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Jul. 2nd, 2018 01:02 pm
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 Doesn't look like this thing has a sticky options, so back to the old future-dated thing lmao.  This site is dead, but JUST IN CASE.  Here's the tl;dr version of my blog:

- not friends-only

- not personal

- mostly obsessed with Kpop

- loads of unpopular opinions

- problematic af

- tendency to really hate fandom

- sometimes posts about other random junk (I like a lot of stuff)

Kpop Biases

- GOT7

- Pentagon

- Hyunseung

- Junho


- Other faves include Taemin, BAP, VIXX, 2PM, INFINITE, BTOB, Boys Republic

- Doesn't exactly hate BTS

You don't have to ask my permission to follow or however this thing works.  If you also post about Kpop obsessively, let me know and I'll probably want to follow you around like a creep too.
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 There's some Japanese albums out, or that will be coming out, that I'm interested in hearing.  So I pulled up my bookmarks to find my Jmusic dl sites and subsequently found out that they're gone.  I guess I picked the right time to lose interest bc if Japan is going to srsly make it that difficult to listen to their music, then I give up.  IMagine realizing that on the same day that Namie Amuro, JPop queen, announces she's gonna retire next year.

But check out all the ways Japan forcefully LIMITS a foreigner's ability to listen to their music:

- Can't buy anything digitally at iTunes or Amazon without jumping through hoops

- IMporting shit is more or less expensive af depending on the yen conversion

- Limited selection on Spotify and just like the digital dl places, there's a separate Spotify Japan that you can't access

- Now they're apparently cracking down on downloads

Yeah so, honestly, I more or less give up.  There's a few albums I have interest in hearing, which I'll probably either buy or hit up PSCK, which makes me wonder about that service and how legal it is and if it isn't, when will IT be cracked down on.  Those albums are really just Junno, Spyair and UVERworld lol.  I've been going on a deleting spree too for my harddrive music bc I started to realize that I'm probably not going to listen to at least half of it ever again.

Idk if this is the fault of Kpop or if I just got tired over being an OCD hoarder of music that i listen to once and be like YAS and then never touch it again lol.

IN Kpop news though, GOT7 is coming back next month and I'm at once excited and apprehensive.  I still feel like the Jackson thing hasn't revealed its ending yet.  I hope not, but...

I was trying to figure out how EXO shot into my number one group spot, but I think I got it (shawty I got it).  Basically, I went into GOT7 and Pentagon with a clear bias and to this day, I still don't have anyone in either group that is even close to the members I bias.  GOT7 seem fairly close, but Pentagon aren't all that funny together probably bc they're not.  But EXO, I lowkey didn't like, or thought I didn't, so it was all music for awhile.  The only members I knew were Baekhyun, Lay and Kai.  I liked the former two bc of seeing them in shows.  But the more I got sucked in, it was never immediately clear who I stanned the most, and even now though it's Baek, Xiumin and Chen are bias wreckers extraordinaire and ofc I still like Lay and now Chanyeol and Sehun.  I don't exactly hate Kai, but I still sometimes forget Suho and DO exist lol.

I do this though, and especially with a group like EXO that I lowkey hated for some time.  I tried to avoid and insist that they weren't crawling up my bias list (creepin in your heart babe), but it didn't work and now look where I am lmao.
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 Only I don't like hot cocoa just like I don't like BTS vocal line's insistence on freaking using falsetto.  I admit I'm going into this with high levels of annoyance but I'll try to be objective.  I kinda like DNA, parts of it, but it seems to go nowhere.  Best of Me continues with the falsetto to the point where i'm like....are they incapable of using anything else?  I mean, it didn't used to bug me as much bc there was more rapping, but lately it seems they've given more lines to the vocalists and it's just....not working for me.

The frickin falsetto is honestly hurting my ears.  Wings was hella disappointing, but this is just...

I feel like...Bye BTS I hardly knew ye lol.  Ok, not hardly as I've been listening to them for a little while now, but they're going in a different direction and I don't like it.  I mean, for starters, are they really going to lean lines towards their vocalists when they're so freakin' weak?  That actually makes me kinda mad.  I'll just wait patiently for more mixtapes from Suga. 

Even Mic Drop is boring compared to their usual.  Ugh.

Final word: repetitive, autotuned, shrill 1/5 would not repeat

Me and BTS

Sep. 14th, 2017 01:30 pm
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Are actually not really a thing.  I like Suga and I mostly like their music, but that's about where it ends.  I can't really get into ~them~ as a group.  They come off very extra and fake to me and I won't lie, I don't like the Western hobnobbing and lobbying for that sort of popularity.  I also won't lie that their fandom is VERY annoying and especially the group that jumped in after they appeared on Billboard.

Contrast that with EXO who are definitely not lobbying for Western approval and suddenly their fandom seems largely sane in comparison.  But, as much as I tried not to be, I got sucked into them as a group too.  I like most of their members and especially stan ChenBaekXi lol. I can't really deny it anymore.  It took three years to get the same amount of BTS plays as I now have of EXO and three years to have twice as many GOT7 plays.  Even Pentagon hasn't quite matched that lol.

I'm sort of glad I ended up more into EXO in the end though lol.  Even if partially bc my former stalker is a BTS fan, and a Billboard jumper besides.  I didn't know that though until I had more or less already made my choice.   It ultimately has way more to do with them as a group and their concepts, which I'm generally 100% not into.  They're constantly going for soft, fluffy concepts and it annoys me so much.  Like, that is my #1 dislike with Kpop boygroups.  I'm glad GOT7 said they'd never do another cute concept, Pentagon probably won't either since that's not Cube's style and obviously EXO doesn't do that, I mean they're ~aliens~ ffs.

I'll take some made-up fantasy shit over soft and fluffy any day of the week lol.
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 I think the Chinese tension is doing some interesting things to groups with Chinese members. First, JYPE took Jackson out of all further GOT7 promotions in Japan.  He's also getting a shitton of hate from Chinese fans, but I would bet money that's related to him calling out shippers.  Either way, his position in GOT7 suddenly seems really tenuous.

Then there's Lay.  His situation seems a little more obvious to me.  My guess is that SM is going to keep him solo.  He's not gonna bail on his contract and stuff like the other ones did, but I bet SM sees that he can make them money promoting solo in the Chinese market so he's probably going to de facto leave EXO.  I think it's funny the people who are burying their heads in the sand about it too like, shouldn't you be prepared?  The writing is kinda on the wall lol.

I mean, he's freaking filming an MV in Korea apparently and yet he obviously did not promote with EXO on the repackage.  Idk it seems so obvious to me lol.

All my top bias groups have Chinese members so it's interesting how this is playing out.

Oh yeah and my gosh BTS is really starting to annoy me.  Now they're working with some douchebro Western group for their new album and it's just like...srsly.  And their fans keep acting like this is something to brag about.  Well, some fans, not all fans.  Like Omona for example.  They need to quit being so reasonable lately lol it's interrupting my hate.