scenario is 2/3 complete.  Pentagon and Exo coming back in early September, just need GOT7 to announce theirs now.  Depending on what Pentagon is doing, I can always wait for GOT7 when it comes to ordering anyway.  I do care about BTS lol, but not as much as those three.  Me and BTS are weird. On one hand, I really like their music and I really like Suga, but the rest of them and their group dynamic and concepts and all that, bore me.  I can't get into them at ALL.  I also don't find their stages or choreo gripping either.  Maybe it's also bc I hate their fandom, I'm not really sure.  I'm way closer to stanning EXO at this point than BTS.  I'm not even sure if I know all their names tbh.  I just know a lot of them start with J lmao.  And I probably couldn't pick anyone except Suga and Rapmon out of a lineup.  Otoh, I DO know all the EXO members all of a sudden and I think I could identify all of them too lol.  Ofc it helps, that I like five out of what, nine?  I kinda like Chanyeol too.  That is, I like his raps the best, but personally he sounds a little bit like a jerk lol.

In other random things, I had a smug the other day when I saw this person whining on Tumblr about how they kept seeing posts from Kpop fans about how real people shipping is disgusting and it was boohoo affecting her writing.  Like...lmao.  You should feel guilty and gross bish.  Those are called NORMAL feelings.  Because it is, sorry not really to say.  This one person I used to know, who lowkey stalked me, was this big fanficcer for Jrock, but then years later I ran into her somewhere else and she actually grew a conscience and said she no longer posted real person fic publicly.  Even though I still think she's trash, I had like 1% respect for her in that moment.

That's the very least you can do.  In the connected age where all these idols search for themselves online, it's really honestly disgusting and disrespectful.  If I were them, I'd be all, wow what fuckin' creeps.  Actually, would bet money they DO think that, but then they're all polite like GOT7 and just ask people to stop.  Just know, forreal, that's most likely what your oppas think of you.
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Three Lights Down Kings — 始まりは終わりじゃないと確かめる為だけに僕らは・・・
OLDCODEX — they go, Where?
goodbye holiday — A LA QUARTET
Fire Ball — Progress
iMagic. — iMagic.

And probably: Chicago Poodle — 袖振り合うも多生の縁
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What's actually really funny about me liking Kpop these days is that when I was in Arama, a long time ago, I was one of the more vocal people calling for no more Kpop in Japan posts. Of course, the mindless stans always accused us of hating Kpop and that's why we didn't want it in there. At the time, I DID hate Kpop, but that's not why I didn't want it in Arama. And guess what? Today, I would be the same way. I would also want it banned from the comm. And pretty much all the groups I like have released something in Japan and I've even liked some of it. But my opinion would remain the same.

See how fucking easy it is to NOT be a hypocrite? Amazing huh. Maybe people don't know what being a hypocrite is. It's not backtracking on a previous opinion or changing your mind. What it is is when you fail to apply the same standards for one thing to another thing. It's like the Kpop fans who went ham on Jackson for having dreads and then staying mysteriously silent when Kai did the same thing. It would be me, now a fan of Kpop, staying silent when other people call for the end of Kpop posts in a Japan-centric comm. It's like when you bring up a religious text to condemn something you don't like, but then ignore that it also condemns things you DO like. I hate hypocrites probably more than anything else on this planet. And I often wonder if these people are just incredibly stupid and unaware of their hypocrisy or what. Bc Idk how you can be aware of something that is such a mental failure and keep doing it.

Anyway, I'm going through PSCK albums and singles today lol. Some three months ago or so I pretty much decided to quit pretending that I care about any other music right now other than Kpop. Like, I'll take listening breaks, but continuing to collect albums and not listen to them seemed like an incredible waste of time and harddrive space so I stopped. I'll probably regret it if my Kpop standom shrinks someday, but I kinda think it won't and well I'll deal with that then lol. For future reference, the singles I liked:

- Blu-BiLLioN — The Awakening of Revolution
- BAND-MAID — Daydreaming
- KinKi Kids — The Red Light
- DaizyStripper — AGAIN
- SHISHAMO — Bye Bye
- Nissy — 17th Kiss

So the Onew thing got more interesting. Now it's the boyfriend who reported Onew and the girl was allegedly dancing ON his table. I rather wonder if the boyfriend or anyone else would have bothered if it wasn't Onew, but some rando. I kinda doubt it. IN fact, the silence from places going ham on it is deafening. The boyfriend doing the reporting rather makes it obvious that it was about money, imo.
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 Since I haven't posted in four days, I'm just here to say that I have no opinion on the Onew scandal lol.  Other than I'd really love someday to be able to go into a scandal and not see either of the following two reactions:

1.Men are trash, he's trash and needs to choke/die/leave

2.He would never!  He's sweet, innocent, flawfree etc. Aka ODMI (oppa didn't mean it)

Just....why are people so predictable?  I feel like the Funouhan guy.  Why are humans so stupid and predictable?  The amazing thing about real life vs these two dumb reactions, is that things are very rarely black and white.  Speeding to the extreme side of an opinion is just plain retarded.  There's always nuance and there's always things we don't know.  For example, we don't know if the girl is telling the truth and we don't know if the witness is telling the truth.  There was apparently no CCTV in the area, but the girl maintains she was molested, and yet, the witness accurately described things going on where there WAS CCTV and thus is credible as well.  Meanwhile, Onew himself doesn't remember anything and that is also plausible considering how drunk he apparently was.

I just keep saying that it goes back to him being that drunk and probably having a drinking problem, i.e. an alcohol addiction.  It's not unreasonable to expect that he should maybe disappear for a bit and get that handled.  I mean, part of taking responsibility for what you do while drunk off your ass is to ensure that it doesn't happen again.  That's really all he can do.

I'm so tired of outrage culture where people flip their shit about everything and yet, if someone stopped and asked them, what exactly do you want this person to do to make reparations for what they did that you're so mad about?  Most of them couldn't answer bc it's not about that.  It's about the gratification they get from being outraged.  It's basically the same thing as virtue signaling.

For example, I'm not going to pretend I'm losing sleep over either him or the girl who are both people I don't know hundreds of miles away in another country.  Since i'm not a SHINee fan I'm not even concerned about what will happen to them lol.  Hypothetically, if I WAS a SHINee fan, but Onew wasn't my bias, I'd be concerned at what it was going to do to their image and/or activity, future releases etc.  Hypothetically if I was an Onew fan, I'd be concerned about him and his drinking.  I'd probably be a bit worried bc addiction isn't funny or a choice you make bc you're a shitty person.  It's a real mental disorder and people who have it need professional help.